19 November 2006

Tell me your friends, & I will tell you who you are!

{Joburg City Skyline- from my seat of study- distracting, but not better than an ocean:)}

This comes a tad delayed, solely due to a 360 odd minutes, gruelling, semi-lit, dusty challenge that God-willing will never have to be experienced again! For now it’s just wait and pray. And pray. For about another 2000 odd hours at least! In the mean time, I need to ensure that my next 30 days are utilised as beneficially and constructively as possible. A few thoughts in mind, visa dependent, and hope that works out.

Quite an interesting response I’ve been getting on the organ donating issue. I hope that discussions like these will breakdown the negative mindsets that exist- together with those of us who consider saving lives with our organs (when we no longer need them of course) as an eternally rewarding act, taking the necessary steps to register as organ donors. I imagine in a few years as attitudes change and medicine advances, we will see more of this...

Efforts are currently underway to secure the promising secondment previously mentioned. With a well needed (and possibly deserved!) twist of luck, this could work out great! At least that’s the level of expectation for now- lets hope London comes through and turns out to be all its imagined to be...

Attended the ultra flashy gala dinner with the lone motive of collecting the cheques for charity. As some say, the corporates do this kinda things largely for marketing reasons, but nevertheless, it’s an admirable initiative- for one: encouraging the pawns to become more socially active and two: dishing out large sums of dosh! Thank you, blood sucking, evil corporate, thank you:) [disclaimer: I am being cynical:p]
More news on how the money will be spent to follow shortly- in the pipeline- at least one project that will require the blood and sweat of a few Joburg Samaritans!

This is a really sad story. Not even a story but a real life tragedy: Have you all heard of Alia Afghani?
Came across this heartbreaking account on
London Muslimah’s blog.

And since I have been appropriating material from other blogs, for this weeks *Global Muslim* post we look to Electric Spaghetti for some MiRC inspiration. Another humorous example of such typical and common behaviours. If I have enough time will siphon up some Mxit treats for next week- all the lolls, hahas, hehes and ::)))!...



The K-man said...

Jozie rocks! That was taken from the highway!


saaleha said...

Johannesburg, the city that swallows you naïve, and spits you out a dreamer.

cellardoor said...

london - as in London, England - u'll love it!!!

alia afghani - read that - speechless!!

CheckPoint786 said...

The death of a dutiful slave will never be left unrewarded by Allah SWT, especially under such tragic circumstances. May she be of those who roam the Gardens of Paradise Insha Allah.
I hope your exams went well.
As for London, my brother resides in Mordern, South Wimbledon. Was there in July, not too bad, cultural change but you find idiots everywhere on this doenyah ... and of course the good people hardly ever get out :P.
LOl ... jk ... it should be a rewarding and interesting experience to say the least if it comes your way Insha Allah.

All the best!!!
Yours In Islam

Mauricio said...

Hello From Rio, Brazil!

Cool blog, congrats

bibi-aisha said...

i realised today im very selfish. i dont cooment on other blogs, but expect ppl to commennt on mine. so in an effort to be philanthropic, great blog bilal. but u kno that. i told u so from wen u first started mailin it to me.

it almost always makes me ;'think' and always always makes me envy u. but good envy :-)

but if u dont disable word verificatn i dnt tink i can comment again. it irks me- totally!

kimya said...

hmmm.. taken from an apartment in fordsburg???
my sisters place on Mint Road has a similar view, we get a traffic report overview of the highway, weather report, sorta.. anddd a view of akhalwayas just to see how busy it is :P

bibi-aisha said...

i used to live on mint rd a few odd years ago. yup, gr8 views. but view from roof of apartment corner 5th ave/church st was way better. and roof was too cool.

was showing my portuguese flatmate pics of our beautiful joburg earlier. northern suburbs, trees, inner city. skyline. my city!

Cevris said...

WOW this is Johannesburg... Hope I'll see it one day. Nice post!

Take care!

Hanna said...

Hey B, it's been a long time! Nice post.. your previous one on organ donations made me think as well. Gonna check out the links you've put.. but I'm hoping they're not going to depress me! :(

Bilal said...

Jozi does! That taken from flat.

Hmm. Or swallows you a dreamer and spits you out a rebel:p

Yes, London England. If all goes according to plan! Make a dua.

Ameen to your prayer!
Thanks for the thoughts and stopping by...

Thanks for stopping by dude!
Hope to see you around more often:)

Welcome to my blog:)
Thanks for sharing. Jozi is a pretty sight- yes, sometimes beauty is made up of pollution, traffic and skyscrapers...

Didnt intend on giving my whereabouts away, but you are pretty close! This is from one street up- Crowd Road. Amazing views at night as well...

Yup. You should come visit sometime...

Howdy stranger!
Sorry, but I'm sure the links will depress. But its an important one so go check it out..