12 April 2005

Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity

I have just discovered something strange- you know the snooze button on those cell phone alarms? Guess who designed them? The Devil himself! Last week I was late for work almost everyday- I try to catch an hours nap after Fajr, but when the alarm rings I just need 10 more minutes, and then another 10 minutes and suddenly I wake up and its past 8 already! You know what else the Devil designed? The control setting on the toaster- it never comes out right; it’s always too white or too burnt and trying to get the right setting just makes me even later for work! Any other things you think he had a hand in designing? (note: I don’t really believe it was the Devil; as in Shaytaan, Iblees, etc… Just a bit of humor!)

So, late for work most of last week but managed to get away with it. The guys I’m working with are really cool so work is not as bad as I had imagined. Working in town so takes me only 10 min to get to work- Joburg city centre is so cool- has a whole different vibe to it- nice walking around during my lunch breaks. But apparently it’s not too safe, but that also kinda adds some excitement! Plan on visiting Carlton centre as soon as I get a chance…

The week was very sporty with tennis on Wed and squash on Thurs. Finally managing to get my week in order- but still have a few free evenings- any ideas?

Had to drop Raed, the Jordanian guy, at the station (I feel like a taxi driver- always commuting guys to and from the airport and station).
He is done with his Masters and leaving for Jordan next week. We planning on arranging for students to go and study Arabic in Jordan- anyone interested- will send details as soon as I get some…

This is the latest suggestion I received- “RANDREE'S LONG BUT FUNNY DIARY CHANTY” anyone knows what ‘chanty’ means?

Friday night Halqa was quite relaxed- had some good discussion- word of advice; if you aren’t in a Halqah yet, join one asap! It’s extremely good for the soul.
And here’s a bit of advice from a great man! Think hard and ponder over this- “Its all about substance over form- religion, work, getting older…substance ALWAYS trumps form. We need to always focus on the substance, form will sustain u in the short run, but it definitely expires. And substance is deeply rewarding, in any sphere.”

After Halqah we saw a fire work display in the city centre and decided to investigate- after driving around for almost 30 min we stumbled on the GTi launch at the Carlton Centre. By invite only; but we tried to sneak in. First through the front door and then through the parking! Was a bit weird that they had it late on a Fri night in the centre of Joburg! You needed to have bought a new VW recently to get an invite- Habib just bought a new Polo but didn’t know about it;-p

Sat was a busy day- Hakim quick student program in the morning, Awqaf volunteer meeting and also Msa meeting in the afternoon. Full day but really good stuff- Hope something sustainable and worthwhile comes out of all these initiatives… Help out wherever you can!

Sat night was the Heavy weight comedy festival at the Sandton Convention Centre- with Riaad Moosa, John Vlismas, David Kau, Wackhead Simpson and a whole bunch of foreign comedians as well! Was extremely funny and a really enjoyable experience- seriously think we need more Muslim comedians- especially to make fun of us so that we loosen up a bit and maybe start rethinking stuff… We carried on with our own show after- hilarious!

Woke up late on Sunday and just had a relaxed day- met up with the boys for a Halqa and tea in the afternoon.
My body is aching all over- played squash again last night and just realised how unfit I am! Thinking of joining a gym or finding a heated pool somewhere…

Going to ask my manager if I can take leave later this month so can go to Durban for the long weekend- hope I get it!


And it may be that you dislike a thing, which is good for you and that you like a thing, which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.

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