29 October 2006

I look to the future because that's where I'm going to spend the rest of my life!

Eid. What a happy day. Spent the day at home with family and friends! Nothing spectacular or out of the ordinary. No hummers or drives to the zoo lake:) In fact, the most exciting thing that happened to me was that I almost missed Eid Salaah! Good thing the Eid Gah was just down the road from home. Why must they make it so early! 6am start with 630am prayers- there is no way you can get to bed early the night before Eid- there’s always some big dinner that invariably gets dragged into the early hours of the morning! Then you have to wake up early to make Eid Salaah. Straight after is this humongous breakfast with the unhealthiest foods possible.

You’re now tired coz you went to bed really late and had to wake up really early- so have a ‘quick’ nap! Wake up from your nap and lo and behold, its lunch time! Once again, fitting for the occasion I suppose, the options are endless and unhealthy. That done, make a prayer and chill out for a bit. The heat is intense, so go indoors and switch the a/c’s on- within a few minutes there’s dozens of snoring cousins and uncles all over the show:) Eid- you gota love it!

The younger kids have it the best though- so much candy and cakes! Eidi from all the aunts and uncles, and now even the bigger brothers:( A jumping castle which they never seemed to get tired off- and with the help of a strategic placed hose pipe they managed to turn it into a wet, muddy play pen- much to the dismay of all the mothers who so meticulously picked out all those Eid outfits:P

What do we get for Eid? Beside well intentioned odd gifts; wacky tshirts, a roller massager and fancy pens! What I hate getting is those text messages- they usually start on the 27th night and carry on till way into the day on Eid. Must be putting big smiles on the faces of Vodacom and Mtn! What gets me is the perceptible insincerity- you want maaf for what?! And there are always one or two major versions that keep on getting forwarded around- this year it was something dumb about the moon and the stars! Oh well...

The drive back to Joburg was quite hectic- had to leave at 230am so that my bro could get to the airport in time for his flight. Good thing that I know the road so well and quite enjoy the drive. Driving long distance can be quite a pleasure- gives you time to think and ponder- almost like spending time in a cave or other seclusion. That’s probably the purpose of Itikaaf- would love to sit some time. But having almost 200 others in the Musjid with you kinda defies the purpose if you ask me- as a friend once said, in that case it seems to be a massive pyjama party with Debonairs pizza and Milky Lane milkshakes:P

What really got my attention this past week was the taxi drivers strike! From riots in Cape Town to blocking off the entire highway and attacking people with knobkerries, isn’t this a sign of alarm bells that should be taken notice off?! An interesting poster for a business magazine said this,
The Left is Rising. Should you be worried?
I’m kinda looking forward to the “Rise of the Left”- maybe a sharp pull to the opposite extreme is necessary to offset the past 12 years of gross capitalism. Maybe that will also give Muslims a wake up call- should we stop being ‘Capitalist Muslims’ and start striving for the Quranic principles of social justice, equality and equilibrium around us?! Just a thought...

Experienced real raw in-your-face Capitalism this week. First at The Palms- a venue frequented by the bourgeoisie of Joburg- read drug dealers and others with inexplicable sources of funding! Real stuck up dump- hated it! The type of place frequented by Investec private banking clients.

And then yesterday had lunch at this other amazing place called Design Quarter somewhere in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. This mall seems out of place in Africa- seems like a piece of Europe plonked here! 90% of people there either have Investec or RMB private bank clients. The women all have had plastic surgery or boob jobs. They all wear oversized glasses and sit outside the restaurants drinking oversized cocktails. The waitresses are all super models and the waiters all body builders. The only non-white faces are BEE recipients, politicians or relatives of some African dictator. Even the trolley guy wears a top hat and pin stripe suit! The car park is full of Lamborghinis, Porches and Hummers. The food looks too good to eat and tastes too bad to justify the exorbitant prizes! But the best part of the experience was that there was no water- in the restaurant bathroom, the centre bathrooms, nowhere! So much for bourgeoisie- this IS still Africa after all:-P

This is my younger sisters henna do for Eid. I’m going to get area Henna tattoo next Eid:)

A passing thought on the subject line- not that we don’t make the most of now, but rather not let anything now mess up the future - pretty obvious, I know- but we do tend to forget quite often.



Ek Anjaan Ladki said...

no water in the bathroom? gasps. argggh! i absolutely need to wash my hands before eating, arghh i cant imagine using the toilet without washing my hands :@

anyway sounds like you had a fun eid - thats why i love it so much, its a family occasion and one which everyone enjoyys. subhanallah

San said...

can't stand mehndi! it's totally yuks.

I like the title of this post

'liya said...

I think the mendhi is quite pretty..

Bilal said...

