03 February 2006

Knowingly on unknowingly all beings have within themselves the desire to praise.

Yup, as I said before, driving down to Durban every second weekend is well worth it! But this time had to take gran from Zim home so stopped in NN for a bite and breather- reached Durbs early Fri evening so had a full 48 hours of sun, sand and surf to look forward to.
Have you ever tried kayaking at Addington beach? Its flippin great- and + you may get to see a whole school of dolphins! Try it out sometime…

Not really a Gran Prix fan- wouldn’t go out of my way to watch it on tv, but live is amazing! If you enjoy speed, sound, sun and possible whiplash, then you’ll love going to the Gran Prix- Downside is you probably suffer from acute hearing loss in your old age, and if you just came back from Hajj you going to be swinging your head from side to side to see the cars and then down again to protect your soul;p But if you missed this one, then make sure you book your tickets for next year! (p.s Ahmed- I used your pic on the blog!)

It’s definitely not a good idea to wake up at 4am and drive to Joburg- especially when you only reached Newcastle past midnight the night before! And also, especially when you have counselling with the partner that morning! Counselling is where you need to convince the partner that you deserve a bonus- quite an interesting session it turned out to be. He was educated about the intricacies on an Islamic economic system and why it would be in his own best interests to help achieve it! But a good point that came up in the session is balance: for an individual to be happy and successful he needs a good balance of the following: spiritual, physical, social and intellectual development. Any further thoughts?

Once again reinstated my title of funniest guy in the office- had out first year welcoming function and was asked to do a short presentation about ABASA. For those who don’t know, it’s the Association for Black Accountants. So what’s an Indian doing speaking? Well, haven’t you heard? Indian is the ‘New Black’ and black is soo last season:)

Fordsburg and Mayfair aren’t the safest places to cycle during normal waking hours, so I’m sticking to sunrise sessions during the week. Went to see a bicycle yesterday and the guy selling it almost made me reconsider what I was doing- but I am still confident that I will be ready for the 110km, 7 hour race in 5 weeks time. Come on, even ‘if’ I don’t finish the scenery will still be worth I effort! (I wish!)


Anonymous said...

Hey thanks, for using my pic! i'm touched! :p, should have put up the pic with car zooming past, with crowd at the background, tis was quite an achievment, getting a picture of a car going past at something like 200km......Nways, keep up the good work.
Ahmed Moolla

Bilal said...

Sorry boet, dont have the pics I took yet- will replace with a real work of art as soon as I get mine;p

TOTAL said...

hey guys check out ours,they not so bad,i aslo have to put up more.

Bilal said...

Cool. will go check them out. Thanks for stopping by!