17 February 2006

Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.

Took the students bus to Pretoria join the march. Briefing the marshals and we hear chants of takbeer bellowing down the road. We turn to see a small army of people, carrying a big banner and moving towards us at an alarming pace! The idea was to keep people on the road in front of the embassy and maintain peace and calm. But these guys would hear nothing of it! We formed a human chain and waited for the human tsunami- got scary for a bit. You could see the anger in the guys’ eyes as they just charged forward. Really emotional crowd and felt good being part of that:)
Calm reigned soon enough and was followed by a cloud burst that left all soaking. Over a thousand people; men, women and children; young and old, stood through the storm and as someone said, ‘It was good to be drenched in God’s Mercy, literally!

But what does a protest achieve? Well, we did get media coverage. (not just me being violent on etv news!) We joined the rest of the Muslim world in their show of outrage. But it doesn’t and shouldn’t end there- we should be more proactive from now on. While this incident is still fresh in the minds of people, use the opportunity to educate Muslims and non-Muslims and even yourself. Bcoz that’s the main problem in the world at the moment- a lack of education!

The KZN beards also may need some assistance- maybe first from their Jhb counterparts. Those guys said that women should not be part of the protest actions. An age old debate that I wouldn’t waste time on and thought would have been settled by now, but apparently some guys haven’t caught on to things yet..

Picasso in Africa- what exactly he was doing here I still don’t understand;p But moonlighting as cultured, conceited art critics (well, me at least!) we attended the exhibition being held at the Standard Bank Gallery. (Yup, capitalism is cultured;p)
The lady walking around giving her two cents was not as fun as the mother with her two kids who were guessing what the paintings are before reading the description. Art. Weird. I tried. I just don’t get it..

Sister Zainub left an interesting comment on my blog last week. I honestly can’t give a proper answer yet- and I think that may be part of the answer as well: I don’t know. We all don’t know. We don’t know why we give gifts on Aashura! We don’t know what happened n history on that day! I mean we have an idea, we know sort of, but generally we don’t. Not that history is more important than religion because history is about religion. And what religion would we have if we don’t know our history? But enough faffing around from my side- if you can, please answer Sister Zainubs questions. But you will have to wait till next week if you want my educated response!

Only in Joburg do you get traffic on a Sunday. And of all places, at Hartebeesport Dam! For God’s sake, we went there (took Dr. Cum Laude) to relax and take it easy and end up spending an hour in traffic. But an amazing mass of water and an interesting braai so it didn’t end up too badly..

The Iranians Embassy had a function commemorating the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution- the food was good and the venue posh (Sheraton!) but we missed the speeches so unfortunately no comments on the revolution for now. But together with my other homework, I will try to do the research and report back next week. *watch this space, again:)*

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And this is a link to an article, which I haven’t even read yet or knew about! www.islamonline.net/English/In_Depth/volunteers/2006/02/11.shtml

P.s Make a prayer- bike thing not looking too good!


zee said...

say u wouldnt happen to have any stats or know of any place where i could get stats on the financial impact of the Danish Boycott would u?

Bilal said...

erm, not really. but this is flippin interesting: