02 February 2007

january too doubleO 7even

January is already over. Loads of work, mild depression and pure laziness has, probably to your astonishment, has forced me to compile just a monthly, instead of a weekly. And been having some scary thoughts!

What have I become?
I work till late at night.
I go to a gym coz I work during most daylight hours.
I eat costly take-away and fast-food.
I drive a car with electric windows and power steering.
I have short term debt and insurance.
Pretty much your typical middle-class bourgeoisie! When did this happen?

These thoughts, a hectic month, coupled with a life altering experience in Dec... *whew*

I guess I don’t mind working overtime for one month- if it means I cover up all the extra leave I took..

And I go to the gym coz riding a bike on Joburg roads is akin to attempting suicide- and + Joburg got no beach! Midmar is coming up- hope I survive. Apparently there are no rocks along the way to rest on:-(

Food- I eat when I need to. Try to eat smart as much as possible- but I am getting tired of veg and fish when eating with work okes! Once I asked them to order me vegetarian- and I get a tub of carrot sticks and broccoli :-P

Not planning on pouring more money into reasonably priced citi golfs so settled for something a step up- not me definitely, but I guess it was necessary..

Don’t even talk about debt- should further push the drive for reviving the economic systems and innovate creative new products and systems to change the current environment.

Bourgeoisie- hard to escape it!

On Palestine- see the transcript of my Jumah lecture below. [click here] Finally began work on documenting the account of my travels. Also did an interview on Cii and was told afterwards that I’m too harsh on the community- problem along the lines of what I said in the Jumah as well.

Blood diamond is an interesting movie- should hopefully discourage people from buying this stones that cause so much death and pain, to be paraded on the happy occasions of marriage. A huge portion of the occupying Israel’s economy also depends on them!

Poetry jam in honour of Bob Marley was phenomenal- poetry stand offs require real talent the whole vibe of the conforming non-conformist poetry dudes is awesome fun!


saaleha said...

It's a one way ticket on to the hamster wheel.

queen_Lestat said...

no one can be hard enough on our community...somewhere between the sugar cane fields and mansions in Apartheid ghettos we've lost our minds.

almira said...

"I eat costly take-away and fast-food"

Same with me too, before I use to eat at home mostly because Im vegetarian, but now there is so many more options(including vegetarian menus) it's just more conveint.

I heard that "Blood Diamond" movie was really great, you know thats were Kanye West got his idea for his song "Diamonds". It really is digusting how countries are taking advantage of.

Take care Bilal don't over work your self!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting comments bilal, we living in an age where technology is over-powering us n all we do is work work work. sometimes i wonder if its possble to live purely on love and fresh air. Blood diamond was really an eye-opener, scary in so many ways

Fatima said...

Sometimes being harsh is the only way to get through to people and make them wake up.
I'm glad you told it like it is.
There is no honour in hiding the truth.
Way to go :)

Bilal said...

sadly. but not if i can help it..

lol! sad but true. someone needs to sort this mess out!

I will never become a vegetarian:)
Blood diamond was an awesome show but i hope people take the message and stop buying diamonds that cause so much suffering- I'm waiting for the next wedding i attend and if there is a diamond ring in the picture, I plan to cause some trouble;)

Thanks- for once i see an anonymous who has nice things to say!
Of course its possible to live on love and fresh air- we just to blind to see it!

I agree. But i just hope it actually makes some difference...
All the best. Lets continue the struggle...

Anonymous said...

ok it took forever to find th e'post comment'part of this site.few comments: not at all harsh on plstne, in fact more can be written abt this ignored bit, spent 2 months working in nablus and the internal politics, cultural repression and victim playing does exist and should not be covered under the blanket occupation prob. yeah what really got me was the money throwing, palsetine is probably teh most well funded development project at country level, countries in asia and africa wold die to get that much of aid and they r oppresses politically as well- well soemof them anyway.
2. bicycle in jhb not an option? i was just going to get myself one.cant afford the reasonably priced citi golf AND petrol.
3. blood diamind ws good a tad 2 dramatic, thought id throw my diamond ring in the ocean as a form of protest. any1 else interested? we can do it together.

Bilal said...

1.i agree on the points you raise. you will see that my conclusion for my palestine report back is that all we need to do for the palestinians, is to make sure the world knows what is going on there. our priority when it comes to financial and relief assistance, is right here in our own back yards.
2.no, bike not an option in Jhb. Way too dangerous- and for travelling i need to do for work, just not practical!
3.i agree. lets see who else is aboard!