17 November 2005

Tell me ur friends, & I will tell u who u are!

It’s always great to visit the Mother City- it actually feels like you in a different country; everything there is so different! From the Jumah prayer to the big mountain in the middle of the city-

The Jumah is a wee bit different from what we are accustomed to up north- see this wacky take on ours: http://rebspage.blogspot.com/
There you feel much more involved, it’s much more interactive (though definitely not interactive enough!) but feeling like you are actually participating in the prayer feels really good… And women as well- I’m sure many here will be flabbergasted to see women just on the other side of the chain when performing Jumah at Claremont Musjid, but there that’s pretty much the norm..

As for the mountain, I’ve expressed these sentiments before, but it’s really just in the way! You need to go all the way around the mountain to visit the other side. If it was here in Joburg, they probably would have made tunnels going through it! Or they would have hollowed it out and made a multi-level car park! Annoying, cause of traffic, perhaps not exactly aesthetically pleasing to some and even possibly frustrating at times- but it is truly remarkable how an entire metropolis was built around it!

Cape culture is quite exciting- went for a play, Goema, that was raising funds for MARCH (Muslims Assisting Red Cross Hospital). The play, well it was actually a musical, went through the history of the cape- from the time slaves and Muslims landed there to present and a satirical account of various incidents and eras since then… The Goema is, (well I’m not too sure what it is but will look it up for sure!) I think, music from the cape that started during the times of the slaves and has evolved to what is sung during the carnivals and on other occasions… The musical was extremely entertaining in a very cape town sort of way and thoroughly enjoyable! I would highly recommend it for anyone in the area from now till January as a entertaining yet educational experience:)

Getting up close and personal with sharks has always seemed as a sure way of getting a cheap thrill! (okay, not soo cheap actually!) But submerging yourself in a cage in heavily shark infested waters was really quite an adventure. Would have been much better if the weather was a bit better, the sea a bit calmer and the water a bit warmer! But on the whole an exciting experience- you feel very safe both in the boat and the cage but the sharks are flipping HUGE! Wouldn’t want to meet them without the comfort of a cage though! But as any experience with nature, it does and should make you realise and recognise your Creator in the magnificence and beauty of His creation…

The controversy around chumming (the practice of attracting sharks using bait) was discussed at length before the expedition was undertaken, and the clarification given as follows- fisherman have always chummed; the sharks are not actually fed; the sharks have a exceptionally short memory; Gansbaai (the shark diving spot) is the site of many scientific studies that are being conducted on sharks and is 2 hours from Cape Town!
We took pictures with a water proof camera and will try to host them as soon as developed- though I hope they come out clear as the sharks move quicker than you can imagine! Try it out sometime- it should have a spot on your list of things to do; along with bungy, scuba and sky diving!

Think I should have resigned myself to the will of one of those sharks- I’m sure it would have been much more pleasant than dealing with the human equivalents that are all around us! Sorry, I think that may be unfair to the sharks- they are not evil; they just like meat! Unlike the grotesque beings we have who thrive on sticking their snouts in every possible orifice! So flipping annoying I think its fine using them as shark food- that’s if the sharks can even stomach such drivel! Sorry, just a bit of sporadic venting- won’t happen again!

Watched ‘Paradise Now’ at The Labia (a theatre- the word has some medical connotations that I haven’t yet ascertained!) The film was about the ordeal a pair of Palestinian men go through after signing up to take part in a martyrdom operation. Really well made I believe and definitely realistic- the best part being that you leave the film without a definite answer to questions of these operations, but rather, the show asks the same questions in clearer, more concise way! Point being, that its difficult, if not impossible, for others to judge or comment on their actions because we can in no way understand what they go through and the environment they live in…

So after a weekend (well, a wee bit more maybe;->) of sights, fish, friends and fun; back to real life, reality, work and them sadistic pseudo-sharks :-(

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