07 December 2005

EnD of an ErA :-)

Didn’t get a chance to send out a soliloquy last week- spent the week at a resort on the Vaal river at a place near Parys (No, not Paris!). Lotsa sand, water and trees! But was great having some alone time;p Not that I needed it.. Real purpose of the week long escapade was training and team building- best bit being the canoing and adventure games we got to play:) Right up until I was attacked by vicious stomach bugs that ravaged my internals for their full stay- Illness is actually a blessing and I now understand why.. And as a wise man once said, ‘Diarrhoea makes a man humble!’

Before and after Parys, I found myself at the Hartebeesport Dam- really beautiful place! There’s something about water that attracts people- even dirty, green water like what we find at the Zoo Lake! But like a true capitalistic nation that we are, prime natural spots like that have been heavily inflated so that only rich, bourgeoisie can afford to live where previously poorer people have been displaced! All in the name of premium golf estate living! But, that’s enough venting from me..
Had a balloon on the before trip that was vanquished during the week preceding the after trip- but that’s a whole new blog on its own so wont go into that now! Look out for the Blog Of The Vanquished Balloon some time in the future;-p

End of an era- well, this year was kind of like a mini era, in my books at least! Can safely say the past few months have been nowhere close to as bad as I expected and have been definitely way better than I could have ever planned! But as I may have said many, many times before- all good things come to an end:(
There’s so much more that I needed to share- was going to go in depth on the Murabitoons and also give a review of my visit to the so-called holocaust and jewish history museums in cape town. But I guess that will wait for sunnier days..

Well, I leave for fairer, colder lands soon- I will be contactable on the following email address: bilal.randeree@gmail.com


Muhammad said...

Slms Bro! Hardcore Post.. making me miss Gauteng.

Looking for that vanquished ballon.



ZakP said...

dude i think u had a super awesome year, i mean u moved to jhb, had a pseudo-job!!! wne to to CT, went to moz, did IMA durbs, ulitimate palestine jordan trip, went to durbz couple time, u even drove all the way to zeerust (YES ZEERUST) in the middle of the nite to drop off shaakir, u went shark diving, u had supper with the PRESIDENT of SOUTH AFRICA, u met Nelson mandela (actually he met u, im sure that meeting really humbled madiba quite a bit...lol), u did the bicentenial thing, All msa events u rocked, all alumni stuff, then u did the HIGH 45 thing. high 45 was at an all time high in the beggining of the year (we rocked dude, we initiated THE PUB!!!). then there were all ur car stories *(something i wont discuss here). u did magalisburg, u did drakensburg, u did parys, u did newcastle..... And now ur going to kashmir pakistan.

DUDE U ROCK. i reckon u had a superlicious year.

hey man, i hope next year is also loaded and inshaAllah i'll be there with u on some of the trips and experiences.

saaleha said...

you see, all you had to do was change your "Comment, if you dare!" to your current directive, to have people leave behind some of themselves.

anyway, i concur, you've had a "YEAR".