17 March 2007

Epic Argus Oh Seven

Yup, managed to complete it again. But this time a little better:

Name and Team- Bilal
Race Time- 05:26:15
Overall Position- 24645/28706
Avg Speed- 20.05 km/h

This is how I compare with last year: [Last years equivalent]
The Argus- it I did! All 108km. Yah, I know I’m going on and on about it- but I’m really thrilled with myself;p
My official time was 6 hours, 14 minutes and 30 secs. (***) I also beat a grand total of 64 other people in my group. We were the last group with a 10h30 start- next year I’m going to try and start earlier.
Yes, I’m going to do it next year and everyone is invited to come along for the ride. And + next year I’m going to train! It probably makes a big difference if you actually train for such a gruelling encounter; nevertheless it was still soo amazing.

Time cut by 1:12:15 maybe partly due to my slightly earlier start. Beat 291 people in my group, compared to 64 in the prior year. This is beginning to sound like a financial statement analysis, so I will stop by admitting that by not following my own prior advice and training, I suffered a bit. A little help from Susan was needed, as Taren was not there:) My promise for the next time (maybe not next year) will be, once again, to train. And get a nice road bike.

A truly beautiful route, well worth the time and pain. Some important lessons you learn:
-Gravity. The force that makes you kiss the ground.
-Limits. The body can only take so much before it starts shouting ENOUGH!!
-A good bike. A racer beats a mountain bike any day, but try to get one without rust!
- Getting a bike more than 24hours before a race, so that after two hours of cycling you don’t realise that the seat is too far away from the handle bars!
-The helmet was designed to protect your head. And not allow any heat to escape. Rather, it traps the heat of the burning sun!
-In Cape Town, when the wind gets hectic, you actually have to paddle on the down-hills! And there are some wicked down-hills!
-The mountain. It does serve a purpose. You can have a 108km race around it:)

It was good being in Cape Town for a few days. Would have been cool to study at UCT. Did the Jumah there and had a bit of a run-in with the beards- my pants were too long and top too short! What is happening on university campuses- such a diverse Muslim make up; you cant be restrictive and one tracked! That will just exclude all those who have different opinions. *sigh* The problem with Muslims...

Anyways. Loads to do.


Dew said...

My bro in law went for it...me thinks he beat you:)

But i think its awesome...I would love to do it..if I could actually ride a bike.

Fatima said...

Yeah, next time train and get those leg muscles toned (coming from a person who doesn't enjoy riding bikes) ! Woohoo!

I agree with your comment about UCT. I would have loved to have studied there. Sigh...It's just so beautiful...I think I would have woken up every morning just to see that mountain view :P

M Junaid said...

much respect my man for competing and completing the race. as for the beard brigade - i thought you would be used to them having some embroilments at UKZN.

I was having a jolly chat with two younger members of the beard brigade on friday after Jummah - we discussed the first muslim civil war - battle off the camel, but it seemed that their Islamic knowledge did not proceed further than Indo Pak. I'm not generalising about all the beard brigades, so dont get your loonghis in a twist people

again - much respect

kimya said...

hey thats incredible!

so if id waited around on wednesday i might'v heard fiRST hAND about the royal ride!

gosh! i think its incredible that you did.. a friend of my dads also completed in 5h 26m.

heres wishing you many more successful and races, and may you enjoy many a breathtaking moment in the Race of Life!

Zak P said...

From this day forth you shall be called "Super Bill" Well done boet. yes, CT rocks, wouldve been awesome to be at UCT....its not too late. Grad school perhaps!!

Beards brigade.... i think they keeping tabs on you!!! get it!!! LOL

Bilal said...

I'm sure he did- but its not about winning, its about participating:)
You cant ride a bike?! Tsk, tsk:P


Ooh, the mountain- that's not what I like about Cape Town or UCT. In fact, I think the mountain is over-rated!

Dude. Yes, I am used to the arguments and the adequate replies. But found it sad that this one view was being imposed!

& I agree its not good to generalise about the beard brigades or anyone else- but a fair generalisation for most, is that a lack of knowledge and understanding is often the root cause of all issues...

Yes, you should have waited around. I would have loved to share my experiences with a renowned author:)

Thanks, and same to you. Will be sure to remember and use these words often!

Bilal said...

Yes, Super! Grad school sounds like a plan:P
Lol. I get it of course! Who wouldn't!!

Saaleha said...

Good for you. I wanted to ask how it went but I figured you'd tell us even if I didn't :p

Zahira said...

Congrats on the argus lol maybe i'll join you next year but I doubt it lol I'm so not a cycler though my cousin did it and he a total pro so we wont compare at all lol
O and with the whole beard brigade I honestly thought Capetonians were more hmmm open minded but makes me wonder...
brings me back to the same arguement i think i had with you ages ago...we south african muslims do not understand what islam is about...hold up I'm not preaching and neither am I saying I'm better...but the fact remains that Islam is for everyone and we in South Africa are more culturally influenced rather then religiously influenced.
Iman is not based on what you wear but rather who you are... and its between you and your God and not for anyone else to judge.
*Zahira gets off her soap box and waits for missiles to hit her*
Anyway congrats on your feats :)

Anonymous said...

Your calculation of time difference is incorrect. Should'nt it be 48 mins. rather than 1hr 12 mins?? Anyway congrats n I enjoy reading ur blog

Irfaan, CT

Ruby :) said...

hey well done!! awesome... so, where are the pics?
as for the mountain, i love it!!and wish i could have studied at UCT as well.. maybe for PhD hey...

Haseena said...

the mountain's not overrated - you jhb/dbn ppl are jealous coz u dont have one =p

M Junaid said...


my new url is concerningmjk.blogspot.com


bibi-aisha said...

I miss my childhood days of cruisin on my bike. But just tinkin of doin argus is too much effort.Id like to run the comrades n climb mt kili tho. Ta 4 gettin enuf exercise for all bloggers. Ditto mj. Much respect

Bilal said...

Thanks:) I was waiting for you to ask, but I knew you wanted to know even if you didnt ask:P

You should try it- its quite an experience..
And thats why I was suprised as well. But the fact is that Jhb and Dbn are exporting this thought.
Lets see what others say, but I agree- Muslims here are generally silly!

@irfaan, CT:
You are most def correct. I cant count. I'm an accountant- the answer is whatever you want it to be:)

Thanks. Got tons of pics. No time to upload. Maybe one day...

No we are not. If the mountain was here, we would make it a shopping mall!

Thanks. Will visit sometime...

I promise you guys, its not bad and lotsa fun- try it!
I dont think i will ever run comrades- dont like running unless I'm being chased.
But Kili is the next plan in the pipeline...

Zahira said...

Haseena we have a mountain that looks exactly like table mountain but i think its shorter lol but we also have something more we have valley of a thousand HILLS lol