19 February 2005

Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.

This seems to working out pretty well- SamP, thanks for your contribution, well appreciated I’m sure… Your job must be very fulfilling- truly admirable!

Well, I thought that now that this trend seems to be taking off, maybe some ground rules should be set. Feel free to add, remove or modify as you deem fit!

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Welcome to Write Club!
The 1st rule of Write Club is- you do not talk about write club! The 2nd rule of Write club is- you DO NOT talk about write club!
The 3rd rule- You write as much as you want, whenever you want.
The 4th rule- You write at least once every 3 months.
And the 5th and final rule of Write Club is- If you haven’t written for write club yet, you have to do so at least once!
Remember, its all about the process- please, respect the process…

Been on study leave the whole week, so I’m going to try to make my week not sound like too much fun! Here goes-

Thurs- went for MSA meeting and met all the guys- Hamza, Zaheer, Jhetam, Zakir, etc - p.s MoRaiman- they all give salaams!

Fri- my last day at work (yuhoo!) but its study leave so not really looking forward to it! Just hope it isn’t that painful getting back into study mode… it seems like such a long time ago that I last studied- it must be all the holidays I had in the interim:-)
Went with Ash and the boys to Nandos Rosebank for supper- met Bilal V and Farhan. Its seems like the whole of Durban is in Joburg now, every weekend I meet more expats!

Sat- good start to study leave- went to wits biz school with Zubair and ZakP. Actually didn’t get much studying done but did manage to draw up a time table! Hopefully get into the mood by tomorrow… Went for supper to Wimpy with Irfan and some new guys.
Took a walk around Fordsburg after supper- its pathetic, two things Indians everywhere in the world seem to have in common- our congregation mentality, and overwhelming desire to make more money! These two traits blend well on a sat night in Fordsburg- it was painful, but if you haven’t experienced it yet, make sure you do coz it’s an experience!
Then we met Aslam for coffee at the Hyatt lounge- real classy joint, they were probably pissed off to have a bunch of Indian guys taking over. Especially since we were having soo much fun. We laugh so much, I think its probably a sin!
Then we moved over to Melrose Arch- don’t know how we end up there every weekend we go out! Guess it’s just the congregation mentality in us shining through! We just sat in the open and talked- well actually laughed more than we talked, the guys were on a roll. It must be wrong to have so much fun- anything not done in moderation is evil, isn’t it?

Had some interesting debates during the night- how bad is smoking weed? Before I say anything further- Weed, as we all know, is Haraam. Totally haraam, so don’t go getting any bright ideas!
But in the interest of trying to understand the mind of a pothead, here goes-
Is it really as bad as alcohol? Alcohol goes into your system and nourishes your body- but weed is just inhaled and exhaled! However, the effect is the same- you are not yourself for the period of intoxication- but what if you do it with someone you trust, behind closed doors? So the question is, will you ever consider smoking weed?
Don’t answer that question! Don’t even think about! This is the work of the devil!!

Sun- Zubz came to the flat and we did manage to get some studying done- in-between chatting and watching women’s golf! Went to Hoorzooks place for his farewell tea- he is leaving for Qatar this weekend. Got a job with Al-Jazeera- how cool is that! Seriously, if I wasn’t tied down with articles, I would love to go as well… But, as soon as I get done with articles, packing up for at least a year and going to learn Arabic- if I get caught into the system and the desire to make money overwhelms me, please remember this and get me beaten up by a bunch of thugs! Or Mayfair clevers should be able to do a pretty good job as well!!

Went to pick Shaakir up from the airport at 11pm Sun night- his flight was delayed:( hes doing his comm service in Zeerust and needed a lift back. Took Ash with me for the ride- were supposed to spend the night and leave early, but decided to drive straight through- left joburg at 12:30 and reached Zeerust at 3:30 in the morning! Was a small road trip- very tiring but most memorable (imagine 3 hours in the car with Shaakir and Ashfaq!) and enjoying…

Slept in Zeerust a few hours and left after breakfast- drive back was hot and uncomfortable! The things I do for friends- tsk, tsk,tsk…

Went to RAU libs to study- what a lovely campus! Think I’m going to register for some part time courses later in the year!

Met up with Mariam at Caesers on Tues and Wed night- was here for some Shell thing, conspiring to mess up the environment and hoard Africa’s natural resources! Or at least, that’s what some say…

And to those who have been sending smartass sms’s and emails about my pic in the Sunday Times- enough, please enough! I am real proud to be a part of transformation (bullsh*t) and a face of the firm (double bullsh*t)… lets give it a rest, okay…

And my number is not available for a while- some idiot stole my phone yesterday! Was studying in Wits law libs- there’s just no ethics and morals in society anymore! But, I consider it as my part towards a redistribution of wealth- it must happen somehow!

Tonight we went for a feast to Bismillah after Halqa- it was too good- last time we had something like this was when we came to joburg last year for Vachs wedding! Raiman- the boys really miss you, when you coming for a visit! Hope we don’t get food poisoning like the last time we ate here- assuming it was Bismillahs chow and not the wedding chow…

As you see, I’ve had a pretty productive week of studying- probably going to get much more intense so don’t expect a weekly mail till after board…

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