24 May 2006

That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.

Winter is here! Braved the highland of northern natal and realised that a few seasons of coastal winters totally desensitise one to what was once very manageable weather. Time to whip out those woollies and spare a thought for those who have them not! Many around us will suffer out these coming weeks but there seems to be just as many concerned who are taking action. Let us try to join in and make our bit of difference…

Pebble bed modular reactors- use only 2 tons of uranium enriched fuel to produce the same amount of electricity that 500 000 tons of coal would use. Top secret stuff but I can tell you that if it works out its going to be super amazing. The only, same would say really serious, downside is that spent nuclear fuel still needs at least 400 years controlled storage! But in the long run the benefits of this type of nuclear plant will way outweigh the costs. Its much safer than current nuclear power stations as it will be cooled with helium that will directly drive turbines- instead of water which becomes steam and then turns turbines. That means that less energy is wasted in this process and therefore cheaper, more efficient energy!
Government parastatals are there to provide finance for investments that wouldn’t normally pass the rigorous and harsh conventional (aka evil!) financing barriers. But you see some really weird stuff. Like the collapse of the Japanese white grapefruit market due to unethical, bi-lateral agreements between the Japs and Americans. The result was tons of white grapefruit with no endearing market! White grapefruit- now that’s really something…

Really don’t get all the hype around the fabled Da Vinci numbers show- real boring/lousy to say the least! Well, to be fair there are a few interesting (Jesus offspring bits) and funny (devil looking guy getting smacked around!) bits here and there, but largely, I thought, a predictable and not very well made picture. Will have to read the book now though coz there were a few bits that I found a bit intriguing and confusing… Could Jesus have had a family? Can it fit in with what we know and believe?

And lastly, a bit of interesting trivia- do you know what a stent is? If you a medic then you probably do. I just looked at a company that makes these things- little stainless steel springs that are used to unblock arteries. Its inserted with a balloon into the affected area, the balloon is inflated causing the stent to widen the passageway, the stent then locks into place and the deflated balloon is removed! Amazing stuff:)

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Really cute pic- u shud email them to us!
Havnt read the book or watched the movie- will try to watch the movie soon:)