25 July 2005

Forgive your enemies but remember their names.

Been working very hard since I got back from Mozambique: because I was away they planned me on the job and I couldn’t pull out because I only got to work a day after it started! It’s an audit of a freight company near the airport- leave early every morning and get back late every afternoon! The work itself is more physical than what I’m used to, but I suppose it’s good as I now have experience in a totally different industry…

Busy make arrangements for Palestine trip- don’t feel that I’m as excited as I should be! I imagine that I should be flippin ecstatic, but also don’t want to get to hyped up just in case (inshaAllah it wont happen) we get turned back! Leaving in less than 2 weeks! Going to spend a few days touring Jordan and then going for a 10 day youth camp in Palestine. Plan on trying to visit as many sites in Palestine as possible… The theme of the camp is “Impact of the Wall on Palestinian Life”- hope to report back and increase awareness once we get back… Make dua all goes well!

Went for a MSA meeting on Wednesday- the Iranian embassy sponsored some equipment to the hospital as part of an MSA project. They seem to be very active in general; having a Women in Islam conference this week with Tukkies and also asked me if there are any students interested in going to study in Iran- Islamic studies at the Tehran University… I don’t know if anyone would be interested; there is a delegation from Iran here interviewing prospective students if anyone is…

We had a go karting evening as a team building initiative- team building is just the corporate term to legitimise spending thousands of rand on employee entertainment! But I’m not complaining- we had a 4 hour endurance challenge with our division split up into relay teams. After my second round of racing I got disqualified for the rest of the evening- my car was written off after a severe accident that was not even my fault! Driving home was cool- still felt like I was racing around those greenside bends! Great fun this go karting is, but don’t drive home immediately after!

Culture- have had many discussions on this topic over the years! Who defines it? Is theatre really culture! Grahamstown festival was at Wits theatre- called 969 Festival bcoz that’s apparently how far Grahamstown is from Joburg. Well, the cultured are never late, and I’m almost always never early, so missed the piece I planned on seeing! These people and their rules:p Also, the people that frequent theatre seem to be in a class of their own- not strictly upper, middle or working- just a mix of people who enjoy live television:p And it seems like half the male theatre goers are all tipsy!

I can’t believe how time flies- Ramadaan is coming up soon! Going to miss the iftaars and taraweehs on campus last year! Can just imagine how difficult it will be working during Ramadaan:( InshaAllah we can all make adequate preparations and have a blessed month- Ramadaan collection was planned on Fri here in Jhb and begins soon- think that we can co-ordinate a national collection with each area doing there own independent collections and distributions, but just marketing and advertising it together… any ideas? And us working class people should also try to assist where possible- this is more than just a campus based initiative… look out for details and volunteer wherever possible!

It was a busy week for msa- had a high schools program at Wits on Saturday. When does one get old? It seems that suddenly you realise, “hey, I’m not that young anymore!” Spending time with the younglings is excellent for rejuvenating ones youthful spirit! And plus we played this cool game: aMSAing race! These events are instrumental in recruiting new blood- trick is to ensure an adequate follow up! inshAllah efforts will not have been in vain…

Mr Irv is preparing to bid farewell to the good life (some still think so!)- he marries in a week so we had to leave him with a taste of the freedom he is leaving behind! Went HUGE with all ‘the youths’ on Sat night- had a few extras come over from Durban specially for the affair! (Okay, maybe Sun Youth Conf had something to do with it!) Our entourage went Paki (Bismillahs), a bit South (Melrose) for surreptitious variety of another sub-continent experience (Indian muslim heartland) and finally kicked out all traces of ambience and culture, from the hallowed halls of the Michelangelo’s lounge- it all walked out when the 20 of us walked in:p

The Beards (and I’m licensed to use the lingo coz I also have one:p) held the Youth Conference in Azaadville on Sunday. Rashad and the Durban members made the Great Trek to the holy lands especially for the event. (Azaadville is the 4th Holiest site in the world- Ihraam must be donned at the Miqaat and Ziyaarahs are available solely for the super devout!) God willing the event went off very well- again, the trick is to ensure adequate follow-up to obtain maximum benefit for all efforts!

We watched the home video of our Moz road trip last night- its flippin brilliant! Release for public viewing planned for later this year- it’s going to be the first in the evolution of documentaries- place your orders now and you will qualify for the early bird discount :)
I see some of you have visited my website- any comments, criticism, contributions, etc most welcome…

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