03 December 2006

No matter what you accomplish, somebody helped you.

Hajj is in the air. Quite a few trips to the airport recently to see the guys off. The airport is such a lovely place- people coming and going, some happy and joyful, others sad and teary, chaos and a general sense of urgency- just awesome! Quite a bit more chaotic, with all the Hujaaj trying to get onto their flights, with all that baggage, while trying to not lose anyone from their groups. The number of Hujaaj would have been much higher this year, and if you are a local then you probably hate Sahuc or know someone who does:P

Sahuc, for those who haven’t heard, are the regulatory body that are in charge of arranging visas and the like for South Africans. Been doing a terrible job of it and that has resulted in advocacy groups being formed, a march of men, women and children against them through the streets of Johannesburg and this Friday, and a representative from the organisation doing PR at the Musjid for Jumah! Hajj is an amazing journey. A journey of life. Or so I hear. Hope to get an opportunity soon. Next year in fact. If Sahuc doesn’t stop me! There is a verse in the Quran that speaks about those who prevent the people from performing Hajj. Look it up.

The United Nations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was held on the 29 November. In South Africa, this was observed in Pretoria at the University, hosted by South African government and the Palestinian embassy. The proceedings were weak to say the least. Ok, it was a good initiative, better than nothing and all that hogwash- the South African Police Services brass band played the two countries national anthems. I didn’t even know the SAPS had a brass band! Mildly entertaining nevertheless.
Then the deputy foreign minister went on about how supportive the government is of the Palestinians- are we really? Then what’s with all the trade and cultural ties with the Israelis that we refuse to break! The Palestinian ambassador to South Africa is quite a character himself. I’ve heard many Palestinians speak publicly about their cause, not all of them even close to eloquent, but the ambassador, as the person supposed to be representing the Palestinian people once again sadly disappointed. He couldn’t deliver a coherent message, maybe due to his unwillingness to call out the South African government’s policy of ‘Talking Left and Walking Right’. As Patrick Bond writes.

Some interesting discussions were also raised this week about the sad state of the South African public healthcare system. Doctors are usually eventually drawn to the private sector where they can make loads of money. This, once again coupled with inadequate government’s policies of privatisations, etc, leads to a near catastrophic collapse of the public healthcare system, which a majority of the 45 million citizens of this country need to rely on! But let’s see (or hear from for now) what the new breed of socially aware and Islamically conscious doctors have in mind…

Pro 20’s cricket was fun to watch- from a suite! Haven’t watched many games from up there, but the views are super and you even get good food:p Attended as guests of a group that is usually charged with advocacy work, but I guess a social event for their volunteers was an excellent idea! And mind you, there was much talk during the evening of things to be done and ideas that need to be discussed...

Newcastle was quite a buzz this weekend- the Uloom had their annual graduation coupled with the first reunion since its 1973 inception. Then the biggest casino in the province had their opening night at the same time, with the fireworks, pomp and celebrity guests as usual with these places. Guest of honour there was none other than Jacob Zuma:) The Tab Jamaat had a national meeting of their elite, not the biggest beards or bellies, but the deal makers (I think) from around the country. And I hear the Murabitoon were also in town having a function of some sort. Who would have thought that a place like Newcastle would have so much going on in one weekend. The fact that each of the four functions happened is something to really thing about... Highly reflective I believe of our mindsets and even those around us...

Still battling with flights- just cant seem to get out of the country! All flights are fully booked for the next few weeks! Make a dua...

Peace & Blessings.


Farhana said...

im the first one to comment! yeah its hajj time already. my dad has been going every year for the past couple of years, with a group of his buddies, but sadly this year he cant.
but the sahuc (i think we call them idiots in america:)) are a pain.
andddd i hate airports, the depress the heck out of me. its always someone leaving when im there. and you would htink that by almost turning 21 i would be fine, and could handle it, but somehow i always shed a couple of tears. therefore i hate the airport.

[a}ma said...

hope you get to perform hajj this yr...have you done it before? i did a couple of yrs ago--was amazing, and unexpectedly comfortable. plenty of near-death experiences though! :)

The K-man said...

I would love to go for Hajj. Inshallah Allah Ta'ala invites me. Ive been for unrah but Hajj would be WOW.

