22 October 2006

Ramadaan Unplugged!

Ramadaan is over:( It’s been a power packed last few weeks and while, with a heavy heart, I say farewell to these blessed days I do look forward to a slight slowdown in the pace of things. Not all fun and games now thought; four weeks of study left for the board exam so need to ensure that the Ramadaan instilled discipline holds on for a while...
A mere few hours before it’s all over and now a perfect time, I guess, to sit and take stock of the recent past and impending future. Need to deflate this major ego I have but its hard- especially with things like this* Have I really made sincere repentance for my misdeeds? Have taken concrete steps to improve my life and actions? Or have I let this amazing opportunity pass by without being able to take maximum advantage of it? Could I really be so unfortunate to miss out so severely!

The Night of Power, which is somewhere in the last 10 nights, is popularly believed to be on the 27th eve of Ramadaan. I don’t believe that this one night is definitely it- as I said before; we should have sought such on every one of the last few nights. But this 27th night of Ramadaan is one that I will remember for a long time. Not because of any spiritual or sacred reasons, but because I once again found myself on the extreme wrong end of the luck stick! Not going to go into details for now- but really testing times and Allah says that on no soul will he place a burden greater than can be borne! For now I try my best to bear and request continuous prayers for all and sundry...

The last Friday of Ramadaan is Al-Quds day. A day to create awareness and remind people about the continuing suffering of the Palestinian people. South Africa usually has a major crowd pulling march in Cape Town and, I think, a community event in Pretoria. Johannesburg, with its thousands of Muslims, has nothing! This year, the MSA and a few hard-working students put together a bumper program of poems, videos, pictures and talks. I hope the first of many events aimed at educating our largely ignorant communities and society about what’s happening in Palestine and how we should help. May Allah reward them all for their efforts.

Hope everyone has a blessed Eid. In pretty much conformation with previous journeys, we embark on such quite soon- last year this time I said: the short, bumpy road bids our welcome to Newcastle- a place to congregate and cover up on eating for the entire month:) Should be fun catching up with the entire clan, strengthening the bonds that bind, and making merry while we do so- I see my pennings may have taken a dip, albeit temporary I promise you- look out for renewed vigour in days when I’m adequately nourished!

Hmm. It will be good to be home for a while and celebrate a bit. Seriously undernourished right now, so more on Eid celebrations in Newcastle next week! For now, see this pic, probably the only one most of you would see of me and my family! Taken about 14 years ago [not too sure] probably on Eid day as well! It’s me, two brothers and four cousins- 7 brats:) Any guesses?

What else I would like to know is, looking at the site counter on the bottom right of the blog, I see there are people from so many different countries visiting this blog and most of the countries and understandable. But if you are from any of the following countries and read this, then let us know. Even if its just greetings for blessed Eid: Norway, India, Australia, Indonesia, China, Croatia, Mexico, Singapore, Luxembourg, Latvia, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, Jamaica or anywhere else for that matter…



Ek Anjaan Ladki said...

:( alvida mia ramadhan - god knows if we'll be fortunate enough to live to the next one. please keep me in your duas. :)

anyway, Eid Mubarak to you too! When are you celebrating it?

hmm, as for the pic...i will hazard a wild guess: are you at the front, on the right, clutching the swing? heh..a cute pic.

btw, where is the newcastle youre referring to? in SA or elsewhere?

Hanna said...

Eid Mubarak Bilal! May your Eid be blessed with joy.. and may Allah SWT give us the ability to continue our Ramadan efforts now that this month has passed...

A wild guess... top centre? I dont have a clue!

Zahera said...

Back middle bilal? ;-P
Eid Mubaruk to you and your family. I pray to Allah that it is a blessed day for you filled with lots of barakah and good food! :-D

Im not so sure i used this month as wisely as i should/could have done and im probably slightly disappointed at that. Amazingly enough we always seem to diregard it after a while not truly realising the benefit of this month and the implications of possibly never being alive to witness another. Life is too short and yet we dont truly seem to guage that and grasp that concept as an imperative reality.
Anyway, have a wonderful day and yes im curious about "Newcastle too," please do enlighten us! :-P

Bilal said...

Slmz E.A.L, Hanna & Zahera:

Eid greetings to you all! Hope you all have a very fulFILLING day:) Our Eid will most likely be on Tues- you guys?
Newcastle is my hometown, here in South Africa, a beautiful place! And you are all WRONG:-P That now makes it easier for others to guess...

[forgot to mention that past two weeks pics taken from a ship on the indian ocean, between Zanzibar and Tanzania!]

Zahera said...

Eid's most probably on Tuesday for me too inshAllah.
oohh sounds alot different to Newcastle here then :-P lolll
Are you the one in the limelight? :-P lapping it all up? I.e. centre, smiling away at the camera man/woman?

