11 April 2006

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.

This weeks blog pic was taken at a place called Long Toms Pass in the eastern Transvaal. You actually standing above the clouds! Wicked:)

An Al-Jazeera journalist did a picture presentation on his recent trip to Sierra Leone- it was scary! Muslims the world over seem to be really messed up! Gruesome stuff like transforming young kids into vicious soldiers that chopped off body parts and massacred hundreds really sent chills down the spine. This all happened in our very recent past- what the hell was going on? Sierra Leone, Rwanda, probably dozens of other places I haven’t even heard of.. And as I mentioned in a previous email, from the movie Hotel Rwanda- ‘Normal, decent, god-fearing, religious people all watch the horror on the news, express how terrible it is, feel bad about it and then go about their normal lives…’

The following are some thought provoking snippets from an article by Naomi Klein- Fences of enclosure, windows of possibility:
‘Security firms do their biggest business in the cities where the gap between rich and poor is greatest—Johannesburg, São Paulo, New Delhi—selling iron gates, armoured cars, elaborate alarm systems and renting out armies of private guards…
In deeply divided South Africa, annual spending on private security has reached US$1.6 billion, more than three times what the government spends each year on affordable housing.
It now seems that these gated compounds protecting the haves from the have-nots are microcosms of what is fast becoming a global security state—not a global village intent on lowering walls and barriers, as we were promised, but a network of fortresses connected by highly militarized trade corridors

That’s us she is speaking about- us middle class, university educated, cushy clothed, housed and jobbed! Us who look at the horror all around us and say, ‘Shucks, that’s so terrible!’ and then go back to watching tv, or consoling ourselves with some arb pseudo validations.. What are we supposed to be doing differently, if anything at all? Please, help out with some thoughts here!

But if you would prefer to forget about this serious stuff, move on to the light reading:
Rugby- took guys from our London office to the cats/reds game. It sucked. I know remember why I’m not a rugby fan. Most of the game the guys are busy getting ready for the next play or whatever you call it. Just too much ‘dead’ time and standing around… Never again!

The J country club is really freaky- I would aptly label it the last bastion or Apartheid! You can only enter if you are a member or attending with a member. And to be a member you must be invited by an existing member. So given that they now accept membership from all (incl non-whites and Jews who were previously barred!) its probably going to take a long time to have more than just the token faces around..

Always good to meet family now and then! Cool family:)

Did the CR comedy skit and was a tad disappointed:( Its great to laugh at white people and profanities, but a serious lack in talent compared to my previous visits there! Makes me want to try out a bit myself- its easy to make people laugh. Its even easier to fail miserably!

Long weekend coming up with a flying trip to Moz, followed by mellow labouring in Bots, followed yet again by a tad bit of toil and sightseeing in Ghana! Its going to be HUGE;)


samira said...

Just started reading "Blood Diamonds" by greg Campbell about the war in Sierra Leone all a result of the diamond smuggling in the region..Only on pg 19 and it's sad but good so far.

Bilal said...

Share some more info with us once you done!