29 March 2006

We give advice by the bucket, but take it by the grain.

Working with guys from our London office who do nothing but work and sleep! Work till latish almost every day- which is fine by me coz I can clock all the overtime for future leave, which I’m most definitely going to need;)

Fri Nite saw an interesting discourse with Altikriti, followed by communal, emotional, spiritual and at times egoistic outbursts! All highly insightful albeit entertaining, something which needs to happen more often! There is, and has been for a long, long time, a serious breakdown in communication between various sectors and members of our community. For there to be positive change and progress, communication of this sort, between various levels in the community, needs to happen much more often- the idea that the pulpit is achieving any of this is nothing short of a fallacy that must be addressed..

The following session saw a discussion that went like:
‘What you guys doing tomorrow? Wana go to Kruger Park?’
“Kruger Park! That sounds good. Let’s leave now..”
‘Now! Its 12pm on Fri night! Ok, guess it’ll be cool to reach the park by sunrise tomorrow!’

And thus the recipe and beginning of an unforgettable journey:
- from the epic Long Tom Pass with breakfast (water, bread & crisps) above the clouds (literally- the clouds were below us!)
- 2 giraffe, 3 rhino, buffalo, buck, buck & buck of all sizes and shades, couple elephants and the highlight: a shaky brit being charged by an angry rhino!
- exceptional hospitality from a White River family, matched with equal unfriendliness from the local head honcho!
- round off the weekend with an impromptu swimming lesson and a refreshing dip at Mac Mac Falls…
Leave for 48.5 hours with 2 accountants, an engineer, a doctor + cameraman! = HUGE:)

By now you’ve probably detected that this is way shorter than what you’ve hopefully grown accustomed to:)
Busy, busy, busy:(


Z said...

I totally agree about Londoners - work sleep and drink.... very little value to life. Isnt it ridiculous that they expect everyone else in the world is the same or just lazy? arabs, africans, latino - we know how to enjoy the pleasures of life!

Muhammad said...

"Chuck Norris does not blog, But if he found the time between roundhouse kicks and creating gravity, he'd write about Bilal Randeree"

Bilal said...

z- You rite! There's way more to life than work;p

mak- Very, very funny! I take my hat off to the 'Sweetie' that thought it up:)

saaleha said...


tsk tsk B.

Muhammad said...

My B,

Didnt know you had the flirt bug in you. Now we just need to get you married. I gota few girls in mind, Come visit :)

oh, and I echo Saaleha's... tsk tsk.


Salaams Bro,


Bilal said...

M.- i come to visit every 2nd weekend and you never available! If that's what marriage does then give me a few more years to enjoy my freedom;p

kst, kst...