18 April 2006

'Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.'

This blog pic was taken at the Joburg Country Club during a freak hail storm- looks like snow!

Another one bites the dust! A dear friend has embarked on the journey to define new concepts, to taste and experience life as never before! His time was up and he will be fondly remembered by us all:) May God bless him and his better half and grant them many happy younglings…

Ghana- 22 million people sandwiched between Cote D’Ivoire and Togo. It’s so obscure yet you need a visa to go there. A visa which takes so many days to get that one will have to cancel a trip to Moz just because the delayed Ghanaians haven’t returned your passport yet! But all was not lost- a trip to Sodwana Bay with an overnight stay in Ermelo was now on the cards. Squbah diving in Sodwana, snorkeling at St. Lucia, lots of fun, fire and food in-between, made Easter a HUGE blast!

Fish are delicious- I love them! Most fish or fishy stuff is very tasty- but I don’t think I’ll ever want to eat a rainbow colored butterfly wingback fish- I thinks they were made just to be admired. The colors down there, 18m below sea level, living in and around the equally beautiful coral, was made solely for admiration purposes! But how can you admire them if you don’t squbah? You can’t- and believe me, you are missing out. I believe that squbah diving should me made compulsory- it should be fard. Why? Coz if you can’t squbah you can’t appreciate the world of beauty down there- you may come close with aquarium visits or even closer by snorkeling, but you can’t beat the real McCoy! Do it if you capable..

What is Easter? The celebration(?) of the crucifixion or the supposed reawakening of Christ? Apparently the whole egg and bunny part is just there for commercial value- man making money over the naivety of others! We see it all over- convince a people to hold onto some rite /tradition /practice with promises of success and reward, and no matter how dumb it is, how far against the essence of pure belief it is, us hoards of sheep will blindly go where no rational believer has gone before! Why? Because it’s easier to just do what those before us have done, it’s easier not ask questions, it’s easier to not understand or even try to understand- is it just laziness? Or more?

The seconds, the hours and the days go by- what has gone you cannot get back. The future you cannot waste time worrying about now. What you need to do, is to concentrate on the now- make sure that the now is used to the maximum. That every last drop of it is squeezed out, that every single speck is gathered, that we have no regrets- wuhoo!

Off soon to show the Ibn Batuta in me the wild lands of Bots and Ghana. Hope I get back in one piece!

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