22 February 2007

Destination Cape Town

Fly Mango. It’s cramped, the pilot is so old that he keeps referring to OR Tambo as Jan Smuts (not even Joburg Int’l!) and they apparently always delayed! But its cheap and it feels cool flying in a bright orange aircraft! + the best part = a return trip to Cape Town is only R500!

Cape Town is like another country. I always say that- de hoop trip, shark diving trip, Argus trip and Msa conference trip- I go quite often but it’s always a pleasure! The similarities are still there- the major ones- and in some instances, like the income disparities, it seems to be much worse.

And you see it first just as you about to land- if you landing on a Fri afternoon (the sun sets sooo late!) you will see it reflecting differently from the different areas- first the shiny tin roofs of the locations which are furthest away from the cities, then the light reflecting off millions of pieces of broken glass from the flats of the Cape Flats, and lastly, the hundreds of swimming pools of the houses closest to the mountain. Look out for it next time you fly.

A good weekend of family (for a change), friends and fun! Always good to climb Lions Head and swim in the freezing cold waters of both the oceans. It was however a bit too early to acclimatise for the Argus, so going to have to get there a few days early once again:) Argus is in a month- any budding cyclists want to form a team and raise money for charity? Give me a shout…..

Back to work:(


Ahmed said...

Sounds like a nice place...maybe one day I'll see for myself.

'liya said...

I'm coming to Cape Town in December!!!!!

qdee said...

lurv cape town :)
flying kulula is an experience...they start off saying 'we'll be flying over 152 dams, those of u who can swim, move to the right of the plane if we have a water landing...and those who cant, eish.thanks for flying with us anyway.we enjoy taking you for a ride ;)
guess that makes up for the cramped seats and no free peanuts.

Haseena said...

Cape town rulz!!!!

queen_Lestat said...

efffgh ct...

place is beautiful, it's inhabitants (generally, stereotype alert) summing between stoned outright and waaaaay too laid back.

O yeah and time stands still. As the traffic on the busiest roads moves at 45km/h(and not even at peak times whatdyaknow:)).

Too slow for me, I'm a city child and a GP fundamentalist :)

Moe said...

i agrees with hassina. CPT rules. cant wait for next hols. btw well done at midmar impressive time dude

Cevris said...

Yes, I definitely will see SA one day inshaAllah. Hope everything is alright :)

kimya said...

Go MangO!

Lol. Hi. Enjoyed Beloved Cape Town :)

Bilal said...

yes, you must make sure SA is high on your list of places to visit!

Dec is a long time away! I will be there quite a few more times before then;)

I do fly Kulula sometimes. Mango not very different...


I agree. They are just too chilled its painful at times!
But for holidays it rocks!

Thanks dude!

You MUST! SA is an amazing place:) [says this proudly south african Muslim:)]

As always- cant wait for my next trip in two weeks:)

Anonymous said...

CAPE TOWn, ooh what a place ... hope to visit it again... just a question, feel free not to answer. WHY blogging?? Y reveal things that are personal to the world, I can kind of understand the networking part of it,but other then that dont have a clue y people would do it, please explain why? thot you'd b the one to give a rational answer... Love & fresh air

Zahera said...

Sounds absolutely beautiful :-)

Bilal said...

@love & fresh air:
Cpt rocks!
Why blog? Coz I can!?
I did do a lenghty post on this before- see one of my earlier posts. Or give up some of your anonymity and I will email it to you:P

It is. Much better than London from what I hear:P

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

Stunning pic :) The wait when there is a delay can bring out your nasty side. But the slight dip in the wallet in comparison to the hole in the pocket air fare usually leaves makes it worth while.