03 May 2005

Anger: an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

My good people… back to work on a Tues morning after almost a whole week in Durban!
It was really nice to be back in warm, comfortable surroundings and spend a few days on the beach… I was like a real tourist there- on the beach everyday regardless of the weather!
Got a lift to Durban last Tues night with two RMB people- had a real interesting time and spent the entire 6 hours of the trip talking about stuff that affects us as young Muslims in this country…

By the way, the new MSA-KZN magazine is out so get your copy now!- (ask me how!) And to all those who contributed and assisted with the National Freedom Day Newsletter; the responses have been great!

It was a really relaxing week, besides a few incidents in Durban- watch out for cockroaches and extremely rude and bad mannered baldies at 2GO- really left a bad taste in our mouths!!

My old campus seems to be doing ‘pretty well’ without me:p
Walking around campus brought back great memories of the good old days! The chaps seem to be doing an excellent job though- it you there and aren’t helping out, please do- it’s for your own good!

On Saturday morn, me and Habib joined the MSA people for a tutoring thing in Hazelmere- the students there are more needy than the guys we tutor here in Joburg, and it made us think whether the little time we spend with them makes any difference… the future for those kids seem bleak, but I honestly feel that what ever little we can help out with; in the long run is would definitely assist them in getting somewhere with their lives! So if you’re in Joburg or Durban and haven’t joined one of these tutoring programs; I implore you- do so asap!!
While we were in Hazelmere, took a walk around the township and it seems like nothing on the outside has changed since the fall of apartheid- people do have ‘Freedom’ now, but most still seem to be entrapped in extreme economic slavery- what does this have to do with us? I don’t know- you tell me!

But anyways, stopped in Newcastle on the way back yesterday, but just for a short time! Need to go home for another weekend soon- just to balance out my somewhat regular weekend outings…

That’s all for this weeks folks! Didn’t have my pc with me in Durban, so was not able to type a little everyday as I usually do…
So excuse the lack of substance and depth:) Will try to cover up for that next week!

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