12 June 2006


Vent your frustrations!
Take a stand!
(p.s For those who are not from Durban, Halaal is a nickname I picked up on campus...)


saaleha said...

aren't you a good sport:)
boytjie you have arrived, nothing says fame like a haters club.
I dont even get my measly stalkers anymore:(

Fatima said...

i'm with saaleha on this one.
saaleha: we are no longer loved by the freaks out there.
i think after telling them to %$#@ off! they really did!

btw, this anti-bilal blog makes me wonder, HOW do you manage all those days of leave???

Bilal said...

ah well, you cant always avoid the freaks!
i work hard! and i play very, very hard:p

zee said...

well....i actually agree with them!

for months and months i've been looking for a good Samaritan project to lend a hand to - and you know what?....i think i found it!!!!!!!

Fatima said...

i especially like this comment:

Hogwash says:

2006-06-13 @ 11:45
one wonders if halaal bilal managed to get any sleep last night??? and i dont mean it cos of this anti-halaal site, im sure the guy is running the comrades this week friday, like he cycled the argus and then he will tell us abt how he was struggling up 45th cutting wif the wind blowing thru his armpits, but was motivated to finish by the lass wif the nice bum running in front of him

go bilal go!! :P

Bilal said...

z- and i tawt u were on of the gud guys:p
b- not running the comrades, maybe next year:) you're keen?

Fatima said...

lol...i'm looking forward to the blog entry "I RAN THE COMRADES".

saaleha said...

heh heh.
though i dont know how well pics of Bilal in cheeky shorts are going to go down.

Fatima said...

ooooh....true huh.