19 December 2006

Musjidul Aqsa


Zainab said...

nice pictures
wish i could go there
InshaAllah soon, when isreal is wiped off the map,we can all go to masjid-al-aqsa
we will live in a world without zionism
soon InshaAllah
make Dua

Zahera said...

SubhanAllah :-) Youre truly lucky Bilal! I expect full updates on your return home inshAllah! In the meantime relish in your fortune whilst the rest of us envy you for something that is worth being envious of :-)

'liya said...

Lovely picture!

Farhana said...

have a same trip and a safe trip back home when you do come back.
seriously im super jealous.=)

Hanna said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! subahannallah. Thank you SO much for these amazing pics, Bilal! They're simply stunning.

Zaynab Dismantled said...

SubhanAllah. Stunning.

Hope all is well :)

Bilal said...

@ zainab, zahera, 'liya, farhana, hanna, zaynab:

Thanks. Have lots more pics and plenty sad stories to tell...

Was at a protest today with Israeli anti-occupation activists- seems like they are not all idiots!

Hope to go to Bethleham for Xmas- to where it all started:)

Zaynab Dismantled said...

Be sure to give us detailed accounts when you get back inshAllah :)


bibi-aisha said...

Yeah,they r not all bad. N more young ppl r turnin anti zionist.when wil peace descend on this troubld land?

Bilal said...

@zaynab & bb-aisha:
Back in sunny SA:)
Back to work:(
Detailed accounts to soon follow and make you all weep!