SAHUC well the least said about them the better. Who are they to say who can and who cant go for Hajj. Its just wrong


kimya said...

lol @ ref to Sahuc..

i find them laughable, really..
fascilitating and negotiating the pilgrimage for prospective hujaaj should be carried out with a humility and sincere urgency that they very obviously and sorely lack!!!
and as with any unworkable appendage, they should be amputated! simply said.

Haseena said...

Just got back from greeting my cousin thats leaving 4 haj.. As a hajji I get really emotional and quite jealous when greeting.. I think thats one time when the green monster allowed to come out =)

Bilal said...

Lol@ "the sahuc (i think we call them idiots in america:))"
I thought South Africans were the only ones that had this problem!
How can you not like airports?! They have such an awesome buzz!

Don't think I'm going to be able to go this year. There is talk of more visas being available, so will maybe try my luck...

My plan is to try and go next year, iA..
At the moment, after Israelis, Sahuc are the most hated in our community!!

Amputated sounds like a plan! Any docs with time on their hands?

Welcome to my blog;)
Lol- From what I hear Capetonians really have a totally different hajj buzz- must be really nice!

Muhammad said...

Salaams Bru :) REally Nice round-up. our convo was better than the Akhalwaya's I have to admit :P lemme know when you plan on activating the Israeli-products disruption plan.

As for Flights Out.. Insha-Allah you'll get it.

btw.. as far as casino's go... Sweden has this policy that you are only allowed to go to a casinop which is 100k's from the place you stay... this makes it harder for people to gamble their paychecks away 'cos driving a 100k's a is a big decision, and makes you actually think about what you're doing... good luck trying to implement that here. :P



saaleha said...

your quote reminds me that electricspaghetti wouldn't have passed the al-dente stage had it not been for some beancounting blogger who was forward enough to link to me.

zingtrial said...

Salaam ,I pray Allah swt that your Haj is safe and pleasing to Allah swt.Amin...
Make Du'a for all of us.
Wish you well
Have a nice Haj..........
"Here I am at your service.O Allah here I am.You have no partner,here I am.
Labbaik Allahomma labbaik".
Take care He!He!He!

Zahera said...

LOL! Seems the health care system is rubbish all over the world! Im not surprised in the least that doctors are going private and the public who can afford it also!

Aaahn i LOVE airports! :-D I love people watching; i kinda imagine stories of the people either going away or coming back (lol yeh yeh ok im sad) :-P but i think its ssoo sweet seeing people who clearly havent seen each other in a while re-unite! I remeber when i came back from Zim, i hadnt seen my mum and dad in a wholeee month (was a bit deal when youre 18 and never lived away-hehe)- my luggage went flying in a completely oppostie direction as i leapt into my dad's arms! LOL :-D

I'd love to go to Hajj :-) InshAllah, when Allah wills it will happen. Funnily enough my uncle and his family are also having trouble getting their visa's to go and theyre becomming really dishearted as they were really looking forward to it. I guess the way to think of it is that Allah has already decided whether you will do Hajj this year or not. Whatever He does, its for the best :-)

Hope youre well Bilal :-)

Salma said...

Mashaa'Allah..May Allah(swt) makes your hajj great,safe and acceptable inshaa' Allah...AMEEN.

brotherhood said...

may Allah accept the Hajj of those who go and keep their intentions on the right path, ameen

salaam bilal :D

Bilal said...

I AM NOT GONE FOR HAJJ! Not sure where or how this rumour started:) I am currently in Jordan...

cool! we chat about those plans when i get back.
got the flight but now need to make dua i get in!

finally! some show of appreciation:P

seems like you started the rumour:)
as much as i would like to, the only possible pilgrimage for me right now is to Al-Aqsa...

The last things docs and even us should be doing is to go to private and ignore the problems of public!
I would love to go for hajj too- make dua. iA next year...

i'm not going but thanks anyway!

dude, not you too! but Ameen to your excellent dua!

Haseena said...

Making dua you get in!

Zahera said...

lol- fear not bilal, i dont habe the funds to go private- i love the good ole NHS! :-P
InshAllah :-)

Bilal said...

It was painful! But alhumdulillah, I'm in!


zee said...

even up till now im hearing the echoes of the Anti-Sahuc chants!!!

ANC and PAC have now disassociated themselves with them...sahuc is soon going to need a major reshuffle...that or a shakedown!!!