10 February 2006

Legend: Blue- Consumption of Petrol
Yellow- Production of Petrol
Mums gone to the motherland- not ours, the old mans! She took him to see his family is the village. Me, I got no family in the village. I don’t know where the village is. I don’t want to know. Newcastle is my village:-p

Played an excruciating soccer tournament- only 40% of our players rocked up. But we won 75% of our games! With 80% of the players in the tournament being accountants, we actually had a 60% chance of winning all our games. The game we lost though, we did lose it 100%. But no regrets bcoz the games we put in 100% effort and had 0% expectations. See what happens when accountants play ball!

Group of guys attempted to divert a potentially egging protest at the Danish consulate on Sunday, which in the end turned out to be a hoax! But the protest did go off well with the crowd expressing a rare show of unity. The number of emails and sms’s flying around since this saga began is phenomenal- smiles on vodas face but doesn’t really seem as if Muslims are taking advantage of this situation to its fullest, and turning it around to benefit Islam… Oh well- we pray and act and hope for the blessing of God!

I hate it when movies, made purely for entertainment, are based on fact. This causes the viewer to believe as true, the strong points of the movie, and discount what the rest as part of the entertainment. Not that watching a movie based on fact is not educational and informative, but the viewer makes up his own mind based on his current understanding of events! Munich is the label in focus and I think some feedback with be helpful for me to fully understand what effect the movie had on other viewers…

The years 2000 to 2004 saw many, many marches- guess it was the most street active period in our recent history and that gave me the benefit of attending many a march meeting with professional, career, march organisers. This weeks meeting in the gauteng region were mildly less fun, but I guess age and experience have made me more mature! (What bull#@&%!)
Hope it does all go off according to plan- actually just a protest at the Danish embassy after Jumah. Cape Town had a crowd, as expected- here, if past experience is anything to go by we may be a tad disappointed.

The blessed occasion of Ashura has just passed- may God grant us the full blessings and understandings of this day. Shouldn’t we be also looking back at what important events happened in our history on this day? Granted some may take things to an extreme, but should that stop the rest of us from knowing what happened back in the day? Well, I attended a commemoration (if you can call it that) and will be doing some research that will be disseminated in due course. *watch this space*

Check this out: http://www.reporter.co.za/community/article.aspx?ID=RP21A147580

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Zainab said...

slmz. yes, some do take thing to extreme but i think we must learn what happend in this day of Aushura.will be waiting to read more about it in your blog. mybe you can also tell us about the reason why we give gifts to our family in the day that the grandson of prophet(SAWS) was martyred and also more about who and why killed him.