Yup- it was unacceptable! Especially for such a posh place- unless that's a sales strategy for the bottled water market:P


Well, guess I've never tried Henna yet so maybe it is yuks:)
Thanks- its a reminder we all sometimes need...

Thanks- I'm sure my sis will be grateful for the compliment:)

Hanna said...

aww, nice post Bilal! I've been waiting to hear about your Eid escapades.. and you taking the mick about the hummer?! :O

You had a bouncy castle!! That's TOOOO cool! I love those!!

Sounds like you had a great, family orientated Eid mashallah.. and regarding those txts - lol - the worst are the forwarded ones.. it's like..thanks for sincerity dude! U didnt even write that yourself!!

The funniest was one i got from my wacky friend "eid mubarak - may the force of the samurai be with u". I was like HUH???? lol.

Saaleha said...

The mehndi looks so cool. I never use any, but love it on others. Growing up, the best part of Eid was collecting the Eidi. We'd all walk around with out little handbags, (oh so grown up at seven) and spend the day collecting. And the worst part was going to school the next day and discovering that compared to your friend's family, your family are misers. I mean how did he manage to collect R1000-00, OF couse you never doubted his honesty. lol. as if!

Alina said...

Bilal, sounds like spending Eid was quite great! And loved your sister's Henna tattoo, would love somthing like that sometime.

Faaiq said...

posh places are overated.

i got an eid message: "please fetch me for the Eid Gah. I promise I'll make dua for you this time. Last time I fell asleep and I'm sorry. May the Almighty bless ur day with many food and eidables. don't over-Eid ok? ok bye"

i am still waiting for my pc. i hate loafing around

kimya said...

hey slms..

eid ambivalences hmm..
i did the henna thing last nite, delayed but delightful nonetheless :) love the design on ur sis, tho!

on itikaaf, i think its fab if done for the rite reasons.. my dad sat for the first time this year.. and i was impressed becos his not a passive guy, so i was happy for him to have that time for reflection and introspection, away from his hectic schedule. i think the idea of time with the Creator, is immensely beautiful, and i must admit that everyday salaahs are usually so quick and hurried, that most of that intention is lost.

love the title of this post.. :)
just a reminder about the chat we had on plans and outcomes.. reminding us the age old wisdom, that surely, He is the best of Planners! Alhamdulillah.

Take care

Bilal said...

Thanks- but you not the only one to have a hummer ride:)
With so many kids around, you need something to keep them occupied AND tire them out- besides, us big guys also enjoy it:P
Thats all I ask for- a little sincerity! Even if the sms has no smiley faces, teddy bears or stars!

I think I'm also going to try the mendi after a certain 'mufti' said it would be fine to have a henna tattoo:P
Most kids at school had collected more than us- but every kid in town was/is envious of our HUGE, cool Eid gatherings:)

Thanks- it was really nice:)
You should get one- they look good and you can always have new designs!

I HATE posh places:P
LOL @ that sms- hope you had a witty reply:)
Hope you get your pc back soon...

Thanks for stopping by. I agree on the itikaaf thing- its like spending time in the cave and introspecting- something we don't usually do with our ever busy hectic schedules...
True- we plot and plan but He is the best of Planners!
Take care*

Zahera said...

Fantastic quote bilal :-) I totally agree with it (and many others that you post up)! You're a happy chappy mashAllah- always love reading your blog :-D
Sounds like you had a fabulous eid! Im gona demand a bouncy castle next year *wweeee*

cellardoor said...

firstly ur sisters menhdi is wikkid!
.. i know what u mean about the eidi, and wacky presents, the sleep... and text messages - my credit on my mobile ran out half way through the day... just cos i was replying back!!
anyway glad u had a good eid.

Cevris said...

You had a great time huh? Nice to hear this! Mashallah, may all your days be like this. Oh and your sister's "tatoo" looks so awesome.

Take care,


Ahmed said...

That title/quote is really nice, I may have to steal that :)

Yeah...I have to give eidi to my sister now...sigh...

Food is great.

No water? In the bathroom....eeew!

The mehndi looks really nice! :)

Zahira said...

LOL Eid is always about family and food hehehe
But guess what I did....
I went swimming lol was jus tooo hot cudnt b helped though my aunt shouted me apparently I should be behaving like a girl *sigh*
O n mendhi well ew i know its unnah but still not my thing think its the smell :)

Bilal said...

Thanks:) Not sure if I'm really a happy chappy:P But nice to see you here- we know what to get you for Eidi next year!

Will pass the msg on to her:)
I also ran out of credit- and that was just replying to the sincere ones:P

Shukran- hope you had a good time with your family too:)
Henna tattoos are the new craze hey- apparently for guys too:P

You're welcome to steal it- I stole it too:P
Eidi for one sister only- lucky you:)
Ditto eew- a new ploy to sell bottled water! But only Muslims buy!

