12 October 2005

Protect your possessions by payment of Zakaat

My manager asked me the other day, ‘Why do you fast?’
Why? What do you mean why? “It’s compulsory in our religion, that’s why we do it!”
‘But what is the purpose of fasting?’
Purpose! What kind of question is that? Who says there is purpose for fasting? “Well, it is a form of training. A person has to willingly forgo his legitimate needs and desires- there is nobody watching him to see if he is actually eating or not so he does it only for the pleasure of God. It is a person being totally obedient and submissive to God. And plus it makes you appreciate what you have as you now have an idea of how those who don’t have food feel…”
Does that answer your question? Well, he seemed to get the idea and was pretty stupefied already so I left it at that…

I’m open to any suggestions as to how I should deal with this type of inquiring in the future. Many of you may have been asked already or if you are working will most definitely be asked some time in the future!

I am going to design a windscreen that, while still being see-through and serving the purpose of a windscreen, portrays a semi-transparent electronic view of the Quran! It will make it so much easier to read Quran while you stuck in traffic! Alternatively I could hire a driver and thus have ample time to revise :-)

The Standard Bank Gallery had 16 of the Timbuktu Manuscripts on display- really remarkable stuff! Took some pics which I hope to host on the blog, but actually seeing them was really great. From treatise on science, economics, politics, mathematics and an exquisite 1800 hand written copy of the Quran. Now I’m definitely going to Mali to check the other 700 000 manuscripts for myself… Plus there should be more pics on: http://msaalumni.blogharbor.com/

Zakaah actually means ‘increase’- how? Well, by discharging your obligation and thus purifying your wealth, Allah will increase your provision and grant you blessings in your sustenance. Had a Zakaah workshop with Sanzaf on Sat- it’s actually not that complicated and shouldn’t be.
You just need to set a date when you will calculate your Zakaah, add up what is included and less what is excluded! But we should also be looking at the purpose of Zakaah- it is payable on cash that is hoarded for a year- thus it evidently discourages hoarding which we somehow still manage to do! We also tend to view it as a debt that just needs to get off our hands! We don’t treat it as we would treat our own personal investments…

But this past week has just been a blur- not enough sleep, almost late for work almost every single day and some sombre contemplating and mulling going down!

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