15 January 2007

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations...

from January 2006:
Things are hectic at work for a change- I have a first year working for me and now I’m a second year! More responsibility and work but I’m sure that there must be a way to make it more fun and less work;p Lets see how things work out…

from January 2005:
But my point is- Is it wrong that we change our behaviour in different environments? Do we ALL change our behaviour in different environments? Even if the changes are slight and hardly noticeable unless you search carefully…


saaleha said...

lazy blogging! but because you're workin harder its somewhat forgiven.

The K-man said...

Yes a lazy post but work is more important. Hope its going well.

'liya said...

"Is it wrong that we change our behaviour in different environments?" - do you mean like at home we're lazy bums but at work we appear the most professional as ever? :D

Dreamlife said...

i don't think we consciously change our behaviour. not me, at least.

there's different modes we have for different parts of life.

for example, at home, at the end of the day - obviously we aren't the same as at work, in the middle of the day.

i've found that, without consciously doing it, when i leave home for work, there is a subtle change in some regards - u could call it a 'shield', which is kinda like protection from the things that may be out there; or maybe a 'mask' - the different masks we wear, the different ways we have of being in different situations.

i don't think its conscious for me. its not an act. just naturally, in different situations, we have slight differences to the way we are.

Bilal said...

not lazy blogging- just smart blogging.
Wats a better way to start a year than compare progress of thought and skill with priors..

Thanks dude. Alls well..

Erm, not exactly. I meant more along the lines of how we speak and act with different people- like our buddies and bosses for example..

As I said to 'liya above. Check out that full post for what I was getting at. Think it may explain..

Dreamlife said...

oh ok. well, i think we do change for different environments and people. but its all up to you.

like, i try not to be all businessy and professional-sounding, even in a work environment - because i have this huge fear of becoming a "business"-type person.

so i actively try to NOT let my behaviour - words, how i speak to people for work-related things, etc - become like that of a businessman. but, i hope, i do maintain a level of professionalism. and really, thats what matters to me - professionalism. not buzzwords or behaving in a way that u may be expected to behave.

i've noticed that some people - when talking to people of another race - do really change their accent. and it can be something they don't even think about - it just naturally happens, that when they speak to people of a different race, their pronounciation etc starts sounding more like the race of the person they're talking to.

not critiscising that at all, and not judging it. i'm just saying its an interesting thing i've noticed. i'm sure you've also noticed the same thing.

obviously we are different with buddies than we are with bosses - you have different types of relationships with people; so obviously your approach with different people won't be standard across all interactions.

i don't think that there's anything wrong with that.

[a} said...

As long as you are true,
I don't think there's anything wrong.

I think.

sana said...

slms Br Bilal. This will probably be my last year on campus, insh, and i'm already feeling a sense of inertia... i've had such a blast on campus that i don't know if i ever really want to enter the working world... some nasihah perhaps (i know this isnt an Agony Aunt column bt hey, maybe u could offer some insight). jzk.

Bilal said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts. all of them:)

true. true and sincere..

dont know what advice to give you- dont know you much at all, what you want to achieve with your life, what you studied, etc, etc..
give me a call and we can chat.