27 December 2006

This was me!!

Stupid Israeli Soldiers


Anonymous said...

heard its freeeeeeeeeeeeezing up there!!!!!!! so, are you alive and kicking you naughty boy!??


Zahera said...

Bloooddyy hell! :-O You know what? I cant wait for your blog entries on your return inshAllah. Till then, please stay safe bilal :-)

Farhana said...

I dont get this post, I'm confused

bibi-aisha said...

Cant wait to hear the dtails too.dsire to go stil strong.hope u made lots dua 4me

Bilal said...

It was snowing in the Holy Land! Awesome stuff. But really cold.

Back safe and sound. Very busy at work though so details will follow as soon as I get a chance...

See the link..

Made lotsa dua for all. Dont give up hope- thats what they want us to do!
Try, try and try again- it will be worth it.