13 January 2006

Tears of sacrifice?!

Legends soccer- supposed to be the who’s who of soccer for the past decade, but it looked like a bunch of middle age, over weight dudes trying to kick a ball around! Ok, not so bad but when you think of how all these guys were nothing short of worshipped back in their prime, it makes you laugh. The so-called Hero’s of yesteryear are nothing but mild amusement today…

Things are hectic at work for a change- I have a first year working for me and now I’m a second year! More responsibility and work but I’m sure that there must be a way to make it more fun and less work;p Lets see how things work out…

Eid- I somehow get the feeling that we missing something! In fact, I think I brought this up last year and that led to many interesting discussions. This is what I had to say almost exactly a year ago: (Anyone notice any change in my writing, thoughts, etc??!)

“Eid- a time when we get together and have a big feast. We also slaughter sheeps (plural for sheep) and give the meat to the poor. Are we missing something? Is that all its supposed to be? Should we be doing something more? Should we be striving for some greater purpose?
I'm pretty happy trying to make money and set myself up for a nice comfortable life! So everyone else should get lost- all the poor and oppressed and starving and ignorant and the rest who need to be liberated by the Islam that we have- tell them that I don’t give a shit! I need to buy a new car and a flat in Sandton and find a pretty girl to marry and take an overseas holiday once a year! I can do all these things and maybe (InshaAllah- Remember me in your duas) go to Jannah when I die because I'm a good Muslim- I behave well, and I dress like a Muslim and pray my Salaah and give my Zakaat to Sanzaf and I'm InshaAllah going for hajj when I save enough and I bought a sheep and gave it away so leave me alone.....”

Your thoughts? This year was slightly different- we had two oxen to drop! Quite an experience- we were getting a bit bored of the sheeps… But that’s all for this week folks- working on a major deadline and + I need to finish before the weekend coz we going down to the coast on a scuba diving expedition!


samira said...

family member? :)

Bilal said...

Yup, but only for a very short time! Make shukr that it was him and not me or one of my bros!