17 March 2006

The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self.

Chapmans Peak

The Argus- it I did! All 108km. Yah, I know I’m going on and on about it- but I’m really thrilled with myself;p
My official time was 6 hours, 14 minutes and 30 secs. (Beat Aads by 5 minutes and 26 secs;p) I also beat a grand total of 64 other people in my group. We were the last group with a 10h30 start- next year I’m going to try and start earlier.
Yes, I’m going to do it next year and everyone is invited to come along for the ride. And + next year I’m going to train! It probably makes a big difference if you actually train for such a gruelling encounter; nevertheless it was still soo amazing.

At some points you ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’, but a few minutes later, when you reach the peak and you literally flying downhill, the wind in your face, your hands in the air, flying like a bird, the strikingly blue ocean glowing to one side and the magnificent rocky peaks on the other! That’s when it’s ‘worth it’! Worth those good few dollars you invested, and worth the intense, albeit temporary, pain that you endure! God bless Taren at the 53km stop- and God forgive me for He surely knows I needed that massage soo desperately!

And what a great day it was- it didn’t end there! We were treated to a spectacular game of cricket at the hospitality suite at the finish line- guess it didn’t look too good from the start coz someone on the roadside had a sign that said, ‘You think Chapmans is painful- try watching the cricket!’ Well done to the boys in green- I’m sure the rumours of Norris helping them are probably fabrications;p

Newfound respect I have for the big rocks in the peninsular- ok, not the flat one but the peak is a bona fide devil! Never, I repeat, never try to hike up there with kamikaze, ‘no respect for footpaths’ hikers! Vertical ascent foolishly seemed fun at first, but descending should really have featured higher on our agendas;) Views from the cave led to a contemplating discussion on the similarities between this highly urbanized metropolis in today’s terms, to what some argued was also probably an extremely developed Meccan city 1400 odd years ago..

Sceptical of the Sufis I have always been, but I take my hat off to the great work a Senegalese movement is doing in the Mfuledi township near the Mother City. (Join them if you reside in the neighbourhood!) Nourishment of the spiritual and usual kind was dished out to a crowd of youths (and us) under the combined light of moon and streetlight, right in the front ‘yard’ of a cgi sheet shack! Epic! Led to a woman taking the faith- God Bless..

Visited a good acquaintance now living in the plains of Mitchell’s Flats- or flats of Mitchell’s Plein! Take your pic- either way it’s strikingly worlds apart from the not-so-humble abodes just over the mountain! Every social ill imaginable infects these often subjugated neighbourhoods, and efforts to liberate often seem futile.. Hope should be sought in inspiring youth who overcome secularist, materialistic distractions to spend the wee hours empowering themselves with the tools that can bring change!

Had an interesting, albeit disappointing, encounter with a mutual foe- having my daybreak dose of caffeine at vida e and I look up to see [guess who] also getting his fix:
‘Good morning. Howya doing?’
“Good morning. Very well thank you!”
Polite and cordial with a friendly smile, until he notices the Palestine band on my hand!
‘Can I ask you a question?’
“Sorry, I’m really in a big hurry!”
‘Don’t worry, it will be very quick. What do you think about Hamas wanting to visit S.A?’
“Oh, you will have to contact the DA’s foreign …………. on 08xxxxx.”
‘Thanks for the number. I will do that. But what do you think about it?’
“You know, we have been so busy with the Cape Town elections, I haven’t had a chance to apply my mind to that yet! Thank you. Good Bye!”
‘Bull#@%$ (sneeze;p), Thank you very much Mr Tony Leon, Head of the DA, Thank you very much!’

Cape Town rocks!
Try Stardust on Main Rd for good violin!


Muhammad said...

Salaams Bro,

I'd be lying if I disn't say I was envious, let me know when you planning to go on the argus again.. I want to join you .. we can TRAIN together!

Seriously, I'm not lying about that. give me a call and we'll touch base ,etc.

hope it keep's going downhill with the wind in your face :)


Muhammad Karim.

Aaliya said...

That picture looks really peaceful :)

Bilal said...


Mak: we do it next year again! We get all the lads and go HUGE:)

aaliya: I don't take pictures, I make art;-)

TOTAL said...

Pics great just come from CT,teh view from there is heaven.

Bilal said...

Yup, Cape Townnnnnn!!!!!
It rocks:)