25 September 2006

Happy Ramadaan!

24 Sep

The blog pic this week was once again taken on Kilwa Kisiwani Island in Zanzibar. The quote is a Hadith by the Prophet (pbuh), who likened the shortness of life to the shaded pause on a much longer journey.
Husuni Kubwa is the Great Palace which stands here, since about 1300, on a protruding, hardly conquerable rock ridge. It overlooks the passage between the island and the mainland: Hallways, galleries, bathing places, staircases and rooms- the taste of opulence can still be found in these ancient ruins...

Made the homebound journey in a rental- yes, had to resort to the exorbitantly priced, per km ride to clock card before Ramadaan rites begin. The weekend itself has become an annual pilgrimage itself. Looking back at this time last year, this is what I had to say about the journey:

“Always good to go back home- spent yet another weekend in the peaceful, tranquil environs of Newcastle; with just enough noise being relentlessly generated by my younger siblings! Time flies, things change, friends grow up and become distant, bushes grow big, trees we played on have since been felled, the paths we walked on have been outgrown, the river I had to swim across to get to school every morning has been polluted! Just joking bout the river part, but time really does fly and things really do change…”

Potholes aside, the trip is quite epic. This time of the year, when greenness pushes its way through the brown dryness, life seems to be re-emerging and fighting for a spot in the sunshine! Try it sometime- the gentle hills of northern Natal lay host to nature of incomparable beauty and seldom exploited views…

The MSA students once again pulled off a mammoth feat- over half a million Rands worth of groceries was purchased, packed and distributed to deserving recipients all around Johannesburg. This year we saw a bigger collection, a more fruitful partnership, and many more students getting involved. Again, due to fast induced lethargy, a give you a taste of my thoughts from twelve months back:

And I suppose it’s the ‘getting involved’ that’s most important- no matter how much we collect and distribute, someone will still go to bed hungry at times; so to get as many as possible to assist packing and distributing, so we see for ourselves the suffering in our own back yards, this should make us appreciate what we have and make more concerted efforts to change the lots of the oppressed… May the Almighty reward all those who contributed and assisted! Ameen…

Ramadaan is here. No, not the month of samoosas and pies! Not the month of haleem and burfee!
The month of the Quran. I pray that we are able to all study, ponder and appreciate this Divine Wisdom that we sometimes tend to neglect. May we take this opportunity to train ourselves to become exemplary human beings who strive for the Truth.
Remember me and all others in those early morning and late night prayers.

Peace & Blessings


Faaiq said...

getting involved is life altering. i urge every1 to get involved. charity should not go to sum1 for Ramadaan only - charity should be given till the receiver of this charity is also at the means to give charity. may Allah swt guide us inshaAllah

fida said...

ramadan mubaruk to you ;)

getting involved in charity can be in many forms and not only distributing etc....shukr i have also managed to do my fair share in a smaller but still beneficial way :) may Allah accept all our efforts. Ameen!

ps: youre originally from newcastle!!!!!! whoaaaar!!! lovely place eh!

pps: i "like" burfee haleem samoosa's why should i lie.......but i "love" my quraan:) this year unfortunately, due to a health problem, i cant eat any of it, so its a big sacrifice...and i do believe that Allah tests us in different ways :)

: with every hardship comes ease :


zee said...

ramadaan mbrk bill

hope the taz will provide less of a sacrifice on the wallet den the rentals! ;)

Muhammad said...

Ramadaan Mubarak Bro :)

Awesome pic as usual :)


queen_Lestat said...

big up to the MSA (even though I have major issues with my lot). Kickass pic once again. ALmost looks like the white tree of Minas Tirith. Ramadaan Mubarak to you :)

Hanna said...

Ramadan Kareem.. and thanks for the reminder about the Qur'an in this month :)

Bilal said...

well said bro! today some find it easy to give money but finding time to off yourself is important too...

true. there is much to be done.
Yes. Newcastle rocks~!

the tazz is better than a rental- but cant come close to LSD:(

Tanx. X2!

Wats ur gripe wit MSA? Lookn up, most of the okes here were at sometime or the other part of it~ most stu were... [email me.]
Wats the white tree of Minas Tirith?

Remember us in your prayers too...

Haider Droubi said...

ramadan kareem

brotherhood said...

getting involved is so important.. not everyone does that these days :-/

Zahera said...

Ameen to your beautiful dua :-) and Ramadhan Mubaruk to you bilal.

Aaahh time does go so quick- like yourself i was looking back on my year and in particular last ramadhan. This is my second away from home/my family and Alhamdullilah its actually going pretty well. I always find that being away from your loved ones and your comfort zone leads one to seek refuge and become closer to Allah. Funny though isnt it- almost like in the presence of our comforts we seem to appreciate Allah less, and yet subhanAllah He is the one who had blessed us with those comforts to begin with! (Anyway i wont go off on a tangent, have a terrible habit of doing that)! :-P

MashAllah the MSA seems to be doing a wonderful job- may Allah (swt) reward the efforts of all the muslims who take time out to do something for charity or those who are less fortunate. You are right; it is important to get involved and people should remember than any act, small or big is a form of kidhmah- we do it for the sake of Allah (swt) and whether that task is organising a big event or simply picking up the rubbish at such an event- Allah rewards everyone accordingly inshAllah.

Remember us all in your duas also inshAllah :-) (woohooo i love ramadhan- sends me on a high)!
Wasalaamu-alaikum wr wb

Bilal said...

Ramadaan Kareem to you too!
Thanks for stopping by- neat blog you have..

We try to motivate whoever we can.
& do a bit more ourselves too:)

Thanks for those wonderful words- so true- we tend to be very forgetful!
Duas- lets make the most of this opportunity...


saaleha said...

and a mubarak ramadaan to you:)

Hanna said...

uhh... u gonna update or what? :P

Bilal said...


updates are weekly- watch this space:)

Farhana said...

how many blogs do u have..lol.
but thanks again for ur comments. and believe me i will not miss school. i am going into teaching, so maybe i should learn to love school now. rather than later.