'liya said...

Eid Mubarak!
Have a lovely day with your family and friends.

Eid on Tuesday :)

Fatima said...

Hmm...either the one right in front...or first row on my right.

Btw...you kids all look too cute! I have the normal-aunty-need to pinch someones cheeks now.

Eid Mubarak Bilal...and I hope your exams go well :) InshAllah.

Z said...

A bit early chap!

what happened? more car stories?:(

this zahera and her hour long comments! she's everywhere!!!!! :)

zingtrial said...

............EID MUBARAK.............
Eid ul Fitr has arrived in all its splender,as this is a festival which bonds and bring people together....and the most heard greeting is EID MUBARAK!
Wish you all a happy Eid

Bilal said...

Only one more day of fasting:)
What's Newcastle there like?
No- wrong once again:P
And my cuz may take offence to that comment:P

Shukran. Eid Mubarak to you too~ & all you friends and family...

No,no- you WRONG:-P
Thanks- we all come from a good gene pool:)
Eid Mubarak to you and your family too...

Better early that never hey!
Yup- unfortunately:( Will share more details some time in the future- pain is just too much right now:(
I can bear Zahera- she started blogging again under my pressure:)

Eid Mubarak to you and your family as well:)

cellardoor said...

Eid Mubarak!! have a good 1, and 'eat well' :)

Zahera said...

Are you the one hiding and shying away behind "drama queen" cousin? :-P (psstt i aint scared of ya cousin and theres no need to take offence- hes just a show off) :-P lol!

Whats Newcastle like here? lol :-) Probably always raining! Its not supposed to be anything wow but ive heard its got a very pretty bridge that resembles the one in Aussie land. Guess i will have to venture that side sometime in the future inshAllah and then i'll be able to paint you a more accurate picture! ;-)

Z- You're succchh an attention seeker ;-) and yes, i am everywhere! mwahah :-P

brotherhood said...

eid mubarak to you & your family!!

please keep me in your duas. have fun :D

Z said...

zahera: what!? am i the one posting comments that would make history professors blush?
jus kiddin... :-)

sorry to hear chap, do fill me in, post exams perhaps ! :)
oh and bill, on this attention seeking note, chap i saw a while back u linked me, ive been since dethroned,whats up!?

look i planned on linking all of you old bloggers but really i have no idea how to and well ZEE's in the farm atm so i have no tutor, my apologies, he did mention to me about blogging comity in tut 3..:P

and no zahera this was comment was nowhere near the size of the ones u make :)

saaleha said...

bilal could only be the kid on the left clutching the chain while pulling his tongue out at the camera. nothing's really changed ;)
Eid Mubarak and may misfortunes bypass you on your future path - i reckon you've already had your quota.

Ruby :) said...

Z: if you waiting for Zee to help you with your links.. its gonna be a while sweetie, I waited for a month for him to email the "how -to" and I finally had to figure it out for myself... Its quite simple really...

Cevris said...

Eid mubarak to you and your family, Bilal! May Allah (SWT) accept all your prayers :)


Bilal said...

Eid Mubarak to you too!
Tell me, do you guys all celebrate Eid on different days in the same areas?

Lol, he's not a show off:)
Newcastle here is a lovely 'farm' town- but big enough to produce real talent:P

Thanks bro!
Hope you and your family also have a super day!
Do you also live where they have multiple Eids?!

Will fill you in sometime dude.
& leave Zahera alone, you flirt:P
I still have you linked- towards the bottom of my screen..
Will email you how to link- drop me a mail.

Hey! Thats unfair- I said those who don't know me had to guess:P
Eid Mubarak to you and your family!
I agree- had my fair share- life can't get any worse right now:(
& NO- I dont stick out my tongue at anyone any more:-P

Hey, this is my blog!~ not ziyaads or zaheds:-P
Eid Mubarak to you and your family:)

Shukran. Eid Mubarak to you and your family!
Hope you have a super day:)
You didnt try to guess which cute kid I am:P

Z said...

fear not arthur!! Zaheeras and I do not make for, as ZEE would say - good karma. :P

so i make no attempt at flirting with the zesty guinevere

although bil,if the lady would not mind, im sure you can do an even better job than i would!

props to Ruby for keeping the ZEE & Z show alive!

Zahera said...

Ziyaad and zahed? blumming heck! could things get more complicated- both beautiful names btw mashAllah :-) (how many other zaheera's do you know)?

Bilal: Ive heard south Africa is a beautiful place. My mama has promised me a trip there on my next visit to Africa! So im definitely going to hold him to that! Have you never ventured to "Great Briton?"

Al-Hanbali said...

Eid Mubarak bro :)

Cevris said...

