15 October 2006

We must accept finite disappointment, but we must not lose infinite hope!

I guess there’s not much to add to, as someone suggested, my Taraweeh Tributes! But just as a closing I must add this:
Having to recite the popular verses can be quite intimidating at times! It’s just that most of the crowd knows these verses as well and while reciting, should you be unfortunate enough to experience a blank, there are going to be 30+ people trying to correct you from the back!
Leave making a mistake; it’s been experienced before, even if you are too slow in catching your breath or taking a pause, the often well intentioned worshippers may be quite quick in offering you some assistance!
If not that, then just listening to the chorus behind you following the recitation under their breaths is fairly intimidating;) But with that said, the recitation of the most popular of the well-liked verses went off pretty well...

The end of these blessed days is fast approaching- time flies when you being pressurised with work, studies and all the other blessed activities of these great days!
To find the ‘Night better than a 1000 nights’ is now the mission of most, and regardless of the differing opinions of which night be it exactly, the wonderful atmosphere in the air at the moment is most 'tasawuffically enhancing'!
Personally I believe the crux is searching for the night, every night of the last ten, because God knows most of us could really do with some soul cleansing and sin absolving!
So once again I would appeal to be considered in those late night and/or early morning supplications..

In tune with these blessed days, the gruelling exam that was written this past days, proved not as gruelling as expected at first! Towards the end, the lack of nourishment and moisture did take a tad of a toll, but all in all I stand hopeful of a satisfying result.. The major hurdle [board II] still looms, the countdown ever so daunting, and to get it over and done with, once and for all, needs to be made primary focus of the coming weeks*

The multi-denominational prayer room is a superb idea; offering a place of spiritual recluse deep in the recesses of the ugly corporate arena- devouts of all flavours- Muslims in prostration, Bible touting Christians, meditating Hindus and others all sharing the same space! “a symbol of humble submission to the All Knowing within the proud world of commercial ignorance”
Ironic as it is, that this particular facility is to found on the penthouse level in the headquarters of one of South Africa’s major conventional banks, maybe it is a sign of possible change. While I abhor the effect of the protocol of institutions the like thereof, maybe a heightened spiritual conscience, in the cogs of these huge financial wheels, could begin to see more socially just changes appearing in the fabric of its operations!

This may sound very cryptic so an equally cryptic response will be tolerated: Looking at the quote of this week, ‘We must accept finite disappointment, but we must not lose infinite hope!’
What if, in accepting such finite disappointment, one is forced to change paths to a totally different expectation, so much so that there comes no longer a desire for there to even exist any hope, infinite or not! Am I making any sense whatsoever?!
Looking back at what has materialised from my keyboard, would I be accurate in saying that- the scenario I describe is one in which, finite disappointment was accepted with a definite lose of hope?

Alas, let’s move on! Meet my family:

this is a most recent pic of my siblings and I. Your eyes deceive you not- we ARE quite, almost, a handful! Those familiar would know which position I hold- would be fun to see how accurately you not-so-familiar acquaintances can point ME out:)

Peace & Blessings!


sugar@gmail.com said...

9 kids!!!!!! WOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

your lucky mother! how does she manage???????

anwyays......i reckon...you are number 8 on the list....and thats a wild guess!

ps: who took the pic? cute**

haseena said...

slms bilal.
So when is your palestine/lebanon trip and how are you getting in there?
Have a frend thats interested in going.

icedmocha said...

wow!!! therez soo many of uu! 7 guys and 2 girls...i feel sorry 4 ur sisters having the over-protective brothers always lurking by hahah. havnt a clue which one u r..care 2 put me out of my misery.

queen_Lestat said...

lol how'd you get them all to stand for that pic? lol my lot will kick and scream and put up a fuss. Well that and I've been known to do pretty retarded things to them when i say turn around...

I'd chance it and say you're second from right?

almira said...

Great post, I feel you on the exams. What a cute picture of your family, all standing in a row. You take that?

Bilal said...

My mum manages fine- she has really great kids:) not giving away position for now- lets see what others say..

Nothing confirmed yet- will only know late Nov. Drop me an email in few weeks..

Girls are always so spoiled & my 2 sis even more so! Lets see wat others guess first..

It really took quite a bit of convincing before they agreed to it- & I stood there too!

Bilal said...

I couldn't have taken it- I'm in it! Had to get a very trustworthy person to take it:-)
Need to start some serious studying soon!

saaleha said...

an honourable mention in your opening para, i am not worthy Number 2 :)

as for crypticisms, well, i think once you've accepted disappointment and moved on, the infinity is that your possibilities still remain endless. yeah- that's as cryptic as i can get.

Ruby :) said...

where to start... I agree that there isnt a specific night during the last ten days, they all important and hopefully, Prayers during anytime are heard and answered. Glad to hear that the exams didnt go too badly, Im sure you will manage with the second set as well... when is that happening?
As for the quote of the week, very inspirational, gonna put it up on my desk for when im having a bad day:):)
and lastly, the pic... so cute.. sometimes i wish i had more siblings (i have one brother and one sister) but I change my mind when my brother bugs my life!!! I sympathise with your sisters, esp. as they get older... Heres my guess: methinks you the first one in the line....

