07 March 2005

One is never more on trial than in the moment of excessive good fortune.

It’s been a hectic week- did a minimum of 8 hours studying almost everyday! That’s shocking and thinks its taking a toll on my mind and body… For the next week going to try and write as many mock exams as possible- think I know enough to pass now, just need to perfect my study technique. But it disheartening to know that it doesn’t really matter how hard I study- in the end it’s your luck on the day- you have a good day you pass. If not, tough luck!

Didn’t have time this week, so thought I’ll just compile a sample of some of the replies I received to last week’s mail. Here goes- (to those who don’t reply- take notes!)
These are just extracts from some of my replies and are in no particular order!

- Oh and bout the jinn... I suggest u read ibn taymeeyas essay on the jinn (translated by abu ameenah bilal philips) its excellent...

- Bilal, that sounds like a plan... I think( I could be wrong) that it is somewhat easier for females to rebel against "the system"-especially if you studying OT :)...i can open my own practice from home, work times that I want to and go on holiday when I want to-Inshallah.

- They should give us 6 month mandatory leave after the first 2 yrs of work... they should give us a travel allowance so we can learn n experience the world n bring good things back to the company...

- I think life is about far more than work, and there is no point in only starting to live when you retire. Your experiences shape the person you are, so you should try to experience as much as possible (within certain limits) as young as possible, to get a deeper understanding of who you are, what you're capable of and what your strengths are as early as possible. That way, I believe the life you live will be much happier and more fulfilled.

- That was quiet interesting

- Just a quick note to wish you all the best for boards. I hope all goes well, with the help of Allah (SWT).

- I know this sounds really cliched but do you read BISMILLA before you study??? Try it.

- Ps. Start naming your emails in the following manner. I believe it’s a good idea to name your emails Bilal Chronicles, Issue 1, 2 and so forth…. :) What do you think?

- As long you don’t panic and stress everything will be fine. Anyway you don’t seem to be stressed so that’s good. You are in my duas, so hopefully that will help also.

- Surely there is a case for integration- we should be viewing ourselves as a Muslim doctor, Muslim accountant, and Muslim engineer. In this way we do not separate Islam from our workplace. By integrating the two, we suddenly realise the value of our positions because as Muslims, we have so much to offer in our workplace.
At no point should we forget that we are the flag bearers of Islam at the workplace and that we have an example to set to our colleagues. This is an incredible opportunity for dawah - but do we seize it?

Also, find attached a template for a will (courtesy of Ahmed Moola). Looks like it’s pretty straight forward to complete, and in case you not sure who to leave your vast amounts of wealth to, find the correct spelling of my name at end of this mail!

Some highlights of my week were-

Thurs- Had supper with Hamza and Ashfaaq. For those who know them, sure you’ll understand how this was a highlight!

Btw, interesting twist on a point I raised last week- Married couples in restaurants looking bored… rather they are so comfortable in each others company, that they just don’t need to make idle chit chat…

Fri- Wrote my first mock exam- know why they call it a mock- you make a big mockery of yourself:p
Went for Fri Nite program after a full day of studying. Homework for this week- How can we ‘market’ Islam correctly? Do we know enough to do a good job of it? Do we even have the desire to so? Any thoughts…

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