03 August 2005

Kingdom of Heaven?

It’s been a hectic week-
so much that I needed to do in preparation for our trip but somehow never got down to any of it till the last minute!
Surprise, surprise!

Bought a car last week- was on my way to Azaadville to see the car and on my way there the ‘Mighty One’ decides to start smoking from the dashboard! It was a sign- it’s days were numbered and I had to get rid of it! Had a tow truck take me to the Holy Lands and traded it in- was happy with anything in its place; anything with wheels is better than a GTi on the back of a tow truck!
Anyways, now I have a 2000 citigolf, 1.6i with 95k on the clock- its not a GTi but I’m not complaining! Bid a sad farewell to the ‘Mighty One’ and appeased my conscience knowing it is resting in such a sacred place:p

Took my new car home for the weekend- haven’t been to Newcastle in months and needed to clock card before we leave for Jordan this week! It was good to be home for a while; to be surrounded by people and noise and hot home cooked meals! Family not too impressed with my travel bug- this year already been to Drakensburg, Cape Town, Durban, Mozambique and now Jordan and inshaAllah Palestine!
We spend a few days touring Jordan and then try for Palestine through the Israeli border- met and spoke to many people over the past few days and been hearing some scary stories- the Israelis make life really difficult for Muslims trying to get in and they can turn you away with no reason at all! I really hope we do get it; will be a real suck if we get turned away!
Make a dua- there is a good enough chance we get in and if Allah wills it then so be it!

Will not be using this email for the next few weeks- email me at bilal.randeree@gmail.com I will try to keep blog updated as much as possible and host pics if possible!
Keep an eye out if possible…

And again I ask- make a dua, we will need it!

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