05 June 2006

Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure.

A group of really good people meet at the Methodist Church, based in the city centre, every Wednesday night for a blanket or food distribution. They are assisted by Wits students who treat people for minor medical issues. The community they target are those living in and around the Joburg CBD, outside shops like Moosa’s from where my Mum bought those lovely double ply, embroidery, Gold Label blankets, and that shop from where we usually get that sweet, syrupy Jaleebi for Eid!

Last Wednesday over 300 blankets were distributed to these people who were found sleeping in the streets, dustbins and abandoned buildings. A really eye opening experience and sadly shocking as well. At one stop in Newtown, while handing out blankets to about 50 people sleeping in an alley, I found myself looking up at the Newtown Musjid mimbar. Those familiar lights that I see every night after prayer on my way back to my warm, soft bed. Why is it that we don’t see the lights from this side of the Musjid more often? Why can’t we take all these people sleeping out in the open and let them sleep in the warm, soft Musjid? Or if not, then perhaps we should take some of them home at least?

The KZN premier, Sbu Ndebele had an alumni dinner for ‘KZN successful alumni’. The province is spending 5.2 billion on infrastructure development and is trying to coax ‘expats’ into returning to help work on the economy. Very bourgeois event and probably goes to show how desperate they are to stop the brain drain from the lovely coast. But I guess its going to take much more to convince the guys to go back…

Has anyone watched Red Dust? Academy award winner star, tons of dough and yet a major disappointment for the financiers! Think I’m going to try and hire it coz have heard it’s a great story and well made. Movie business is really volatile- if a movie does not make it big at the box office; chances are its going to run into losses even if it does well on dvd and is eventually sold to television as those deals are not as lucrative as the big screen opportunities. Just some arb media and movie production info… If you have a good idea for a movie, I have some willing backers to propose it to!

The cold of the northern natal reminds me of freezing Kashmir- still chills my bones to even think about what people have to endure! Imagine this- at night, on the coldest night we have, try washing with ice-cold water, outside! It’s unbelievably painful- you loose feeling and become numb! Thank God for thermal underwear, indoor heating and ceilings!


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zee said...

this is really depressing man - so i third the - :(

Anonymous said...

thats a good picture u got there, and good work with the info in the pic. really gets u thinking especially when we complain about the cold....in our cars with the heaters switched on, wearing gloves, scarves, a billabong beanie, K-way jacket and the whole hoo-haa!!!

Its only thru Allah's mercy that we have been given all these thing, and we must always remember that Allah can give and take from who he will. Keep making dua.

And its so right, the hadith. whenever we comparing ourselves to others, we always look at those who have more than us....bigger houses, faster cars, more mone etc etc. that only grows the greed and envy stronger. look at those who have less and let this humble us and open our eyes to compassion.
In this duniya, compare urself to those who less than u in material wealth and those that have more spiritual wealth.

another hadith " this world is but a paradise for the unbeliever and a prison for the believer"
dude we gonna plot and plan and break out of this prison....PRISON BREAK DUNIYA!!! and theres only one season.

on the relief side during winter, how much are our muslims doing, for muslims and non muslims. these chrstian chaps giving balnkets....no one knows about them. wat does that show....sincerity. Thats wat we missing.
whenever the muslim orgs wanna do something, theres always some media hype or some. ok thats good, for advertising and roping more donors. but wat about the sincerity? im sure theres a lot of sincerity and a lot of hypocricy, but who are we to judge? Allah knows best.

anyway bro. a few of my thoughts. keep well wslm and duas

samira said...

we complain for those few hr's when our electricity goes off and we can't use lights, heaters, stoves etc.. but fail to think of all those who live their lives without it. while sitting and waiting outside my avian park clinic (township next to worcester) i thought of a good way to get everyone involved in a blanket drive.. so i spread the word around worcester and everyone is assisting by knitting squares and we are gonna sew blankets and give them out-Inshallah before the snow starts fallling in the Boland. (just an idea for those who knit :)

Bilal said...

cool- im whipping out my knitting needles right now:) gona give gran a call as well;p but seriously- thats a great idea. hope it works out!
zp- you rock dude! prison break dunya! lets hire some actors n get a production going! thats what the ummah needs- some brilliant ideas to start making real things happen!