08 October 2006

'Protect your possessions by payment of Zakaat.'

This picture of weird cloud cover was taken in Durban, from room 402 at the Hilton Hotel on the 30 August at 6:48am. Really odd how only half the sky was covered!

Continuing my discourse on the Taraweeh Prayer:
The feeling you get, once you begin and the sailing is smooth, is virtually beyond description! It feels like you flying- not because your words are spewing out at rate that leans towards supersonic- but due to the fact that you are in control and words materialise on your lips like magic. Maybe I shouldn’t say flying. That’s too difficult to imagine. Try riding a motorbike at full speed. The wind in your face. Raw speed causing some traces of contentment and enjoyment to engulf your entire body.
And it notches up a level- stand up on the bike while it’s careening down this straight smooth road. Smooth sailing. But those blanks sometimes still crop up. There you are, standing on the motorbike going full speed down its smooth path, when it hits a small stone! Two things could happen-
A small wobble, few quick breaths coupled with an audible sign of nervousness- but that’s short-lived, and stability and comfort swiftly reign!
Or, on a bad day, that small bump throws you completely off track! Its like you fall off your bike, the lights have been switched off and you now need to navigate your way through the darkness, mount the bike once again and be on your way.

My parables probably do no justice in conveying the actual experience, but this is the best I can come up with in my short study break. A matter of hours before I’m faced with a stacks of paper to process for many an hour while I keep abstained from all desperately required nourishment! I go in there praying for divine assistance and I hope that the same could be requested of you all.

The relevance now of the advice on Zakaat, being the month of giving and caring. Due to precious remaining moments, a direction to timeless advice will be made: prior year’s equivalent.

Interesting map that highlights the countries you’ve visited. See:
Someone recently told me- you should rather be saving now coz you can always travel later in life.
No! I say travel now, especially if there be purpose to your travel, coz you never know when you will get the chance again. But travel smart and you can still save a bit:

Yes. What you learnt in school was wrong! This is how the world should be viewed- Africa on Top:)

My version is made green by, in order of departure, the following:

Saudi Arabia

South Africa

Remember me in your prayers.
Peace & Blessings.


kimya said...


ur description of the taraweeh and the flying experience conveys to a layperson such a beautiful emotion!
i would say it evokes the feeling of elation: the flight of the sOuL, perhaps?

May the Almighty Allah Guide your soul to soar to incredible heights, and may your path be strewn with His Blessings.

Shirazi said...

Yes. brother. Alla bless you!

queen_Lestat said...

Yes, I believe that Africa should be on top too. If scientists are to be believed, we were here first. The flying metaphor- wow. :)

Cevris said...

Hmmm.. you still have a lot of countries to visit:) One day inshaAllah... :)

Take care,


cellardoor said...

we r told that the continents were all once connected, i wonder what it would be like if the continents were all still like one large land mass - south america would be next to africa... and USA would be like right there.... and Uk would not even register on most pple's radar...

Nabeel said...

it's just on its way to cover the rest of the sky :) .. great picture !

saaleha said...

if that cloud were any other colour, my first impression would have been 'apocalyptic', but i'm overdramatic like that :)

as for your Taraweeh Tributes, insert synonyms for 'striking' here.

Ruby :) said...

Very cool map of the world, had to look twice at africa.... you list of countries is impressive... and I dont belieb=ving in saving for the future either lol, thats why im always broke!!!

Hanna said...

nice analogy ;) Words can rarely do an experience true justice but methinks you came close! Haha - lol @map. Africa on top eh? Lol. That's TOO funny!

Bilal said...

Flight of the soul- that sounds right! And I'm just as lay as the next person:)
Ameen to your prayers! & the same and more for you...

Thanks bro!
Do you have a blog?

Africa rocks!

Yup, I still have much to see and do! But doing the best I can for now...

Well, in some way its still all connected- the global village!
& from what I hear, the UK sucks:P

That would have been scary!
Thanks- I'm a pro:P

It was pretty apocalyptic as is!
Taraweeh Tributes- I like that:)

As I told Queen, Africa Rocks!!
My salary goes straight to South African Airways:P

That's the way it is supposed to be. You've all been trained and brought up too Eurocentric! My job is to make you all AFROCENTRIC:)

I go back to study now- plz, plz remember me in those prayers!!!

cellardoor said...

Hey!!! there's worst place than the Uk - trust me, we wouldn't have so many pple flocking here if it were that bad.... anyhooooo cevris is right - u should c as many places as u can - Uk being one of them. i would love 2 visit Africa - but it such a big place - where 2 start???

almira said...

You know Bilal you are very fortunate that you live in south African, for one becuase it problay has more culture, and two your closer to diffrent countries. :) Must be very fun! Living in America your kind of far off from any other major countries like Greece, or China. Ive only been to spanish countries like Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Baja California Mexico. Africa should be on top!

Fatima said...

lol...all hail africa! yes! the "motherland" should be onnnnn top! (i'm currently remembering old cremora adverts).


inshAllah you will do well...oh and pray for me too..i'm writing as well :/

zee said...

well travelled bro!

InshaAllah many more to follow:)

Hanna said...

well, you're doing your job pretty well.. and dude, you've travelled even more than me! Well done. I need to see Palestine man. So badly.

Bilal said...

true- there are worse places and people do flock to the UK. But I just read an article by a South African there now- says the Muslims all hang around in their ethnic cliques and down mix!!
Best place to start exploring Africa will be from here: South Africa:)

Yup- its soo cool:)
You should come here too- with cellardoor:)

I like that- a true patriot:)
Paper was ok- make dua!
Good luck for yours...

Thanks Dude- but you need to get out more and start joining me!!!

Palestine is an amazing place- and they NEED us to come and visit- it gives them hope and they get really happy:)

If anyone is interested in going, let me know- there is a group going to volunteer in Dec!

realist said...

Wow - that's an impressive list and I concur on travelling when the oppotunity arises. But then again, I may be biased coz the travel bug has just gotten a hold on me!

The K-man said...

Hey bru those are really cool destinations. You are really well travelled i envy you :) Inshallah you will visit more countries!


Solz said...

nyc blog!

uve done half of africa so let me knw when u doing the rest, i shall join u

brotherhood said...

great picture of the area bro :)

lol i was thinking that the map is upside down :p

cellardoor said...

hey... just noticed that u been 2 kashmir - what areas did u visit - and did u go india and pak side both???


Bilal said...

The travel bug dude, once it bites you cant stop:)

Thanks dude. I've blogged most of them- follow the links on each countries name...

Planning a trip for this December. Give me a shout if you interested!

Thanks- I keep on saying it- I dont take pictures, I make art:P
And thats due to your Eurocentric education! This is how the world is supposed to be seen:)

Went on the Pakistani side only. Check out the blog. Was there last December helping with the earthquake relief efforts...

Cevris said...

Hope the exams went good and you're ok too inshaAllah:)

cellardoor said...

wow - so cool, i have some family i kashmir!!!