19 September 2006

Laziness is often mistaken for patience.

Anousheh Ansari is going to space! She is an Iranian-American Muslim woman who is clearly scuffling the usual stereotypes. Hope George W Bush doesn’t decide she will be a threat to world peace looking down on us from a space shuttle some time soon! Impressive benchmark that woman the world over can be proud of and strive towards. What do you call an Iranian-American space bound person? Astronaut is American. Cosmonaut is Russian. Iran is close to Russia. Does Castronaut sound right:) See: www.anoushehansari.com Women are doing it for themselves…

A week of training at Amanzingwe game lodge- a 5 star bush lodge. Yes- in the bush but 5 stars:-P They even have 136 wild animals- if they can count them it’s clearly not that exciting. Amanzingwe means ‘where the leopard drinks’ but didn’t see any leopards drinking- just a bunch of real animals on two legs:-P I don’t understand how someone who gets sloshed every night, gets to bed in the wee hours, wakes up at sunrise to go for a jog and still be fresh and attentive in training the whole morning!
I am the first in bed- those soft, luxurious beds with feather soft pillows- but the last one to breakfast and the most inattentive in lectures! Just don’t get it…

God save the Pope- what the hell was he thinking?! While I may not totally agree with the type of reactions spewing forth from the isolated crevices of the Muslim populated world, often the behaviour that reinforces the usual stereotypes, it’s good to see the Ummah [community] using the opportunity to once again unite. The reactions also seem a wee bit overdone- while it definitely seems like the Pope said what he said with some intent to incite, he did choose his words carefully and to some degree qualify his position…
But it was still highly irresponsible for the ‘leader’ of one of the world’s major religions, to take such reckless steps and place the usually pleasant relations between Muslims and Catholics on the edge of a hazardous precipice…

The anniversary (I think it’s called that!) of 9/11 was last week- for how long are we going to continue bringing it up! Fine, we know people died and we are sorry for them.
We feel for their families and loved ones. But what about all the hundreds and thousands that have died since!
What about those also brutally bombed, shot and maimed, in apparent retaliation and even pre-emptively; those hundreds of children and their mothers!
What commemoration is done for them?

Why don’t I even know how many were murdered in Afghanistan, how many continue to be gunned down in Iraq, how many are still being oppressed and missiled in Palestine!
How many are sitting in Guantanamo Bay?
How many were questioned and held without charge in Britain and all over Europe?
What about Sudan, Somalia, and the Sahawari people?
What about LEBANON?!


Saaleha said...

you torment with your pictures, you know that Bilal? How I would love to be standing on that rock, tasting the salty spray, feeling the fresh see breeze, and watching the fish in the water. Stunning!!

Zahera said...

ahahahaha how true is that! :-D

saaleha said...

I want to wear that blue.

Bilal said...

@saaleha[no pic]:
hehe! Sorry:) But thanks- you describe it almost as if you were there... Pity you weren't:P

have you revived your blog yet? give us a shout when you do...

@saaleha[cool pic]:
tsk, tsk, tsk:-P

saaleha said...

what tsk tsk tsk?

I was being metaphorical.

It's a blue you want to swim in and swallow.

kinda like those pillows you write about :)

Big ups to Anousheh.

Zahera said...

ermm im a bit lost! when i visited this blog earlier, all i saw was the pic!Now theres a massiveee blurb underneath it! :-P will have to go read it now!
As for my blog-nuh uh! :-P not gona happen! lol

Saaleha said...

okay, for the written bit now, secondo, as the Italians call it. (or main course for those of you who haven't read The Wedding Officer).
The Pope, yes the Pope, what to say, except that he was irresponsible, but since two wrongs don't make a right (my mother always told me that), our crazy reaction feeds stereotypes and does nothing to further the cause of mutual respect. And it doesn't educate the rest of the world on how we view Allah. Anyone want to venture a little something on the topic? An answer to tell the world how different our view of Allah really is from theirs?

Woman in space (muslimah) I'll reserve comment there.

Amanzingwe, sounds great fun. I love the bush, with all the goggas. And maybe you should have woken up for the jog, got some spring air into your lungs, and seen some of the more shy creatures that beautify our bushveld.

9/11, yes, I sympathise, but of course that reaction stems from the premise that somehow an American life is worth more than that of a Lebanese/Iraqi/Palestinian, or any other for that matter.

almira said...

Eh I saw that Aranian lady was going into space, when I first I saw it in the news paper I couldnt believe it. Good quote on the pick :)

almira said...

I meant to say good quote on the picture

Bilal said...

@saaleha [with pic!]:
Ok. I was being metacastic:-p

It actually seemed to be a hundred different shades of blue- must be seen to be appreciated!

Challenge to you: aim for the same heights that Anousheh is soon to achieve- the moon:)

Still working on the timing of pic and text posting…

Plz read it and share your valuable input with us all!

The least you can do since you absolutely flat out refuse to start blogging again:-P

@saaleha [no pic~]:

Pity the reaction is so predictable yet highly improper- I agree that the issue needs to be dealt with in a more intelligent way- will try to do my bit...

Why no comment on the Muslimah in space?