Insipid said...

Pretty suprised you put that up.At least you did not put the other way up.Should i be a nasty older brother and point you out or leave these ppl to guess your spot!!!!!

Muhammad said...

Slms Bilal :)

Last ten nights takes serious concentration to shy away from sleep and see what's really important. It's worth it though :)

You'll crack the exams , Insha-Allah, Duas are with you, no doubt :) I'm just wondering for how long you gonna pull off the corporate slavery gig working for an auditing giant? This corporate life's already getting on my nerves :P

You're lucky to have so many siblings :) I'd say you're the middle one with the psychological problems.. *LOL* jk.



Zahera said...

Call me thick- but bilal are you saying (from the numerous obvious comments on your blog) that you have lead the tarawih salaah this year? :-)

Indeed the last 10 days should be for reflection and most devotion/remembrance of Allah. Im amazed at how fast Ramadhan has gone by! Not that i should be- each year the days fly by quicker and each year seems to get shorter. (Signs of Qiyamat no doubt).

Anyway- flying visit by myself too, inshAllah will remember you in my duas- and hope the same from you. Well done with your exams- you seem to have mastered those! :-D
Final note- your family seem absolutely wonderful mashAllah :-) lol what a bunch of cuties! (erm and i can tell this from a picture of your backs? lollllll- *cough* rozeh getting to me)- i have a large extended family but only one younger sister- cant imagine what it would be like growing up with 8 in one household! :-D

aawww please be the baseball cap dude! :-D he seems cool!
Take care wasalaams.

Hanna said...

haha, zahera, ur too quick dude! ;) Just kidding sis :P

Salaams Bilal.. haha, great pic!!! I love the way they're all facing the other way! Who took the pic??

Where I volunteered over the summer, they had a mutli faith prayer room.. but only the muslims actually used it, lol.. but would have love to have seen something like what u described lol!

zee said...

nice pics bilal...im always amazed at the size of your family!

take care bud and InshaAllah we find the night! :)))))

Bilal said...

dont flatter yourself:P
hmm, thats either way too cryptic of not cryptic in the least! Let see...

Lets all search- if anyone of us finds it, we remember the others in our prayers!
Main exam is end Nov:(
My family rocks:)

Thanks bro! Now clearly everyone can see I'm not first in the line:P
Of course I would put this one up and not the reverse:P

Dude, I'm dreading upcoming exams! But know that I will not spend a day more than articles in this place:P
No you wrong dude- not the middle and no problems! yet:)

I will resist and not call you thick:P
I'm not the baseball cap guy- and people always ask me whats it like growing up in an awesome big family- what can I compare it too!! Its pretty awesome:)

It took some real pleading to convince them to all pose like that:)
A multi faith prayer room is brilliant idea I think!

Thanks dude...
Remember me in those prayers! Long time hey:)

Al-Hanbali said...

asalamu aleykum
lol mashaAllah
may Allah keep you and your family safe and fine

i couldnt but notice muslimwake up on your favorties
do you think you should be really promoting such websites on your blog!

kimya said...

ok, so number two it is?

wow on the figure niNe, tho!
my dads siblings are a nine and my mom just has one sister.. and the difference is staRk, no doubt.

needless to say my paternal family are a nOisy bunch :P

best of luck on the exams and the last few days of ramadaan.

brotherhood said...

mashallah, excellent pic

may Allah reward each & everyone of you in this life & the hereafter, ameen :)

Bilal said...

Wslm. Thanks. Ameen!
Well, to be honest- I haven't visited that site in ages, but I do find it extremely hilarious:P
Will look at it again to see what its about...

Yup, thats me:)
Noise is second nature to me:P
Shukran- remember me in your prayers plz...

Thanks dude:)

Fatima said...

NINE! *faints* so you're number 2? woah!
i would love having loads of siblings, but as ruby said, sometimes 1 brother and 1 sister can be enough. :P

future 'suitors' of your sisters are going to be so intimidated! 7 brothers to impress! yikes! cute pic tho :-)

good luck 4 the upcoming boards :-) leading taraweeh must have been awesome :-)

Hanna said...

haha.. it's like the musical, "7 brides for 7 brothers!"

Zahera said...

Bilal- im sure its pretty damn awesome- i might only have one younger sister but trust me ive grown up in a family where we are always around each other! I loveeee it! :-D
Oh and youre too kind (with regards to refraining from referring to me as "thick") :-P

cellardoor said...

such a good blog - u speak so much sense..
and oh my word - u r sooooo lucky, 9 of u, wow!!! i only have 2 brothers - ur like the real life 'waltons'.
selams 2 all ur siblings!!!

Bilal said...

