30 May 2006

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.

The association for the advancement for black accountants celebrates the achievements of all recently qualified ‘black’ accountants at an annual bourgeois dinner. Interesting to note that, a significant number of the fresh CA’s are Muslim- what an unbelievable base of talent- talent that could be harnessed to achieve great things. Money makes the world go round and the world is currently in a tortuous cycle due to the iniquitous economic practices being perpetrated. What if someone could harness all this untapped potential and empower them with the tools to change the world? Where can one find such a person? How could this be done? Any volunteers?

It cannot be proved, inconclusively, that Jesus A.S did not get married. Neither can it be proved that he did. This I concluded following a discussion with The Beards- but that is really not important. What is important is how we use this opportunity; yes it’s a brilliant opportunity, to discuss with friends and colleagues what the Quran has to say. We don’t discuss whether he had a child or not- we discuss whatever the Quran says and only what the Quran says. The simplicity and brilliance of the story of Mary (Mariam) will be enough to convince an uneasy mind. A mind made uneasy by the movie which breaks down the basis for which many base their faith; which raises questions that probably crossed the minds of many! What I also really enjoyed from the movie was the themes that came out- control over faith is ultimately power; so those who can control a faith and yield colossal power will in some cases do so at any cost. And people, in general, the world over, need to be aware of this danger…

No matter how important a lecture is, the mind can just switch off once the speaker starts and more often than not, the constant drone of academic blabber keeps it floating pleasurably through dreamland! It may actually be a medical condition- sounds familiar to any medics out there? There must be a cure for this ‘sleepy lecture’ phenomenon. Just hope it’s discovered soon- board II is not something to be taken lightly…

Our good mate, FK, is one of the stars in Jump for Joy- a production currently playing at the UJ theatre. A good show for the whole family- nice, light entertainment. Seems like a bright future for some of the superb talent on show. And + one feels so cultured attending the theatre- the path to becoming a thespian is a fun one;p

Islamically, a marriage is performed when two, sane, responsible individuals, commit to each other in front of at least two witnesses- right? Then why such a hoo haa all the time. Even knowledgeable, virtuous individuals are forced to engage in such engagements, in the sole interest of not causing undue dissension in society. People can sometimes be so dumb- the stories you hear are sometimes shocking! Sad to say, the end of stupidity in the Indian communities still seems to be light years away…

On a happier note- Black Eyed Peas, up close and personal, in the skin, in your face; they so ROCK:)

"Where Is The Love?"
What's wrong with the world, mama
People livin' like they ain't got no mamas
I think the whole world addicted to the drama
Only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma
Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism
But we still got terrorists here livin'
In the USA, the big CIA
The Bloods and The Crips and the K.K.K
But if you only have love for your own race
Then you only leave space to discriminate
And to discriminate only generates hate
And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah
Madness is what you demonstrate
And that's exactly how anger works and operates
Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
Take control of your mind and meditate
Let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all, y'all

People killin', people dyin'
Children hurt and you hear them cryin'
Can you practice what you preach?
And would you turn the other cheek?

24 May 2006

That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.

Winter is here! Braved the highland of northern natal and realised that a few seasons of coastal winters totally desensitise one to what was once very manageable weather. Time to whip out those woollies and spare a thought for those who have them not! Many around us will suffer out these coming weeks but there seems to be just as many concerned who are taking action. Let us try to join in and make our bit of difference…

Pebble bed modular reactors- use only 2 tons of uranium enriched fuel to produce the same amount of electricity that 500 000 tons of coal would use. Top secret stuff but I can tell you that if it works out its going to be super amazing. The only, same would say really serious, downside is that spent nuclear fuel still needs at least 400 years controlled storage! But in the long run the benefits of this type of nuclear plant will way outweigh the costs. Its much safer than current nuclear power stations as it will be cooled with helium that will directly drive turbines- instead of water which becomes steam and then turns turbines. That means that less energy is wasted in this process and therefore cheaper, more efficient energy!
Government parastatals are there to provide finance for investments that wouldn’t normally pass the rigorous and harsh conventional (aka evil!) financing barriers. But you see some really weird stuff. Like the collapse of the Japanese white grapefruit market due to unethical, bi-lateral agreements between the Japs and Americans. The result was tons of white grapefruit with no endearing market! White grapefruit- now that’s really something…

Really don’t get all the hype around the fabled Da Vinci numbers show- real boring/lousy to say the least! Well, to be fair there are a few interesting (Jesus offspring bits) and funny (devil looking guy getting smacked around!) bits here and there, but largely, I thought, a predictable and not very well made picture. Will have to read the book now though coz there were a few bits that I found a bit intriguing and confusing… Could Jesus have had a family? Can it fit in with what we know and believe?