I thought about running- but guess it would have taken a wild animal chasing me to wake up so early and run!

That’s so ridiculous- but it somehow seems to have become accepted on some level by many! I agree. What about them? What about the Burmese, the Kurds, the others...

Is that what you call an Iranian American- Aranian? Sounds cool- guess if we have a few more Aranians, tensions could be slightly eased:)

Thanks- good quote for one to ponder...

Fatima said...

agree with you saaleha...bilal is a teaser...when it comes to pics.
darnit! :P

that was so cool with the first iranian,american, muslim woman in space.

i was feeling the same way on 9/11.
it's a shame that the world will mourn 5years on and forget about the deaths of other innocent people across the world.

sugar@gmail.com said...

ok ok.......i think its about time i had my say......haha!

just two short things : patience could also be mistaken for laziness!

and ... did you know that in the entire time ..(think it was a month and a bit..forgive me if i am wrong)...lebanon was attacked, the number of deaths of the war were LESS than the number of people murdered in South Africa within that same time...........

..and South Africa ran to their aid....once again forgetting their "OWN" ....or basically not bothering about escalating crimes rates, deaths, rapes etc...........ah well, at least someone benefited! :)))

brotherhood said...

"Laziness is often mistaken for patience" - i like that title lol

salaam :D

Faaiq said...

i made up a quote yesterday - ok not a quote - more of a textual manipulation of some sort.
"... and these are the delays of our lives"
you can quote me on that

Faaiq said...

i'll be back in ur neck of the woods in december again inshaAllah. hope to see then. take care Bilal... and no i don't wanna seel my camera

Bilal said...

I'm just trying to coax you guys into travelling the world- go on*
Thanks for your thoughts...

Good to see you here:)
I agree [twice]
-I am sometimes the patient type- not lazy- patient!!
-after the loss of Lucy, I am also painfully aware of the crime situation here- but I believe it does, to some extent, have to do with the economic environment here. [see previous weeks post as well as Willie Madishas speech this monday!]

Dude, Thanks for dropping by.
Are you guilty of that:-P

nice quote bro! nice pic too:P
planning for Lebanon this Dec- why don't you come?
[To those who don't know- faaiq has a super camera- one of those professional ones!]

Faaiq said...

i'll actually be up there for a wedding of a really good friend of mine inshaAllah. flights booked and everything. wish i had known earlier tho. i got this travel bug which i don't think i'll be able to shake off... if u give me the dates ur gonna be there... i might even join u then?

Muhammad said...

Salaams :) Coming from the conference we were on bru...

What is the reward for excellence, but excellence?

I agree with your confusion regarding the party animals and us, its mindboggling, or... as you say... we're just lazy :)

I also agree with the Pope thing, the reactions were way overboard in some instances and notice how the media showed all the crazed, bearded, on-the-edge Muslims and not the one's who had any sense... BUT... he should've known better, that was a very bad faux pas given the current circumstances.

And about 9/11... word.



Bilal said...

bro, its not ur wedding- miss it!
Prob goin entire Dec- send u details soon...

*Striving for excellence*
The Pope is just looking for shit- problem is, some of us just too happy to give it to him!
Tanx for ur 9/11 link- hadnt seen it. Good one.

Cevris said...

Great post! Don't know what else to say cos everything was said here:)
But yes, have a blessed Ramadan inshaAllah:)

Take care!

brotherhood said...

salaam & jummah & ramadan mubarak :D please keep me in your duas, jazakallah :)

Bilal said...

Selam [where that from?]
Tanx. Ramadaan Mubarak to you too!

Jazakallah bro. You remember us in your duas..

Cevris said...

It's Turkish, I meant "Salaam" :)

'liya said...

Ramadan Mubarak :)

Faaiq said...

ramadaan kareem to all

zingtrial said...

Asalam-Alaykum wr wb
Ramadhan kareem to all
pope is a waste of time(Note the p is not Cap.....)That is what I think of him
Wish you and your family a happy ramadhan

icedmocha said...

Ramadhan Mubarak 4rm me 2! thanx 4 stopping by. I agree with wot uv sed nd i loved reading ur views but.... bilal man...ur fotoz r just sooo breathtaking dude!! i am soo lost in this one especially. It feels like the waters calling out to me. I wanna be sitting by the rocky bit. I wanna be a mermaid splashing in its crystal clear blueyness. heheh. I love it!!

Bilal said...

Cool- i like Turkish:) Selam to you too:P

@liya & faaiq:
Samoosa Kareem:)

Wslm. Shukran.
I agree- silly pope guy...
Remember us all in your duas!

Thanks. Lol!
The pic, like most of the others, was taken on Pemba Island in Zanzibar:)
You need to change your blogger name for Ramadaan:P

queen_Lestat said...

eggggh, this is why I should always hit F5 on your blog, didn't even see this post...kickass pic.

See you're also a dabbler in the photo world too hey ;p

icedmocha said...

hahah..vry funni bilal.

Bilal said...

Tanx for stopping by. New post up already!
Dabbler? What is this word?!

serious- it makes the fast more difficult if we always reminded of cool mochas:P