13 April 2007

Road Trip: East London

Johannesburg- Newcastle- Howick- Underburg- Kokstad- Umtata- East London

Beware of the cows: they rule the highways in the former homeland. (Where the former Apartheid government rounded up all the Xhosas. The disparities, in terms of infrastructure are still visible.)

For some reason, you are not allowed to take any pork products out of the Eastern Cape. So you get stopped at checkpoints, reminiscent of those in Occupied Palestine, but nowhere as intimidating or dangerous, but waiting in the queues reminded me of that. And then they insist on searching your car even though you explain that as Muslims you will not even touch pork!

The beach was nice. On our last road trip we stopped in East London for just a few hours, so didn’t have chance to try them out. But still doesn’t come close to Durban’s great beaches! (If they still in one piece- going next week..)

And the highlight was dune boarding. Take a body board and slide down the steep dunes on the beach. You get a face full of sand, a few cuts and scratches, but its safe as long as you don’t panic and fall of your board. Pure adrenaline…


Haseena said...

did u see any buffalo? nice pics

The K-man said...

Cool pics man. We have a beautiful country :)

Zahira said...

awesome i did dune surfing in cape town lol with the pros was awesome

Ahmed said...

I saw dune surfing on amazing race once. It looked like so much fun. And since I can't swim much more enticing to me than regular surfing.

Bilal said...

No i didnt see any hey! Not sure why they now call it Buffalo City..

Thanks. Its an awesome country we have!

It is really good fun- esp junky that i am:)

you should try it out. but u should also learn how to swim!