18 January 2007

quick work break:-)

Over two weeks already since I got back. Not that depressed anymore. Something about the drone of normal life and the bogus importance of mediocre stress that easily fits one back into routine. Routine- a cursed word. *spit*

Working mad overtime. So much leave that needs to be worked back, so I don’t really mind. At a third year level article clerk level, its not so much the amount of work that you are required to do but rather the level of understanding that is essential.

Already haven’t spent a single weekend sitting still. From Newcastle in the south to pick a new car, and then Pietersburg in the north to attend a wedding, the year has gotten off to a roaring start. So many weddings these days, and come to think of it, its been quite a few cars too;(

First was the Mighty One- golf II Gti, spent as much time off the road as it did on! Helped me learn how to tow and get towed. But on the open road, the orgasmic feeling was one that only a Gti can muster:) It was a sad day when the Mighty One almost blew up in flames and had to be replaced.

Then it was LSD 027, the mean, green, speed machine:) Very Indian, very Durban, but very nice. 1.6i citi golf with lowered suspension, exhaust system and a custom spray job; it made the ‘members’ equally green with envy. That possible had something to do with its sudden sad demise. But it could have been worse. Things can be replaced. And it was foolishly replaced with another citi golf- a black one. Only lasted 3 days! 3 days! That must be some record. Those were sad days- 2 cars in just as many months!

Oh, I almost forgot the short stint with my first Toyota. A Tazz that was nice, reliable and all those other Jap car characteristics, but just not me. PSC069 was demurely thought to stand for Palestine Support Committee- but I didn’t need a car to know that, and a 1.3 Tazz much less, so that was pretty short-lived.

Now I ride a light blue, bourgeois looking RunX. Totally conventional in every sense of the word. My main incentive being the cars probable incapability to disappear a few minutes after it’s out of sight. But conventionality is what I’ve been forced to live with. SRV805. That’s now me. Enough of this rant- I’m back to work.


P.S To those that are showing signs of intelligent life- Thanks, I will reply soon!


saaleha said...

congrats on the new car and not having to get lifts with drivers who bring you closer to God in so many ways:)

almira said...

At least you are a productive person, things will slow down eventually. Its good to you are getting a new car, change is always good. By the way marriages are always good sign, I see more divorces and splits here in vegas. That goes for my parents too :P Salaams!

Ahmed said...

Sounds quite busy, Congrats on the new car!

Bilal said...

Hmm, those drivers! Will now be responsible for me praying less..

I cant wait for things to slow down- so many things I need to do!
No comment on marriages from me:)
Sorry to hear about your parents.
Vegas! I need to visit you:)

Thanks dude.
Will share my Palestine experience as soon as things slow down...

Saaleha said...

Car trouble. It can be a nightmare. But glad you've managed to find a replacement. Here's wishing you many happy hours on the road.

fida said...

i also drive a RUN x ;) not too shabby :)




Anonymous said...

SubhaanAllah! Brother,do you really have that much time to waste on speaking about such irrelevant stuff? you know one of the things we'll be questioned about is our time and how we spent it. Maybe you could use this blog to enlighten us on more important issues inshaAllah. you've had the oppurtunity to visit the ardal mubaarakah-share ur experiences and help us lend our assistance to the ummah on that side of the world.

queen_Lestat said...

you know this anonymous person's kinda pissing me off really. I'm pretty sure (by the writing style) that it's the same person who sits and pontificates on everyone else's "failings" as bloggers, human beings and the like. To you...kindly read the rest of this blog and you will find that there are people dedicated to causes. AND ffs read the f'n title of this post...us mere mortal humans do sneak work breaks in.And I think it was I who told you, that if you believe so strongly in something, put your name on it. Take a cue from George Foreman


hi bilal...congrats on the car, InshaAllah it'll take you many places, very safely :)

CheckPoint786 said...

Salaams Bilal ...