Oh sorry! Hmmm... Are you the one with black hair? :D
Maybe top left? This snorkel in your profile pic gets on my nerves:) Hope I'm right, but you're all soooo cute :)

Take care;


Bilal said...

a better job i do, without doubt. but not in the doing-a-job mood, so me please be excused:P

I concur- those stuupib z's!
+ there pseudo-anonymity also gets me confused! Dont know wheter to call them by their names or their acronyms:P

I have yet to venture to the not-so-great Britain, but hope to be there for a short-term work stint in the not too distant future:)
Africa beckons- for all who appreciate true beauty, Africa beckons:)

Shukran Bro!
Hope you have a super Eid as well:)

Yes, I am the one with black hair:P
Top left it is, but its unfair now coz Saaleha gave it away:)
What's wrong with my snorkel pic- I like:)

Zahera said...

lol! heeyy its not that bad bilal! You havent even been here yet and you're already dissing it? :-) Whereabouts are you most likely to be coming?London?

Although, i will NOT for a second deny that Africa is the most beautiful place i have been to- i absolutely love it! Im actually looking forward to my next trip inshAllah- the beauty is simple breathtaking! SubhanAllah :-)

Z said...

i was being kind - you're just taking advantage now! :P

you're not in the fliritng mood becoz... i dont see your pal from durbs anywhere around! you hunt in pairs chap :P

almira said...

Good post, Ramadaan is over :) Hope you and your family have a nice Eid. Like the picture at the bottom!

Khadiijah said...

Eid mubarak to you too. Yes, it was me, but on the asia report blog, not here :)

Ahmed said...

I guess its a bit early to say it if you're celebrating Tuesday....or wait, is it Tuesday over there already? Anyhow, Eid Mubarak! I hope you have an awesome Eid today as well as many more in the future. :)

kimya said...

EiD MuBaRaK.

Wishing sWeet good everything to u and ur loved ones, alwaYs :)

Solz said...

Eid mubarak

Cevris said...

Nothing is wrong with your profile pic :) I like it too, but the problem was just: I had to find out how you're looking today and then guess who you could be in the pic taken 14 years ago :)
As for Saaleha, I even didn't read her comment Bilal. I found it out MYSELF! Ha, and I was right- yipeee :D

Take care!

Hanna said...


Firstly - Ziyaad and Zahera - get a room! :P (hey, i'm quoting "z" here btw)

Secondly bro Bilal.. how u doing? Hope u had a good Eid inshallah! :)

Bilal said...

Well, actually nothing confirmed but if I do come it will be London- Canary Wharf I think...
Where have you been to in Africa? Its so HUGE and there's just so much to see and do and even help out with...

Its the flirting bit that I'm not in the mood for bro- the hunt goes on always, in packs or alone! We're hunters- don't hate the players, hate the game:P

Thanks. Had a terrific time! That pic brought back so many cool memories from an Eid gone by...

Thanks:) Ok, will have a look to see what you had to say there...

Yes. Yesterday was Tues and Eid- a great day it turned out to be! Take care...

Thanks hey! The same to you and yours:)

Thanks bro. Belated Eid Mubarak to you too...

Lol- cool. But don't think it would help:) Even close family members struggled pointing out who's who in that pic on Eid day:P

Lol- that sounds like an idea:P
Thanks so much- had an amazing day:) Hope you did too!

Saaleha said...

Taqabalallhu minna wa minkum. Eid mubarak Bilal. Memories - the most valuable of treasures acquired over a lifetime. Hope you had a great day yesterday.

Zahera said...

Canary Wharf *cough* interesting memories of that place i have! Its a lovely part of London! You'll like it- gimme a shout inshAllah if you want a tour guide! :-D
eermm well my mum is Zimbabwean :-P and my nana/nani still live there- so we usually venture towards there and then get my mama to take us places. Ive seen Vic Falls twice now, but we went to Dwange National Park last time (if that means anything to you-lol).

*Under*Cuver*Sister* said...

Eid Mubarakkkk :)
hope u had a good one akhi

Bilal said...

@saaleha[no pic:-)]:
Eid was awesome- many more memories made and safely stored on the cyber-shot:P

Maybe- thats where the company I work for is based.. Hmm, will get back to you on the tour guide bit- the guide books say not accept help from strangers:P
Is it? My gran also lived in Zim- they just moved to SA recently. Been to Vic Falls many times- really awesome!
& its HWANGE: the best game park I've been to. Even better than Kruger Park here in SA!

Shukran. Belated Eid Mubarak to you too:)
Had a super Eid- will blog bout it next week...

Shireen said...

