26 October 2005

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life

There have been numerous calls from relief organisations working in Kashmir for money, equipment and volunteers. I have given what I can monetarily but feel the need to do a bit more! Word from others who are working there is that they need anyone that’s willing to come and help. Whether you have medical experience or know-how does not seem to be a vital prerequisite- just being able to assist in whatever small way possible may ultimately make life at least a little better for those suffering! But also, pipsqueaks and wimps are not welcome from what I hear- if you can’t stand the cold, or are accustomed to a fairly comfortable lifestyle then maybe its best if you stay at home! I wish to go for about 3 weeks this December- any willing humanitarians to join me?

A bus load of Indian Muslims on a tour of Soweto- not something you’d come across everyday! Especially since there were no ulterior motives- or were there! Visited Hector Peterson museum once again- second visit in a short time but it was pleasant déjà vu! Still amazing to see how crazy things were not so long ago.. But then again not much has really changed when you look around without your blindfold- I say it again, 50 years down the line people will wonder where the Muslims or just good natured people were when poverty, Aids and madness was engulfing all ends of the earth!
Spent time at Dlamini Musjid- the only Musjid in Soweto, a place of around 2 million people! Was a enriching and beneficial experience nevertheless for both the bussed and the locals, I presume.. As someone aptly said, let there be a time soon when we don’t occasionally bus into Soweto in air-conditioned buses like tourists but rather visit often the good friends that we have there!

The whole Islamic Banking thing almost turned into a bigger debacle than originally anticipated- managed to luckily nip it in the bud, I hope, by deflecting an almost certain juvenile pissing contest with a self proclaimed representative of the Beards! But with sanity now temporarily prevailing, there seems to be a bleak future for any intelligent, viable faith-based economic progress coz frankly nobody gives a rats ass about shit! Makes sense why the whole façade started and continues largely unabated- the flippin easiest thing to do is to not think! Coz if you think for yourself then you will instantly see how messed up things are then may feel the need to do something! So screw thinking- lets just go with the flow, lets just enjoy life the way we know it, lets just be…

‘Why do not the rabbis and the priests forbid their evil speaking and their devouring of illicit gain? Verily evil is their handiwork.’ (Quran 5:63)

Well, Ramadaan is bolting down its final lap- time for those potent last 10 day duas! I need a sizeable portion of those if you all can remember! Last chance now to actually use this wonderful opportunity to change your life for the better- some fast but gain only hunger, some spend the night in prayer and gain only a lack of sleep! Let us not be of those…

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