19 October 2005

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must not lose infinite hope!

My predictions were accurate- ABSA has just announced plans to launch ‘Islamic Banking’! The circus has begun- there’s no stopping every Tom, Dick or Haroun from now offering ‘Islamic’ products and services- and it seems like a child could arrange the ‘Shariah Compliant’ rubber stamp! There must be a bored rubbersmith somewhere churning out these stamps at a phenomenal speed…
The point being, that while Muslims do need alternatives to the products and services offered by conventional financial institutions, in no way can we accept these as the ideal! We should admit and propagate that these are just the lesser of the evils and make public our plans, if any, of establishing the principles of the Islamic economic system so that injustice, poverty, oppression, crime and all related perils can be cured!

And on a lighter note, but still with the interests of the Ummah in mind, I feel that maybe I should become a mad scientist- we need someone to invent a chemical that we can safely pump through the air-conditioning systems of Masaajids around the world. This chemical must instantaneously combust when it comes into contact with burps, thus giving the offending burper the shock of his life without actually harming him! Those who perform Taraweeh will know exactly what I’m talking about… but try to picture it- would be flippin hilarious!

Ramadaan is time for spiritual development and thus people tend to shy away from normal modes of entertainment- however, having attended two this weekend, I notice braais have widely been accepted as appropriate socializing entertainment for Ramadaan. The discussions got a bit heated and carried away at one- a member of the congregation had invited my fellow Taraweeyers and I to a braai with his friends and family- the age-old, beards vs non-beards debate was innocently initiated by me, then taking a step back I just sat and watched the conversation gather momentum and materialize into a inimitable organism of its own- while I must admit that both sides have valid points, this type of unconstructive debate rarely benefits anyone! Well, in order to redeem myself for being the fiend who instigated it, I made sure that I had the last say and emphasized the way forward as being more tolerant and a greater desire for self development from all sides…

Why, oh why do we HAVE TO grow up! Life was always so simple- I pay a thousand tributes to the writer of the saying, ‘ignorance is bliss!’ And youth, believe me, is the throne of this heavenly ignorance! But all good things come to an end- stand up, stand strong and face the challenges as they come- as Shakespeare (I think!) once said, ‘Be a man, my son, Be a Man!’
It’s strange how we can sometimes talk so much, but when the time comes down to put your money where your mouth is……I just got lost in thought...........its unfamiliar territory!

Well, that’s all folks! I leave you with some wise, wacky, wonderful words:
"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like you do when nobody's watching."


kimya said...

to beard or not to..

issues of beard, hijab and numerous other religious and cultural scenarios have been already neatly labelled and put into little boxes by those who prefer to leave things unquestioned. by rocking the boat, we upset the simple order of the blissfully ignorant and cause waves of anxiety. your punishment? a label for u 2,of course! as an unruly young soul who has no respect for the general way things are meant to be. :P
i recently experienced a range of questioning about the wasted experience of Haj on young people. how does one stare in polite silence (or dumbfounded as i was) at people who insist on letting me know that i would be wasting my time going for Haj now in my twenties! so i should go in secret and mention the experience only when i am of age,i.e. 50+ perhaps?

hope u keep ur life as challenging as you can manage! the idea is a good balance of sanity and insanity. for health' sake.


Bilal said...

True- i am guilty as charged! But damn if i'm not going to do what i can to rock this boat like its never been rocked before!
Old people generally do seem to have stupid views- dont worry, most will die soon:p
Shukran for your comments!