And lastly, a bit of interesting trivia- do you know what a stent is? If you a medic then you probably do. I just looked at a company that makes these things- little stainless steel springs that are used to unblock arteries. Its inserted with a balloon into the affected area, the balloon is inflated causing the stent to widen the passageway, the stent then locks into place and the deflated balloon is removed! Amazing stuff:)

16 May 2006

Truth Stands, Even If There Be No Public Support.

Nearing the end of what was (ashamedly;p) enjoyable work:( Back to ticking and bashing! Back to being a checker…
Good thing I’ve managed to clock up quite a bit of overtime- been using up way more than my share of leave and going to need all that leave to study for board soon- lectures start next week! The art of studying will have to once again be acquired and put into action.

The brightest young minds of the land where treated to an interesting presentation by a investment advisor- highly entertaining, factually crammed and superbly presented: India is competing with China for natural resources as their economy is sky rocketing, the Chinese are consuming and producing more than the rest of the world, Africa is the new place to be and trade! On the other hand, America is in big trouble- the war cost them way more than they planned but they getting oil out of Iraq so that helps a bit. The world property market is a huge bubble that may explode soon- the Americans in a dreadful position in that regard. South Africa may just be able to sustain the property bust though- as long as there is no war in Iran…

Imagine living in Melrose Arch for 10 weeks and then on your last weekend in town visiting a squatter camp in Soweto- from extreme wealth to extreme poverty! Sure to touch a nerve somewhere deep inside you- sad, but is even sadder is that not many know what, if anything at all, to do.. And it gets worse- those in the neighbourhood have adapted the senses to totally miss the whole picture! I guess that acknowledging that there are problems and then making a decision to do something, anything, is just about a good place to start…

The Apartheid museum, regardless of the fact that there may be Zionist money behind it, is really well done! A person can walk through the experience prepared and get a real feel of what Apartheid really must have been like. Most of our generation were fortunate to miss most of it, which is probably why we don’t fully appreciate the freedoms and benefits we enjoy today… A good idea to take family and friends for a visit- good chance that it may strike a cord deep down somewhere…

Btw, the past few soccer games have been highly entertaining!

09 May 2006

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes!

Trip to Ghana was quite interesting. Ghana was a British colony and gained independence in 1957- the first country in Africa to do so. Since then, like most other countries on the continent, there were coups and rebel wars, with peace and stability returning just recently. The capital city, Accra, is over populated but with the economy picking up, the future looks bright. The people are peaceful and friendly but generally poor, the main exports are cocoa but the gold reserves are now fairly low.

The Gold Coast, as Ghana was once called, was the major port during the days of slavery. Taking time off from work, we visited Cape Coast on the western end of the country. Coconut Grove is the vibrant and only tourist spot in the country! If you ever go to Ghana, stay there and try the superb fresh fish, prawns and lobster!

Cape Coast has a few of the 14th century slave castles- visited the British and Portuguese castles. The ‘Point of no return’ is where the slaves were loaded onto ships bound for faraway lands. The Elmina Castle had this tribute to the slaves: (see blog pic)

‘In everlasting memory,
Of the anguish of our ancestors
May those who died rest in peace
May those who return find their roots
May humanity never again perpetrate
Such injustice against humanity
We the living vow to uphold this’

The guide at the castle asked why we thought that people could do such a terrible thing to fellow human beings- that got me thinking. Has slavery really ended? Or has it just been replaced by economic and social slavery? Are the poor of today not in the same, or sometimes worse, situation than their slave ancestors? Looking back into history and questioning how people could treat fellow human beings like animals, load them into ships and export them to foreign markets- is economic slavery not the same thing? How can we, the civilised of this century, not recognise slavery, if and where it exists…

Business class flights, 5 star hotels- while it’s really fun and enjoyable, probably all contribute to the economic imbalances that exist all around. I guess the problem with the bourgeoisie, is that the ‘good life’ is so comfortable and enjoyable, that one could easily get sucked up into it;-p

I doubt Ghana is on anybodies list of places to visit, but take the opportunity to go if it comes up. A lovely African county with tropical weather and warm beaches, friendly people and just enough to see and do. A canopy walk in the forest, from treetop to treetop, over 60 meters above the ground is also one of the popular attractions. Not many forests left in the world today…

Well, on a more fun note, got to enjoy, for the first time really enjoy, a game of rugby with my witty, Brit companions! Rounded off with a farewell tribute to a soon-to-be fallen warrior: a fitting exit of painful, albeit equally enjoyable, paintball and ice skating!

Hmm, V was once again entertaining and inspirational- ‘Stealing implies ownership. I was merely reclaiming!’ Justification enough for bringing back Robin Hood?!