26 November 2006

There is no wealth but life...

With exams behind me I look forward to an exciting few months- until the results come out and hopefully don’t dampen any spirits! A great man we lost- or should I rather say- a good friend we said goodbye to, for the short term hopefully, and to return with the friendship double barrelled. Very few men of this calibre in my vicinity, and same said for his fine match- an obituary this is not; just my humble attempt to shed some dull light on stunning examples of luminaries! More thought and effort must be invested for an adequate relying of my feelings- will try again some time soon...

The Vuka Awards acknowledges those who contribute time and effort to raise awareness for important issues like Aids, Child & Women abuse, Drugs and Alcohol abuse, Anti-Smoking campaigns and many other important social issues. Some amazing talent on show and awesome ideas- watch out for them on DSTV. My fondness for rebels in eminent and those rebels with causes were celebrated at this event. The Tsotsi guy and girl were there also- a chance to rub shoulders with some of the talented and famous:) Some may be lucky enough to some day see the proof:p

But in stark contrast, Borat suffers from being void of anything closely resembling talent. To be fair, the guy may have a brilliant, albeit messed up, mind and he has placed Kazakhstan on the map for the shallow American rodeo fans. Certain scenes should have undoubtedly been cut from the show- do not torment yourself if you haven’t already. If most of the more wacky scenes were not scripted, then maybe some traces of true talent should in some sick way be acknowledged...

By saying this I can expect to be hurt by some a couple of my loving readers- work just seems to be such a distant memory:) After three weeks of study leave, preceded by super national trips and an awesome international one, and now followed by mildly enjoyable training on the outskirts of Joburg! Not exactly a holiday in the bushveld, but close enough. But that just may mean getting back to work in the New Year is going to be ever so painful!

Patrick Bond, Phd doc and director of the Centre for Civil Society launched his book, Looting Africa, to a mixed crowd of cliquey socialists, artsy hippies and rebel capitalists! He speaks of how this continent was raped and plundered by colonialists- but did it end then? Apparently not! Looting continues. He claims under the guise of capitalism- privatisation, IMF funding, offshore listings and many other schemes. With that said, Bond and Dennis Brutus, who was also there launching his new poetry book (I don’t like to be mean but his poetry sucks- or maybe its just coz I’m not much of a poem lover!), are a dying breed of social activists that resisted and hopefully continue to resist the temptations of materialism and bourgeoisie lifestyles.

Is not a perfect balance between pure capitalism and pure socialism what we should be striving to achieve? Who does the thinking anymore? Who is out trying to come up with plausible solutions to the problems we face? What role do we play? Is there any onus whatsoever, on any of us? Some thoughts.

Peace & blessings


saaleha said...

there's also photographic evidence of a rebel posing beside a bronze SA iconic muso.

your quote this week speaks much to me of late.

Muhammad said...

Brother, such is life. Can't wait to get to see all my bro's again this weekend. Got some idea's regarding palestine/israel I'd like to run past you... will chat soon.



Bilal said...

*Sad Update:*
The young man who was in hospital these past few months passed away this morning. May God grant him Paradise!
[Not sure what decision had been taken by his parents with regards to organ donating..]

Don't you dare have any bright ideas!
And the quote has taken on a new meaning since this morning...

Sounds awesome- I should still be in the country. Plans not working out:(

Zahira said...

hey plans will work out all in good time...
Love your quote.
Dennis Brutus is an old fart who needs to realise aparthied is over (sorry about the disrespect). But seriously had a chat with him and he needs to see the wrld has changed. But non the less he is a bril writer.
O and i cannot honestly believe whats all the hype about concerning Borat. Think I'm one of those who doesn't wanna see it.
On your thoughts I've been thinking (hehe if thats remotely possible) but as you told me once we make a difference some how even a little.
Sweet Slmz

kimya said...

Guys like Brutus prefer to stay in their wonder world because the alternative for them would be dealing with the disappointment of where the struggle has brought them to, the current day, philandering gravy boat ANC. all things activist, forgotten, and woe is us.. lol..
im being sarcastic of course..

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your blog for sometiem.
you are most amazin.
you balance ledger, and you stand up for underdog.
i've take your profile photograph, and made it into a poster.
i'm not one of those moslems who think its haraam to hang up pictures of your heroes on the walls.

queen_Lestat said...

Brutus is extremely bitter, understandably so, read Letters to Martha. I guess he is one of those people who cannot reconcile sacrifice for all with personal sacrifice and where to draw the line. His poetry does have very deep meaning, but he's kinda a grumpy old man now.

CheckPoint786 said...

Salaam Bilal ...

Jumuah Mubarak firstly.
Secondly ... the onus you place on yourself in Life is to ensure that you do not become a product of your environment, but rather let your environment be a product of you. Cliched I know ... but I am sure you get the point.
Took some time to look at the the blogs of some of your other bloggers who stop by ... WOW!
Also I almost had a "senior moment" when I realised I might just be the oldest of the lot :P!

Take care Insha Allah.

Bilal said...

Lol@ Brutus- he is that, I agree. But you must give him credit for his efforts in the past and even currently. A dying breed surely:)
We make a difference when we really try- but we shouldn't be content with the little that we do...

"the current day, philandering gravy boat ANC" - I agree 100%!!!!

Thanks for the kind words:P
But its coz of people like you that I feel it necesarry to retain a certain level of anonymity:p

LOL:) Will you guys all just leave Brutus alone:p
I think he has done good- but old age does strange things to people:)

Wslm. Jumah Mubarak.
Age is a number. And a state of mind.
Like the quote. And thanks for the comment...

Anybody want to try and get into Palestine next week?!

Zahira said...

I would love to try :)
And yes Brutus has done alot but now its time for a new breed to arise.

Zaynab Dismantled said...

Best of luck with the results :)

I have my exams coming up in Jan :s

Hope all is well.

Zay :)

zee said...

i've been sitting here trying to come up with an intelligent comment but....NOTHING.

So to prevent myself from saying sumtin really stupid, ill end here by saying that i hope the results are good, InshaAllah:)

Almira said...

Looting Africa, that sounds like a really good book. You helped with World Aids Day, how nice. Hope your study leave is a good one, I cant wait till the holiday break comes. :) Good post, truly there is no other wealth but life.

Ek Anjaan Ladki said...

good luck with the results :)

Bilal said...

SO then lets try! Come on- we have the whole of Dec to try and change the world. Any ideas?
Maybe ask Brutus for some tips:)

Good luck with your exams...

Thanks. Results come out in Feb..
Think about what you have read here- we will discuss the way forward when we next meet...

Its a brilliant book- shows how blind many of us are to what is actually going on around us. Sad thing is that some of us are even part of the problem!
Study leave is over- I am on annual leave now but cant get a flight out of the country.