09 December 2006

Slmz from Jordan...


Cevris said...

Jordan?! God, what'r you doing there? Oh wait, yes you're our Globe Trotter :) Take care of yourself and come back safe and sound inshaAllah!!!


The K-man said...

I heard Jordan Rocks. Hope you having a blast!

kimya said...

heyyyyyyyyyyy ths is sooooooooo awesome!

we wnts tons of pics and stories along the route and wen u gets back!!!

be good, and good at wat u do :P

take care

Zahera said...

If its for work purposes:gutted, if its for pleasure:i HATE you! :-P Actually, either way i hate you- lol i wana be there!
Have a great time Bilal and safe journey home on your return.

Bilal said...

In Jerusalem. Awesome place! Was hectic getting in here... More to come...


Jordan was cool but Palestine much better!

So far, so good. Plan to try and stay out of trouble!

Not for work, neither for pleasure alone- more details on experience to follow. Watch this space:)

zee said...

you lucky bastard!:)

Dew said...

somehow bastard and a post of the mosque dont go together;)
Lucky you! I really enjoyed it when I was there (though details are fuzzy but I remember the good bits) Sometimes I wonder about that little house we went to with the girl with the green eyes eating a chocolate biscuit.I wonder if they're still there or if they have a home now or if they're evn alive, maybe that little girl became a suicide bomber or was killed by an Israeli soldier.

Okay enough rambling, you just brought back fond memmories. Goodluck with the cold!!

Bilal said...

tsk, tsk. language my boy:p

when were u here? and where?
its very cold- didnt expect it. last year i came in the summer...