27 March 2007

Human Rights Day March- 21 March

Date: 21 March 2007
Time: 10am
Venue: Johannesburg City Centre
More pictures can be seen at: www.johannesburg.wordpress.com

Hundreds of people took to the streets, demanding their basic Human Rights.

Debts Today Tomorrow Forever

No Nuclear Power! Apartheid Hangover! I researched this before: click here


Zahira said...

hmmm wish i could have joined you good ts lol

bibi-aisha said...

How was the march?i was meaning to go,then on day,totally 4got bout it! hav u read gideons spies by gordon thomas?its on the inner workings of mossad. Frightening in its brutal reality. Was depressd on hr day-influence of book,pal,iraq,g bay,somalia,sudan,zim n mor. When will there be justice in the world? zahira,there was a march in dbn too

Zahira said...

i know there was but lets just say family issues took precedence...
i so need to live on my own i tell ya

Moe said...

lol hey dude. looks awesome! was in soweto for small kind of event at the memorial. pretty cool sorry no pic's.

o how i miss the campus march's...sigh

saaleha said...

my favourite protest placard is the one that had 'Buck Fush' written on it at an anti-war march in Jozi about three years ago. will dig around for pics and post to the johannesburg blog.

Bilal said...

excuses, excuses:P

it was suprisingly well attended! the world is gone mad.. wat we going to do? hopefully not nothing...

cool man. its a difficult one- between commemorating the past with government and others;
or standing together with those who are still suffering. something i grappel with, even though it may seem so obvious...

there were lotsa cool ones at the anti-war marches.
i remember being on tv once with this paper rocket going through my head, shouting at the top of my lungs, 'Burn the flags, burn the flags'! -memories, some say of a misspent youth!
but the struggle continues...