08 September 2005

...living a life cluttered with mundane tribulations...

Time flies- two weeks already since we got back! And I sadly feel myself re-adjusting to the normal pitiful drone of day-to-day existence… But happily feeling more revived and energetic so that I can fulfil the responsibilities that now lay upon my shoulders after being given the wonderful opportunity of living and feeling with the Palestinians

But wait- what the hell am I supposed to do? I am an accountant! As much as I hate to admit it- my life from now on (till I can somehow get more leave and escape again!) revolves around big multi-national capitalistic corporations! And while I may have previously come up with a brilliant way of consoling myself on that regard (refer to previous emails detailing the long-term plan of Muslim professional in the economic field), I am now confined by this revolting mania called ‘work’!

But wait again- even if I had more time on my hands, what do I do? Will speaking on a few radio shows and showing of my pics really achieve anything? I’m pretty sure that if I figure this out I will be able to find the time to do whatever then needs to be done! (I have a pretty good track record to prove my ability to avoid work!)

In the past two weeks, we have done:
2 Radio shows on an (hehe) international satellite radio station,
2 shows on different Cape Town radio stations,
2 slide show presentations to audiences in the (hehe) City of Newcastle.

And what has changed? What did I expect to change? What did we hope to achieve?
- Education and Awareness! Make people more aware of what’s actually going on. (But human nature is such that most, being really touched and concerned while watching or listening, soon afterwards totally forget everything…)

So that has brought me to the following conclusion:
While it helps to actually see and if possible experience suffering for yourself, it is not entirely necessary. What is necessary is an understanding of what Islam and humanity at large, requires of you- if we understood that, and were really committed to it, then we would naturally be struggling in every legitimate struggle that we could!

Talk is cheap- here I am, in the lap of luxury, total freedom, virtually worry-free, and all I’m currently concerned about is the blinking battery light on my laptop! There’s no electricity (sitting in the dark- this never happened to me in Newcastle or even Palestine for that matter!) and this thing is going to shut down any second nowwwww

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