Its not THAT much:) Yup, number 2!
I feel sorry for the poor buggers- But we not that intimidating:P
Thanks- dreading exams:( Taraweeh was/is super!

7 brides is a scary thought! My poor mother- to be mother-in-law to 7 brides:P

It couldn't be better:)
You're not soo thick, are you?!:P

Whatever good I speak is from Allah. Whatever bad I speak is from myself!
What are the 'waltons'?
Wslm. Will do so Eid day!

Al-Hanbali said...

asalamu aleykum
am glad i didnt jump into conclusion

those people are either kuffar or on its verge, i personally know a guy who writes there everyonce in a while,, and i ll tell you

their ideas are hypocricy in action

please do remove that link
after you have taken a peak and made your stomach go bad

Zahera said...

ppfftt- thick my bum! :-P hehehe I shall let you make up your own mind in due course bilal ;-)

cellardoor said...

The waltons is like this old american 70's programme, that was set in virginia, about a white american family living through the depression.

It was soooo great, and had a mum, dad, grandparent, and 7 children. it ran 4 ages- from when the kids were very little till they all got married and died etc etc.

wow - i miss it...

Bilal said...

Slmz. Im glad u didnt jump to conclusions wit me- but I dnt think u shud judge them either! They may be extreme in their liberalism, but taking the other extreme view is no better.. Will look at it again b4 I say more.

Lol-I didnt say that! But u have no blog to prove otherwise:-P

Sounds fun.Sounds like home;) No wonder I dont know it- 70's way before my time:-P

Ek Anjaan Ladki said...

hey bilal! ive only just started reading your blog, properly! i love it. esp the pic - i am also from a big family and totally understand how much fun it is, and of course how blessed

btw, please mention me in your prayers. i need to good person's prayers this month cos i havent been taking full advantage of ramadhan :( they days have gone so quick its not fair.

i love the quote, very true.

saaleha said...

re: MWU.

I do agree that "progressives" may tend towards the extreme in the very same way that "traditionalists" do. I put both words in quotes to emphasize that these labels are not necessarily the most fitting ones.
And I have to concur with you Bilal, you cant discount what MWU is trying to do, they raise valid and pertinent issues at times, and while we may not agree with some of the stances they take, you have to appreciate that they're creating debate (nb: not division).
Lets not commit an infanticide by chucking out the bathwater.

Zahera said...

lol- bilal, i am soo tempted to revive my blog from the dead! so pleaseeee dontttt :-P I am this close *gestures a teeny weeny gap between my fingers* to making it open for public consumption! ;-)
Sigh- im thick, i admit it! lol :-P

Bilal said...

Good to know I have a new fan:P
Hey, you would do yourself a favour and not rely on my duas! I am still far from good!
But lets all remember everyone else in our prayers- thats the best way to pray:)

I agree- the labels will never work!
But I must make it clear that I disagree with most, if not all, the views expressed by MWU!
I still think its important to be aware of the stances they take, but purely so that we can see what 'extreme' really is...

Al-Hanbali said...

asalamu aleykum
fostering 'gay muslims' is kuffr
plain simple

and nothing extreme in that stament

please do look into it

Cevris said...

Ooo, nine children? Isn't it hard for you? I just have two siblings, but sometimes I nearly go ot of my mind!
Anyway, have a blessed night:)

The K-man said...

Wow thats alot of kids/children/people! The poor middle child! Nice post man keep it up

Make dua for the Ummah, we all could use abit of dua


Bilal said...

Plz prove to us all that you are NOT thick:) What's your blog name??

That's my point- my first reaction is also, 'Hey, 'gay muslims' lets beat them up!'
Those guys take the other extreme and accept them. What I'm saying is that those gays have a problem that they need to deal with.
Give them counselling so that they realise their mistakes and seek forgiveness...

Its awesome:) Couldn't be better...
Shukran. Hope you had a blessed night too!

Just sounds like a lot- actually just barely enough:)
Thanks dude. Hope you remember all in your prayers as well...

Insipid said...

Someone once said to me that gays are created by Allah SWT and that their test in this world is not acting out on their "gay" impluses and feelings.Our test is realising that rather than judge people we need to help them with their tests, least we are given a test that is our undoing and downfall.

Hanna said...

hmm..I've never heard that one before, Insipid!

Zahera said...

LOL- bilal, i finally gave in, your wish is my command. Welcome to my world and enjoy. (Still dont know whether it will prove you wrong) :-P lol

Jannah said...

Such a cute pic :)

your little sister, Number 9, looks so shy and adorable mashAllah!!

Bilal said...

I wouldn't say 'created' by Allah- rather, Allah tests everyone. Maybe they need counselling so that they can overcome their tests...

Yup. see above:)

Thanks- you finally gave in:P
Will be sure to visit you regularly now:)

And no- she is a little terror:P

mortalmuslim said...

my mom and dad both have 9 other siblings

Dreamlife said...

i love the pic...the vastness of the ocean, and the shapelessness of the water is simply awesome