Slms, Eid Mubarak to you and your family! hope you all had a wonderful day! Stumbled upon ur blog from another...always a pleasure to read! Take care

Zahera said...

lol- hey bilal, no pressure man- afterall it would only be your loss! :-P looll (i just spent an hour on the train speaking ot a random stranger- i shall blog about it at some point)!
Your gran lived in Zim? yeh? Whereabouts? Or is that info classified? :-) My family live in Harare.
well duh! how am i supposed to know its Hwange! :-P I only got one letter wrong- gimme some credit-lol. I havent been to Kruger Park- infact i havent ever been to south Africa.

Zaynab Dismantled said...

Eid Mubarak :)


icedmocha said...

Eid Mubaraaakkk!!!! Hope u hav a rokin time in Newcastle- as in UK Newcastle? Do u hav the accent haha. Newayzzz hav a fab one!!

The kids in the pic r soo cute...r the two in the bottom rite nxt 2 each other twins? heheh

Nabeel said...

what a great picture .. of all the kids rejoicing on eid .. a treat to watch. awesome picture ..

Zahira said...

Slmz Hope you had a gud eid and no worries remem everythin a test n so far u passing :)
whats with eid n al da eating? me still so stuffed like two days later hehehe

Bilal said...

Belated Eid Mubarak to you and yours:)
Thanks for dropping by- do you have a blog?

All serial killers probably say that at first to their unsuspecting victims:P
She lived in Bulawayo- been there many times but never to Harare.
South Africa does rock and I can assure you is well worth a visit...

Belated Eid Mubarak to you too:)

@iced mocha:
Thanks- Eid in Newcastle was a real blast! & no- Newcastle in South Africa- the pretty one:)
I don't have an accent either:P

There are no twins. Bottom row from right:
Brother Muhammed (now 22)
Cousins Saeed (now 21), Zaheer (now 22) and Fatima (now 24).
Top row from right:
Cousin Yusuf (now 23), Brother Taahir (now 25) and ME:)

Bilal said...

Thanks bro! It really does bring back great memories...

SLmz. Thanks! Had a super day:)
Its your mind trying to cover up from a month of fasting- in ONE day!

Zahera said...

My mami is from Bulawayo :-) but never been there myself.

Faaiq said...

eid mubarak dude... i know its late... but my hands are a bit tied when it comes to blogging. hope ur well. take care. u and all ur blog friends

cellardoor said...

sad but true, but in the UK sometimes - or quite often actually - it seems that eids r done on different days. even pple in the same town. its such a shame - i don't know what 2 say - it's cos there is no real unified muslim leadership. each mosque has their own days it seems - some follow the suadis, some check the moon sighting, some do mathmatical calculation on the lunar calendar!!! it's sooo frustrating, and it's cos the older generation have still got a grip on running the mosques - and they r really stuck in their ways and have their own agenda's!!!!

ah- it makes me sooo angry!!!

Farhana said...

salam. i was reading ur previous post and MASHALLAH on the family pic. haha. and i thought my family was huge. we are five sisters and one brother. gotta love the big families =)

Bilal said...

Lovely place- at least it was:( Your what?

Thanks bro! Make a plan to get back to the blogosphere soon!

But why! The Muslims are the same all over:( No unity- we dont even need unity for this- just some compromise!
Lets hope our generation doesn't mess up as well:)

Yup, its really cool:) Where are you in the group? I'm 'number 2':) Role model hoha and that stuff:P

the:Dreamer said...


'Eid Mubarak :)
Kullu 'aam wa antum bikhair :)

I feel a little obliged to say something (if not, I'm just a lurker) since my country, Sanghafura, that is, Singapore, is mentioned :D
Not sure why it is not understandable...
Agree that Lailatul Qadr may not be on the 27th... after all, wasn't Qur'an first revealed on the 17th? :) Not to mention, the hadith from Rasul s.a.w that talked about lailatul-qadr on odd nights from the last 10 nights...

Wallahu a'alam bissawab...

(The Singaporean)

Faaiq said...

" The Prophet (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam) said:"A time will come when nothing will be left in the minds of the people from the Qur'an except its calligraphy and from Islam except its name. People who call themselves Muslims will be the furthest from Islam. Mosques would be filled but empty from guidance. The Ulema (scholars) of that time are the worst under the heavens. From them, the elements of division and misguidance are spewed and unto them, will return." - Reported by Tabarani, Dailamy and Al-Hakam "

Zahera said...

Bilal- "mami" is my mum's brothers wife! lol :-P

Bilal said...

Slmz bro. Good of you to stop by and comment. The reason I said 'not understandable' was just coz I didn't know anyone from Singapore (Sanghafura!)...

Good points! Hope to see you commenting more often:)


Deep bro- lets hope that time is not now! & if it is, then we should be striving to make a change...

Good to know:P

Farhana said...

im the one of the middle two.
no where near the role model, but more like an invisible one? haha. jk

True Life said...

Belated but still I wish you Eid Mubarak!

May Allah accept our Prayers & Fasting!