30 May 2005

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

Wow! Had an audit lunch Monday afternoon and it was shocking! 10 of us ate for over R3000- that’s more than most people spend in a month! the food was great but not worth soo much- I had a Buffalo mozzarella and pumpkin starter, Honey & Mint Salmon and Pistachio ice cream for desert- looks better than it tastes! I would rather go to Bismillahs and have a much tastier chow for a whole lot less… But these corporates have access to so much money that is totally squandered! The things that are done in the name of marketing and customer relations are all just a ploy by the white man to use company money to have a good time with his friends:p

Joey Rasdien called me on Monday- wanted to apologise for not being able to make it for the braai! How cool is that? He promised to make himself available at our next function if we give him advance notice- I can’t wait to plan something and invite him- will be really cool having him making jokes about all us “Moslem Peoples”! In the interest of helping the Muslim community by encouraging them to think about things they have been doing blindly for so many centuries, I believe that we need to create a platform for Joey and other Muslim comedians to make fun of us!~?

My tennis game seems to be improving- the only bit of exercise I’m getting at the moment so hope to carry on playing till I make pro :p
Went for the MSA meeting last Tuesday- it was sad; the demise of Ashfaaq:( He is leaving for Qatar this week, so give him a farewell shout if you have his number… I think Joburg is really going to miss “Ashfaaq- The Man”; but if you do miss him, don’t despair; just get ITV:p

Totally over-rated, is the power of the dark side! The big fuss, I really can’t understand. And what are they, the Wookies? The whole thing does seem to have a bit of a Sufi vibe to it, but really a glorified love story, it just is! Learnt some good words though- the younglings:)
Your time not waste, my advice would be- rather something more constructive, in my opinion, valuable time be spent on! Get a life, say I, to all Master Yoda fans!

Had lunch with Irv and Ned on Wednesday- actually therapeutic to be on campus; an environment where you can actually smell the care free attitude in the air! If only these young naïve souls can appreciate and understand the value and also responsibility of being so lucky to still be on campus! Enjoy it while it lasts- you miss it when its over! And what you accomplish on campus, can’t be done while you working!

There was some big game on so all the guys came home for the match & a braai- about 12 of us, started the braai at 8 and it carried on till the game ended! Initially it was not that exciting, but turned out to be quiet an eventful evening. My neighbours were definitely not impressed, unless they also watched the game- but it’s amazing how exciting 20 grown men running after a ball can become:p The sad thing was, the game had to be decided in penalties and the weaker team fluked a win:( And an interesting observation of the game- the Liverpool defence was rather porous!

Thursday saw our division challenge another in action cricket- the prize being the glorified Rubber Duck! Talk about the scams of the white man!
But anyways, in the interest of networking and interacting, I decided to make a fool of myself and participate- we lost but it was not about winning or losing; it was about the participating:p Well, we are Fin Services(the intelligent division!)- and you can’t be both clever and good at sport:)

Special mention needs to be made of Yusuf Areif- he was here on Friday and joined us for Friday Nite program. Probably be seeing a lot more of him in the future:) We had a video of the Cape Town march- they are so much more alive and vocal than the brain/virtually dead Indian Muslim communities of Joburg and Durban!!

The weekend was a series of disappointments- planned to buy a car; it turned out to be a bad buy… planned to go to ermelo and badplas; no new car so couldn’t go… planned to go ice-skating; got lost on the way and reached too late:(
But didn’t end up that bad-
Went bowling with the youths and I scored 161; not being vain or conceited- just feel the need to encourage others to improve their bowling skills:p
Ended the evening with pizza on the curb- huge sheikh, huge!

I hardly did any work at work the whole of last week, I’ve been idle… But on Sunday worked almost the whole day! Consortium stuff- watch this space! Anyone interested in investing money? Contact Copper Lake Investments for lucrative investment opportunities…

Plans for Moz trip coming along quite well- still looking for another 4x4 and any advice from people who’ve been…


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Hey Goofy! Why don't you stop telling us about your dull like!

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its life! not like! Goofy urself...