Your detailed account on those cars had me in stitches. I drive a luxury vehicle and truth be told I have also allowed my thoughts to wander down similar paths. I think I have come to the point where I feel it is not necessary to be apologetic about the "finer" things in life that we are able to afford and choose to have, as long as everything is exercised in moderation. I mean I only have ONE luxury car lol, and would not dream of owning another. We work hard we should be allowed to spend our monies in the ways that please us, ever mindful of our limitations and ensuring it is always halaal etc, and holding true to the five pillars, most esp where charity and the pilgrimage is concerned. I stopped being apologetic a long time ago. Waste of my energies, and truly Allah SWT knows best, and most imp what lies in my heart, and is aware of all my actions and deeds,Alhamdulillah.
So my dear ... enjoy it, exercise the necessary caution on the roads, live and let live! Always ask Allah SWT to take and return you safely to and from your destinations Insha Allah.
How was Palestine?
My deepest sympathies on the passing of your relatives, but as the other brothers and sisters have said, Verily Allah SWT knows best Insha Allah.
Now perhaps I should devote more time to tending to my own blog lol ... do take care and all the best. Muharram Mubarak to one and all Insha Allah.
Let 1428 not go to waste!


bibi-aisha said...

Ouch!heres to pleasant journeys and good times with the runx.yeah,u def need to put in overtime

fida said...


live a little mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........do u keep yourself locked up in your room and stare at the four walls........IN CASE you might start having some fun?????..............ugh!!!!!!!!



cellardoor said...

ur green machine sound like one the cars that the asian boys in this country drive.. those boys r known as 'rude boyz'!!!! don't ask me y...

Bilal said...

Thanks. Its virtually impossible to live in Jhb without a car!

Its not too bad- can't compare to my old Gti thought!

You are correct brother. I do try to use my blog to educate and inform others, directly and indirectly. And this post is part of my plan.
But I have no respect for spine-less goofs like you. You don't even have the guts to stand behind what you think, so you come act all smart here anonymously. That indicates that you have sinister intentions, rather than anything close to sincere.
Go get a life- or go amuse your small mind on the hate site started by your counterparts!

Lol:) Well said. This stupid idiot should be shot. For the safety of us all!
Car running well- and I still have it!

Slmz. I do not think its necesarry to own a luxury car. Will expand later.
Palestine was an experience. Working on my report back.
*watch this space*

The overtime is really helping reverse my negative leave balance.

lol- dont waste your breath on this freak!

It wasn't that bad actually! And I don't think I would fit in with the 'rude boyz'!

kimya said...



if u were in pietersburg on the sixth of jan for a wedding then we were at the same place at the same time..

the worlds a marble, im told :P

kimya said...

after a quick calculation, its more likely u were at Usmas wedding :)

Zak P said...

congrats and good luck with the new car. i sent u an email, check it out.

Bilal said...

pburg was really rocking that weekend!
the world truly is.

Only from Zakp!
But now you go and blow my anonymity!

Zahera said...

I just like wana say.. salaams! lol! You seem very busy lately but i hope youre doing well inshaAllah! :-)

Cupid said...

You and electric spaghetti make a cute couple:p

Anonymous said...

i didnt know id reflect as anonymous but i can see your heart, eyes, ears etc are veiled so you understand not. no need to be rude.

M Junaid said...

cupid's onto something ;)

dream car - opel astra gdc (or e not sure , but i think its one of the two)

queen_Lestat said...

anonymous...m.o.r.o.n...if you sign in as anonymous obviously you're gonna reflect as it.

You belong in Blaaaaahnia, up there in Blaaaaahnian parliament in fact.

Bilal said...

wslm. thanks for stopping by- my busy days come to an end soon:)

hey goofy- you must be blind to use me and cute in the same sentence!

another goofy here! how can you not know it would reflect as anonymous? you had to have clicked on it!
why dont you come back and sign on as 'bloody idiot'?
how the hell do you know my heart, eyes and ears are veiled! freak!
and i did take your 'advice'- you should have attend the jumah khutba if you wanted to know about palestine! or listened to the radio on sat!

fool,dont encourage the fool!
nice car- go get it..

lol:) where do these idiots find me!