24 November 2005

There is no wealth but life..

First a bit more essence on the whole Ghoema thing from last weeks play- Die ghoema: 'n drom wat soos 'n balie lyk en is uniek aan die Kaap. Dit word van 'n brandewynvatjie gemaak'... The slaves that worked on the wine farms invented the ghoema by using a wine barrel and removing the base of it. Nevertheless, quite a memorable and entertaining experience, and makes one wonder how society can survive without music, tradition, colour, art and fun! Our specimen somehow manages to do so but with obviously devastating consequences…

Spent the weekend in Durban- lotsa sun, sand and surf! Durban has the best beaches- tried every one from there till Cape Town and I can safely say that none other comes close! The warm water and terrific waves- catching one is a near orgasmic experience- at least in my highly inexperienced opinion;-p

For my first few minutes in the water (spent a large part of 48 hours in the water!) I thought of only one thing- what is one of those sharks from last week rock up and say, ‘Hey Dude, remember me? Where’s your fancy cage now eh! Hehe…’ Shit, was I skrik! Took me few minutes to calm down but I assure you, many who go shark diving will not be able to swim in the ocean ever again!

What is Cloud 9? The 1896 edition of the International Cloud Atlas defines the ninth cloud as cumulo-nimbus, rising to a height of 10 km, which is the highest a cloud can be. That must have something to do with the feeling of elation that its normally associated to..
But there’s just something about being on Cloud 9- that feeling that, ‘Wow, things are working out so well!’ and you just enjoy it but it only lasts for so long! Sooner or later some moorse Jumbo jet comes past and knocks you off your cosy cloud and you hit mother earth with a bang- now you need to once again mull and contemplate, reflect and introspect, and come up with a revised POA. Moral of the story- Hell, I don’t know! But life is short- and not always rosy- so make the most of it while it lasts and know that whatever challenge you face, there are others who have it much worse!

Of all the contrivances for cheating the working classes of mankind perhaps none is so effective as that which deludes them with paper money-Daniel Webster
Don’t know who this guy is or what exactly he meant by the quote, but it may be interesting for those who are in the field to look into it- what gives paper money value? Is it just the credibility of the governments behind them? How does do we as Muslims feel about this? (p.s For more info I would suggest a chat with the Muraitoon!)

That’s all for this week- substandard drivel as usual but much shorter so hopefully much more readable;-)

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