08 March 2006

Enjoy when you can, and endure when you must.

Stunning black & white of Drakensburg by EbV..

Honesty is very important. Especially being honest to oneself- I no longer claim that I’m, ‘Doing the Argus!’ No, after attending a pep-up session with the Tshwane lads, a whole team of energetic riders, and watching their video of the route I decided that this year, ‘I will be attempting the Argus!’ I mean it is a really beautiful ride so it’s seems senseless letting the minor fact that I didn’t adequately prepare myself, stop me from embarking on the 110km + 7 hour on the most amazing bicycle race in the world!

And after witnessing the mind-boggling speed at which the Armstrongs from Pretoria change their tyre tubes, I think it may help if I try practicing that! I wonder what are the odds of me getting another flat? But maybe I shouldn’t take chances.. Did about 40km this week (would have done more if it wasn’t for the weather!) and it felt quite good. However riding around in icy, backbreaking winds did cause a bit of unwanted illness which hopefully goes before the contest on Sunday!

Leaving for Cape Town today so that I can acclimatise- it’s essential. You know, the thing about bicycle racing is that you need to get to the venue early so that your body can adjust to the elements:)

And while it’s still on my mind, I would like to recommend Tsotsi- Well done to them for winning an Oscar! Funny to think that most of you who will watch this movie, will get to see only on the cinema screen what is literally in our backyards. Entertainment hey- all in the name of entertainment! What causes such behaviour? Is it not the legacy of Apartheid? So then what- Apartheid is over and life goes on, so let’s just wait for things to settle down?! Let’s get on with our lives as if we play no role, albeit indirectly, in what goes on in this dichotomised society of ours! Lets just study, work, and go cycling into the flippin sunset, oblivious of what others are forced to endure in our very own backyards…

Your thoughts?!