Yup- family, food and fun! What else do we know...
You Durbanites are so lucky to have the beach- but thats all you have!
You get different types of mendhi nowadays I think- some smell good!

I just received an email about this post- have I really been offensive towards rich people? Didn't mean to offend anyone, especially anyone that has a private bank! But if you have an issue, lets talk about it- my digg was at flashy venues with no water!
Oh, and also 'Muslim Capitalists'- coz I don't think such a thing supposed to exist...

Faaiq said...

muslim capitalists... is a kind of contradiction in some way. y do we just accept things? like riba for example - it is strictly forbidden in Quran?

"2:278. O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers.

2:279. If ye do it not, Take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. But if ye turn back, ye shall have your capital sums: Deal not unjustly, and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly."

i think i will leave this for now cos its been bothering me for 2 long

Nabeel said...

hmmm actually one spends their life in present not in the future .. because once in the future .. u are in the present.

Zahira said...

hey thats not all we durbanites hav *sniff*

Ali la Loca said...

I would be interested as well to see what a rise in the left would look like... Here there is still a lot of rhetoric leftover from the communist days, but at the same time the image MZ projects is one of promoting capitalism - thus the country is the donor poster child these days.

Love the mendhi on your sister - it's beautiful.

We have a couple of shopping malls and restaurants that seem just as out of place here. And the lack of water thing - boy do I understand. This is day 6 this month with no water in my flat. :(

Bilal said...

Riba is a major issue- not enough research is being done and most of us Muslims in the financial field have little knowledge on how to use our knowledge for the pleasure of God and the benefit of mankind!

Strange to see that in South Africa now, we make sweets haraam and interest halaal!

just make sure you don't let anything in the present dictate or mess up your future...

Well, thats the best you have:)
You also have the biggest population of Indians outside Indian:P

All new democracies tend to promote capitalism at first- in fact, I think that will be a bit beneficial to begin with. But there needs to be a balance between Capitalist, Communist and Socialist ideals- take the best of all and use it to develop a just and equitable social system...

Thanks- you should try some too:)

It seems as time goes by the lines between the 'classes' are cut deeper and deeper!
Lol- That's Africa for you:)
Take care...

zingtrial said...

Salaam Don't get me started on riba,They have twisted the rules to suit them.But Allh has the last word so we all must pray for these people. May Allah swt show his rema on us.
Wish you well Brother bilal :)

zee said...

Awesome quote bil:)

seems like u had a gr8 day.

take care

HijabIsOverrated said...

no water in the bathrooms!!!

what do people do??

Bilal said...

Wslm. I agree- its not our place to judge anyone. But we do need to speak out when we see wrong and try to positively change it..
Who is 'they' that you say have changed the rules?

Thanks. Did have a super day- as always!

LOL@ your nick:)

Well- the Muslim peoples buy extremely over-priced bottled water!
The other peoples- I dont even want to think about it!~

Farhana said...

bilal the weirdest thing, i got ur entry, this particular one, in my email. and i was like who the heck is this, and i was even going to say that butttttttt i didnt want to be shady.
thats weird isnt it?
nice henna by the way. urs?

Bilal said...

Slmz Farhana. Lol:P Don't worry- not that weird.. And NO, that's NOT my henna! Its my little sis:P

Jannah said...

I absolutely LOVE that henna!!! Did a family member do it for her or did she get a pro?

The driving... I ponder & plan alot behind the wheel. Even talk to myself sometimes!

Bilal said...

It seems like everyone is a pro:) Driving is peace- unless you suffer from road rage and have to face Johannesburg traffic:P

Khadiijah said...

"And there are always one or two major versions that keep on getting forwarded around- this year it was something dumb about the moon and the stars! Oh well..."

Lol, I never reply to those things.

Faaiq said...

we r being brainwashed by the tertiary institutes. do they even mention during a BCom course about the omission of interest altogether? the pros and cons (if any)? it has been instilled in our minds via various media allowing ourselves 2 be brainwashed and accept it.

Do it for the love...

icedmocha said...

awww...that was realli lovli 2 read. So nice to be spending with all ur family. so ur the devilish kid in the pic hahah. yea the men do realli end up sleepin aftr getting bak 4rm eid prayers..whereas us women r up helpin out our momz in the kitchens..hahah typical!

lol @ the bourgeois Design Quarter!

can i hav ur photograph plz...im in lost in it!!

Bilal said...

That's good- stick to encouraging the sincere and unique messages...

Of course they won't- but that's no excuse for us Muslims not doing research on the subject! We need to be at the forefront of all the recognised fields...

Thanks! Not anymore hey- left my devilish side back in my youth.
What photo? You can copy them from the blog...

icedmocha said...

thanx..i just needed ur permission thatz all.