29 January 2007

Really interesting read..

No, I am not lazy. Just thought this is an interesting read if you haven't done so already! [click here]

18 January 2007

quick work break:-)

Over two weeks already since I got back. Not that depressed anymore. Something about the drone of normal life and the bogus importance of mediocre stress that easily fits one back into routine. Routine- a cursed word. *spit*

Working mad overtime. So much leave that needs to be worked back, so I don’t really mind. At a third year level article clerk level, its not so much the amount of work that you are required to do but rather the level of understanding that is essential.

Already haven’t spent a single weekend sitting still. From Newcastle in the south to pick a new car, and then Pietersburg in the north to attend a wedding, the year has gotten off to a roaring start. So many weddings these days, and come to think of it, its been quite a few cars too;(

First was the Mighty One- golf II Gti, spent as much time off the road as it did on! Helped me learn how to tow and get towed. But on the open road, the orgasmic feeling was one that only a Gti can muster:) It was a sad day when the Mighty One almost blew up in flames and had to be replaced.

Then it was LSD 027, the mean, green, speed machine:) Very Indian, very Durban, but very nice. 1.6i citi golf with lowered suspension, exhaust system and a custom spray job; it made the ‘members’ equally green with envy. That possible had something to do with its sudden sad demise. But it could have been worse. Things can be replaced. And it was foolishly replaced with another citi golf- a black one. Only lasted 3 days! 3 days! That must be some record. Those were sad days- 2 cars in just as many months!

Oh, I almost forgot the short stint with my first Toyota. A Tazz that was nice, reliable and all those other Jap car characteristics, but just not me. PSC069 was demurely thought to stand for Palestine Support Committee- but I didn’t need a car to know that, and a 1.3 Tazz much less, so that was pretty short-lived.

Now I ride a light blue, bourgeois looking RunX. Totally conventional in every sense of the word. My main incentive being the cars probable incapability to disappear a few minutes after it’s out of sight. But conventionality is what I’ve been forced to live with. SRV805. That’s now me. Enough of this rant- I’m back to work.


P.S To those that are showing signs of intelligent life- Thanks, I will reply soon!

15 January 2007

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations...

from January 2006:
Things are hectic at work for a change- I have a first year working for me and now I’m a second year! More responsibility and work but I’m sure that there must be a way to make it more fun and less work;p Lets see how things work out…

from January 2005:
But my point is- Is it wrong that we change our behaviour in different environments? Do we ALL change our behaviour in different environments? Even if the changes are slight and hardly noticeable unless you search carefully…

02 January 2007


A few words before it gets too hectic. Back at work after what seems like months away- it was only three weeks but it felt much longer...

So many different emotions of late- sadness, happiness, depression and joy!

You can’t help but come back depressed from such a depressing place- I’m usually extremely optimistic, but in this case I don’t see any happy ending in sight. More talk on my experiences in the Middle East to follow...

I came back to such sadness. My dad’s youngest bro and his wife passed away in an accident. They leave behind five kids.
To God we belong and to Him we will surely return...

Fee real sorry for the kids- but good to know that the family is supportive and awesome, so the kids will be well looked after and cared for.
May God bless them!

My uncle and my aunt were young. Too young to die. God knows best. I can’t say I was extremely close to them. I never would have called out of the blue to chat- but we met so often that maybe wasn’t necessary. It’s just that every memory I have, from the earliest to the most recent happy occasions, they were always there- not in the forefront all the time; but just always there. So much a part of everything, a part of my family, a part of my life and a part of me. May God bless them!

My bro’s weekend marriage was a ray of happiness though. We now have some lovely new additions to the clan- and I pray for happiness for his new family. This event does leave me with one less excuse- I can no longer say 'I’m still loving bachelorhood and waiting for big bro to take the plunge first:-)'

And the joyous occasion of Eid was awesome. Somehow managed to make it extremely enjoyable, considering the circumstances. The kids needed it. I think we all needed it. To try and move on and enjoy the amazing family we have. At the end of the day, that’s all you have- family. Great people all around you and always there for you.
Thank God!