05 April 2005

We give advice by the bucket, but take it by the grain.

Isn’t it amazing how we totally miss the essence of so many aspects of Islam! Here are a few examples:

-Friday Jumah: The Arabic Khutba is part of the Salaah- you are not allowed to talk or be distracted during the Khutba. So the idea is that, in Arabic speaking places, you are forced to listen to at least one Islamic lesson a week. Here in SA, we do have lectures in English but not many listen or even get to the Musjid in time. So should we change the Khutba to English (don’t know if that’s allowed) or force people to attend the lecture? But I suppose if the lecture is any good then you probably wont have to force anyone anyways…

-Hajj: Muslims from all over the world are obliged to perform Hajj during the same period. It would make more sense to have Hajj at different times in the year so we don’t have problems of overcrowding, stampedes, etc. So there must be other important reasons, besides the obvious ones, to have Muslims from the whole world meet at least once a year- if Muslims were smart and united, we would use this platform to plan and strategise, to assist and help those in need, and to just make contact once a year. But we end up just staying in groups that we leave home in, perform the ritual and return- hardly making any contact whatsoever with the outside world…

There have been some interesting theories explaining how Aprils Fool came about- it truly amazing how stupid Muslims are. What’s even more surprising is that these idiots go on to repeat these dumb theories that they come across. Heard the one about how Muslims got drunk and lost Spain? What about the one about how the word ‘mosque’ came about? Really funny stuff!

Had a nice post-Jumah lunch with a bunch of first years last Friday. There defiantly seems to be a change in the way Muslims think- we need to harness and take advantage of any opportunity we come across.

Went for Pro 20’s cricket on Fri- the game was kinda boring but the atmosphere was nice. First time I went to Wanderers and a long time since I saw a cricket match- reminded me of the good old days in Durban and the World Cup games we used to go for;-)

Had to drop Shaakir at the airport early Saturday morning and then left for Newcastle. Was good to be home for the weekend- it’s been almost 2 months since my last visit. The town is growing nicely and there are some very positive changes happening- for those who haven’t been to Newcastle yet, I must say, you have a gap in your education. And if you ever looking for a nice place to settle down- I can arrange immigration papers for you!
My cousin was on holiday for the week but hurt his leg and couldn’t drive up- so I drove them up and then got a lift back with a buddy who had to bring a car back. Now that I’ve clocked card in Newcastle, I can plan my Durban trip for the following weekend.

Time flies- we grow up, leave home, study, start working, etc, and it all seems to have happened like a flash! Yup, we getting old- and I sometimes feel getting old is a fascinating thing. The older you get- the older you want to get!

Was a bit disappointed that I missed the Pavarotti thing on Sat- but it rained out and wasn’t so good anyway…

Family from Zim is down so went to visit them on Sunday night- they actually comfortable with Mugabe winning the election. Apparently things are not as bad as the media makes it out to be. And I also think that Mugabe can’t be blamed for all the crap that’s happening- he is actually quite an intelligent guy- or at least he was… I picked up a book written by him back in 1978 and honestly he was an extremely intelligent and insightful freedom fighter. But then again, power corrupts and he’s probably changes a lot since his glory days…

Had to pick Shaakir up from the airport again last night- took ZakP and Monoreng with me- any opportunity I get, love to make a road trip of it!

Doing actual work after a really long time so don’t have much time to email and stuff- but keep the replies coming and I’ll make sure its worth your while;-)

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