21 January 2006

Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people.

Unfortunatley, due to bad weather and other obscure, unanticipated circumstances, our scuba dive was cancelled! But, as is with life in general, you don’t always get what you want; when you want it- we could have been saved from some major catastrophe out at sea! But does that mean we give up squbah? No- we just postpone it and maybe consider going to a different squbah spot the next time…

Good thing weather was good enough for the beach;) And some terrific waves at that! See, you never know- you miss out on one thing and then something better comes along;) Really worth the drive though: think I can do this every 2nd weekend- drive 4.5 hours to Durban and back just for a few hours of sun, surf and sand. At least while ze zummer iz here…

Work has really been hectic: deadline coming up soon so working from sunrise to sunset to try and have all done in time! Don’t really mind it though as I need the overtime and 1 month of hard work in a year won’t kill me- yet! And to think that people work like this the whole year through for most of their lives- I mean they do get financially rewarded for it but c’mon, that’s not life!

Interesting food for thought from last year’s equivalent soliloquy:
“What was meant to be our nature of existence? Is it possible to work in a multi-national company with good intentions and accomplish something worthwhile in life?
I believe that a justifiable reason for working in these places is so that we can acquire skills and master the ‘system’ with the intention of eventually bringing about change. The danger here is that you could get caught up and the next thing you know, it’s all over! “

My training schedule for the bike race has been seriously suffering as a result of work! Still have to get my wheels and work on diet and training schedule- just hope 2 months less a week will be enough to pull an Armstrong on the flat mountain;p

Some daft dude has been clogging up my blog shoutbox with his furtive rantings- guess its coz civilized people like yourself don’t take the time out to share your intelligence with cyber world!

This week has seen the return of the Hajjis- due to work commitments I haven’t had the opportunity of meeting the blessed souls and usurping some of their fresh blessings. Will have to try and fit it in this weekend. The Hajj- must be such an amazing experience! May God grant us the opportunity to experience it. But in the mean time, think about this- why do we all have to go at the same time?

Here is a verse of Quran that I would also like you to think about. It compares those who do not think as worse than the vilest of animals. “Surely, the worst of beasts in God’s sight are the deaf, the dumb, who do not think.” (Quran 8:22)

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