03 April 2007

lots stuff, arb and not...

Been real lazy with this blog the past few weeks. Quite a bit been happening- Human Rights Marches, Friday Sermons, Bail Hearings, theatre, book launches, poetry, Islamic finance products and meetings, and other stuff!

Human Rights Day [link]

Friday Sermon [link]

Much ado about nothing.
Awesome Shakespearean theatre! Good to sit back and have a good laugh, while having to pay absolute attention, and translate most of the humour from high English to the dirty vernacular we use these days. Besides, had a good friend performing in the production, and if we don’t support these young Muslims, who is! No chance of support coming from the community, for most would view theatre as something very taboo- but I feel that, like any other medium (tv, music, internet, radio, etc), it can be used to inform and educate- especially since we don’t seem to be getting anywhere with the traditional mediums and methods we use… But that’s just my view- maybe you agree, maybe not…

Chilli Boy
An amazing and hysterically funny play about an Indian ‘aunty’ who dies and comes back as a white rascist gangster from Boksburg. The guy is a real mean dude, and all of a sudden, starts wearing a sari and cooking curry and biryani! A must see for anyone who knows how to laugh. [Shucks- I sound like Barry R or that Imran dude from eastern mosaic!]

Book launches:
If I could write by S. Banoobhai. Don’t know much about it, but I did buy the book. Never thought I would buy a book by a guy with such a surname;P But the word out there is that its loaded with quality writing and advices- initially written for his daughter(s) so I guess it would help us out as well. Not that we need/take advice- our generation knows it all:P Ok, maybe not all, but pretty much more than we’re given credit for. No?

Night of a Thousand Drawings:
Launched by the group that does the weekly soup kitchens. Book was based on a function held previously, where drawings were submitted by random volunteers to the group. These pics were then photographed by a professional photographer, with some of the homeless people we work with, and then compiled into a neat coffee table book. The launch was quite unique- at a jazz place in Newtown!

More on the rest later!


M Junaid said...

I caught chilli boy last year, and i felt that it was much better than his critically acclaimied performance in hoot. You have to love the bollywood rap at the end

The K-man said...

Wow you have been busy. Good stuff man :)

Zahira said...

Hey chilli boy was brilliant...hope you have time to see more stuff like that...You should have joined us on campus when we went to watch the Shakespear productions by the drama class...they wer awesome and it was at the open air theatre...lets just say lost of warm blankets, coffee and hot chocolate...with good friends mmmm purrfect.
I missed the book launch in durban but enjoyed the Time of the Writer...

Moe said...

slms hey bro

caught chilli boy last night. was pretty funny. m junaid the rap was awesome! but for me his Big B impersonation was the king.

gona watch soweto story soon wonder how it is!

later brother man have not seen u in ages!

bibi-aisha said...

Hail, oh cultural king. Wud like 2get involvd in the soup kitchens.let me kno.discovrd banoobhai when i was 11.his ramadhaan collectn was lovely. I jst neva thght chilli boy wud b appealin.hmm,mayb i shud giv it a try.oh,was just searchin for(hajj watch-south african advocacy group)4 article im writin,n guess wot pops up 9th on google search. Bilasblog. Go fig!

Bilal said...

Chilli boy was awesome! I really enjoyed Hoot as well- think I liked it more actually... But the Bollywood bits were def brilliant!

Not really hey- these past few weeks I've been taking it easy;p

I miss campus- used to go for lots of those plays. & miss the Time of the Writer, Poetry Festival and International Film Festival!

Big B impersonation was flippin hilarious!
Let me know when you going for Soweto Story- looks really good...

Will send you the info on the soup kitchens.. & chilli boy was really good- a bit overpriced, but good..
south african advocacy group?? Well, at least that may indicate that something useful comes of this blog!

kimya said...


i still havnt seen Hoot, but yea Chilli Boi was great :)

Soweto Story does seem worth seeing, keep us posted!

As for the poetry launch.. it had its plusses! Two as far as i can remember :P

Bilal said...

Think Hoot is coming back- make a point of going for it.
Sorry I couldnt make it to the book signing...